Fables: Part I V.0.06 [42k Words, 8/4/17] *Abandoned*

Well, I know who my character’s ending up with.

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Puns? Quips? Jokes? Hot dog I found my bae already!

I’ll continue working on the new update tonight and hopefully, it’ll be up tomorrow afternoon at the latest.

No the boy that came into the library was Griffin, but Paz comes up in the next chapter. Paz is a transman but when the MC sees him at SODA (MC doesn’t actually meet him until Chapter 1) it’s before he came out as a transman. He’s the kid of a governor, so he hangs with the other governors’ kids (Not that he wants to) until he gets transferred out to another SODA facility.

I keep forgetting to add in a bit that Aquila has their mother taking care of them, and that they go to the same school as the MC but they didn’t go that day.

Yeah, I was iffy on adding the racial demographics in, but I wanted to add something about the demographics of the cities. I left it in to see if anyone would point that out as strange, and I’m going to probably just add that somewhere in the encyclopedia.

I always thought it was you “in” what army, now I’m looking back and trying to remember all the times I’ve said it that way…

@Blattella & @Mxm124
I have so many horrible puns


I look forward to meeting him (although I feel Cristos may have already won the RO contest… :blush:)

Oh, okay. The way it was written, I assumed they were an orphan, too. I mean, if the MC is a non-orphan, then it’s probably not worth pointing out, but if you meet them at the orphanage, then the default assumption is that they’re there for the same reason you are. (I could imagine it being even weirder for a street kid.)

I guess saying that there aren’t many Asians in the city is fine, but going into that level of detail is what seemed odd.


the maximum height which I remember as 6 feet isn’t tall enough to match my height that was my height at around 15 I am just pointing this out because around where I live I am not all that tall

I’ve updated the game with bug fixes, some cut bits and rearranging of some things. The only thing that is new is just two pages at the beginning of chapter 0.

I’m going to leave a lot of the specifics of things in the encyclopedia for now on, so that the reader doesn’t get bombarded with info. It was weird for a nine year old to know specifics when I didn’t even know.

I thought about changing the height, but I’m going to leave it as is due to where Harborage is located in the world, just around Nevada and Colorado in the U.S.


that makes total sense

Hey ! Absolutely love the game after the first try out. But there seems to be a problem. I don’t know if it’s because of my previous choices or not, but I can’t seem to survive at this particularly part, and I tried all of them options.

You hear the tell tale sound of the oncoming storm, the monstrous black cloud is coming but it's coming real fast this time. Rushing over the tops of the changing trees and coming towards you. The beast's head shoots out from the top, roaring and looking down at you. 

I'm not going to let this thing scare me anymore! I'm gonna roar back!
I'm running, I don't want to face this right now!
I don't want to run from or fight this beast, I want to understand it.
I freeze in place, I don't know what's going on- why is everything like this?
I stare down the cloudy monster as a silent challenge.

It does make sense, people’s appearances can be different dependent on where they hail from. Eyes, eye colors, hair, hair color, skin color, heights, etc. A prime example would be the space rock that we live on :grin:

Hey welcome to the forum!
I’m glad that you love the game, but unfortunately that’s all there is right now. I’m on vacation right now, but I’ll be back on Tuesday and I’ll continue working on it then! :smile:

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This is the most ambitious WiP I’ve seen on the site and I love it.

Sure, it could use a bit of polish here and there, but considering it’s still in V0.04, it’s absolutely fantastic.

I really, really hope this doesn’t get abandoned.


Thanks! Yeah it does need polishing, I was going to wait until I had more done until I posted it up here, but I realized the sooner I got feedback the easier it was going to be to change things rather than down the road.

This is an ambitious project, and I am an ambitious person considering my career goals, but writing is something I want to do when I get to my “golden years” (look at me planning ahead 40 years) so might as well start now. :smile:

I want to finish this, I really do and I’ll try to do best by this WiP by taking my time and really puting all my effort into it.


I got an error: “prologue line 2579: nothing should appear on a line after ‘else’: bckgrnd_orph_street = true”

Otherwise this seems very promising, keep up the good work.

I must’ve forgotten that one, I swore I fixed it. I’ll make note of it so I can fix it on Tuesday, thanks for the catch!

Just read your story. I love the large variety of options. I’m really excited for what happens next. Keep up the good work! :smiley:

Just a FYI: it’s worth trying again if you haven’t already but prefer desktop to web apps (as I do). When CSIDE was first released it was automatically blocked by some anti-virus software that use heuristic detection methods and so produced a ‘false positive’ for CSIDE. We pursued the main culprits and prodded them into evaluating the software properly, and for the vast majority of users it should now be “whitelisted” (i.e. specifically marked by their anti-virus software as perfectly safe to use, after all).


On the werewolf option it says:

On the full moon werewolves who were not born as one are able to stop themselves from shifting, but turned werewolves have no control over it.

If you weren’t born as one doesn’t that mean you were turned? Or did you mean werewolves who were born as one?

“Hey name, learn anything new at school?”

Found it kinda funny that was my brother that said this…

Griffin doesn’t wait for you or Aquila to follow after him when he’s hot on their tails.
The two paragons take a different turn and leave you with Griffin without another word.

Griffin followed the other two or stayed with us?

This is something minor but if you choose to go to buy slushies did you finish them right there or throw them away? They’re not mentioned ever again.


Alright, I’m back from the weekend, and I’m currently working on the newest version with bug fixes and additions. I won’t update the game again until I finish a bit more of chapter 0, but just know that I am working on the game at least two/three hours a day. So, I estimate that if I don’t get distracted or something that the next update will be Friday at the latest.

I tried downloading it again today and it worked, so yeah that’s awesome. :slight_smile:


I am going to clarify that the MC is a turned werewolf in this next update.

I totally missed that! I first started writing the draft on google docs and meant to replace all the ‘name’ with the actual code, but I must’ve missed that one, thanks for that catch!

I’ll clarify that it sounded better in my head. Also, I forgot about the slurpees so I’ll add something in about that as well.

Thank you for the continuity and clarification errors!


I played your game yesterday and I gotta say that I love it, I picked being a nephilim! I’m actually starting to like Nephilims anyways I can’t wait for the next update.

You said werewolves who were not born as one can hold back, but turned ones have no control…

Ah, I misread that, I’ll have that fixed in the next update. :slight_smile: