Event Zero - WIP

Haha! We got some inspiration from there too. @zionmantis was waiting for someone to notice.

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:joy::joy:Glad to that, do you plan to draw from some of SCP’s darker themes?

A bit here and there, though I think Zion’s more equipped to answer that one than me, and she’s hopped off for a while. I’ll leave it to her when she gets back.


Without getting too specific, yes in terms of the occasional darkness. :slightly_smiling_face:

To be fair, J came up with the concept and I immediately mentioned it sounded like the SCP Foundation, which she’d never heard of! :smiley:

Fair point and I did think about it after I posted, but the author’s had already posted their response, so I didn’t see the need to go back. I was thinking the genderlocked female could be straight, lesbian, bi or non-cis but their appearance is that of a female. Sometimes though I just think a story is told better with a focused vision. Again I know that is not a popular opinion here, but it is my opinion. I would play a good story no matter what the MC’s gender or their sexuality.

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I like it!

But, if it’s not too much to ask, it’d be cool if you could chose between powers.

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I really like what I’ve seen so far! Question, would Oliver be considered part of the team and therefore romanceable? I know he’s been described as rather unattractive and he’s a convict and all, which isn’t really how ROs usually go (and I’m not sure anyone but me would be interested) but I find him kinda charming.

Usually I’d go for the female or non-binary ROs, but there hasn’t been that much interaction with Jo Lee and Macey yet.


Lol it appears I am not the only one who loves the adorable cinnamon roll that is Oliver


Very interesting. But as someone who doesn’t speak english as first language, I’m finding very distracting the use of “they” for the (I guess?) non-binary character. I was very confused, thinking the character had two heads or double personality. I had to read the description something like four times to understand (maybe).
It will be quite hard for me see “they” used for a singular individual. :sweat_smile:


Sorry all, I was at work.

Currently we think the way it is, with the two possible options tied to certain backgrounds, works best, but there is a possibility that we’ll change it, as we have a few other ideas in mind!

@Bourbon_neat @blackrising
Oliver is romance-able, whether that’s a good thing or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Aw, sorry to hear Macey’s pronouns confused you :sweat_smile: hopefully it won’t be too jarring for you. I did consider using other gender-neutral pronouns for them, but in the end “they” seemed most right for the character. :slight_smile:


He is romancable? Lol oh dear. Just thinking about the fit someone would have knowing that.


:angel: :angel: :angel:


I would appreciate separating choice of backround and affected ability.


Seems people would prefer that. Zion and I will chat when we do some more work today. :slight_smile:

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By the way, for clarity, here’s what we did get from the tabletop FATE core inspiration:

Carlisle/his outlook/addiction/special weapon
The idea of ‘exclusion zones’, though the actual concept is a real thing
Some of Aidan’s backstory

I think that was it, I could be wrong though.

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I’m already loving how you develop characters in this story, everything from dialogue to interaction is fantastic! A very strong foundation, I wanna see how your WIP will evolve.

Also, the zone. When for the first time it was mentioned, with the whole ‘bringing back artifacts’ and whatnot, “Roadside picnic” instantly came to my mind, which is awesome. Will your zones have any mystical and paranormal attributes, like the Strugatsky one?


Thanks for the comment on characterization, that’s really nice to hear! :smiley:

Ooh, I don’t really know “Roadside Picnic”, but I did have a quick google search. The zones are certainly pretty strange, in a lot of different ways… Here’s a little dialogue excerpt from quite a bit later into the story, just for fun.

Carlisle: What’s one of the most disturbing things you saw when you were in an exclusion zone?
Aidan: (pauses to consider) An empty crib that just kept rocking back and forth.
Josiah: Why on earth would you ask such a thing?


It has my definite recommendation, it’s a great read. Who knows, maybe it’ll provide an inspiration source for you? :slight_smile:

Some images of artistic interpretation of the zone

This kind of ominous setting for the thing is right up my alley, hehe.


Any of this could certainly happen in the zones. I’ll definitely have to give it a read!