Event Zero - WIP

@Jessicanity and I present to you our first demo of EVENT ZERO, an urban fantasy/sci fi adventure in which you play a clandestine agent working for the ETCC (Extranormal Threat Containment Corps.)

Five years after the eponymous Event Zero, a worldwide cataclysmic event that birthed an influx of magical, or ‘extranormal,’ entities and created irreversible changes in a small percentage of the population, you’re put on a task force with the directive to ‘neutralize’ any extranormal threat you come across. That’s right - you’ve been delegated to a magic-busting SWAT team.

The thing is, your new teammates are a bit… odd.

Work with your new teammates or against them; stand as one or stand alone. Create unity in your team, or sow discord. Fight for extranormal rights, or against them - despite your own classification as an ‘affected’ extranormal.

Play as male, female, non-binary, or gender-fluid; gay, straight, bi, aromantic and/or asexual. Romance your team, befriend them, or destroy them!

Currently we have one chapter finished, itself an entire mission and a total of 24k words with an average of around 15-16k for an average plaintext playthrough.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/jessicanity/event-zero/mygame/index.php?cb=64773


For coding errors yell at me, for grammar errors yell at Zion :stuck_out_tongue:

or just don’t yell at either of us and maybe gently nudge us instead

we are soft


Sounds interesting I look forward to more


I truly loved it so far. I am a new user in this forum but I lurked ever since highschool and throughout University.

With that in mind, I just am warning you to watch out for over reliance on high stat checks or allow the user to indicate 2 stats instead of just one because it will make the story to linear in that a person can solve a problem in only one way. So the brawler must always use their fists and the hacker their tools. See what I mean?
But this is still new and honestly it was nice.


Thanks for the input, that’s a good point! In the early missions I think we do have some over-reliance on stats, it’s true; we’ll try to iron that out. It should also improve later, though, when the reliance starts to be more on team stats (which there will soon be more of) as well . There will also, I THINK (I haven’t fully run this by Zion yet oops) be opportunities to train some of your stats with the other characters.. The early missions are supposed to be a bit clumsier too, both for mine and Zion’s sakes as well as for the story. We’ll look into this!

I’m glad you enjoyed it otherwise, though!


The premise seems similar to Unnatural but from the demo I think this game has the potential to stand out on its own well enough

I’ll be looking out for future updates


I really like it so far. The writing is lovely and you handle gender in a very inclusive way.

It reminded me a lot of that one episode of Tabletop where they are playing FATE core, setting wise, and with Carlisle.


I enjoyed playing this and look forward to getting to play more :smile:


I really like how i can be a quiet loner can you turn traitor as well.


At the moment the routes aren’t fully planned out to be honest, though it seems like it could be possible :slight_smile:

You will certainly be able to divide the team.


oh no someone discovered my inspiration :stuck_out_tongue: yes, the basic premise and Carlisle were inspired by it, though it spiraled way away from that! I hope you’ll be able to enjoy the directions it can take.

I’m glad you enjoyed it so far, and thank you for commenting on the gender choice! We’re trying to get that as close to all-inclusive as is possible.


Have we met all the possible romance options? If so, hetero males are kind of hosed.

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Currently there are 3 other ROs planned, 2 semi-secret ones, and one (female) non-secret one. There may be more added, we’re not sure.

In addition, if you still don’t find a RO you are happy with, then hopefully you will still play for the story, because there will also be at least one new female RO in the planned sequel!


I did enjoy the writing thus far. I just felt like there were at least 3 male, one gender neutral(I know that is probably not the right term) and maybe one female, but the story does clearly say that said female is older than the MC.

All that said, it interesting and I will continue to follow development and give it a chance. I am not the kind that is immediately spurns a game due to a lack of interesting romance options. I was just wondering if this might not be better off genderlocked to a female MC. And as a straight male player, I will just say that wouldn’t keep me from playing the game. I always prefer that the story works best with the MC that I get to play, and if it would just be better story wise I prefer genderlocked, but I understand my opinion is in the minority around here.


The opinion is definitely appreciated, we’ll have a look at it! Jo Lee is the oldest of the group, though how much older she is than the MC is really relative, as we don’t have a set age in mind for the MC, other than that they are most certainly an adult, lol. Jo Lee is therefore a romance option.

I can say for sure that we won’t be changing to gender-locked, but I’m glad you’ll hang around and give us a try! As said, your teammates aren’t your only romance options - in fact, there will likely be a point where the MC can outright state that they’re not looking for romance within the team.

I hope we don’t disappoint you with where with we go next, and despite romance options not being the defining factor to your interest in the game, I hope you’ll still find one you’re at least curious about. :smiley:


What is the extranormal power of the MC?

Depends on what you set in your background choice, it’s stated there.

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Don’t worry; there’s more options coming up. They’re just not all on your team!


Doesn’t this kinda disregard non-cis and non-straight PC’s? :thinking:

I mean, even if a game had only male RO’s, that doesn’t mean the PC should necessarily be a limited to a straight woman? :slightly_frowning_face:


This sounds a bit like SCP tbh :joy::joy:, I get the feeling you were inspired by it. If not check it out Secure Contain Protect