Etaria (Work In Progress)

Etaria (tentative name) is a multi-storied path game, one where I hope to accomplish many different paths that will eventually lead back to the main plot. There will be several story lines for replay-ability, depending on choices the reader makes. I hope to have a demo with all the prologues done after the Holidays.

You as the reader/player have been plucked from your world and placed into Etaria. An alternate version of Earth. In this world, with no knowledge of where you are or how to get home, you must learn to adapt. Learn the language(s), learn the customs of this world, and find friends to help you along the way. There will be many you meet along the way and while some will be more than willing to help you, others will make life more difficult for you.

Some of the people you will meet and where they are from

The Atiniar - One of the nomadic clans of Etaria, like most clans Atiniar have derived their language from the Elves, or the Neniyith in their tongue. The people of this tribe are known for their skill in hunting, and fishing. With bountiful meats being common, these people held many festive gatherings. This particular tribe, heavily relies on the nearby Elven settlements for trading medicines, fruits, and vegetables. Namely the settlement of Eleuvu. As a nomadic clan they make homes out of whatever source of shelter they can find. Tents, caves, and on occasion stay with the elves.

Eleuvu One of the larger Elven settlements. Once the Elven kingdoms welcomed all. Letting travelers pass freely through their lands. Now they hide themselves from the young war hungry races. Guardians protect the borders with their magic, hiding the city, it’s roads, or even steering those with ill intent away from their haven.

The city of Eleuvu itself is built from smooth stone, molded and shaped to the will of the Elves. Nestled in the old forest of Ralaith, an Elven goddess who was said to raise the trees to great heights from the ashes of the Earth. The flora here is more vibrant than anywhere else, save for lands touched by the fairies.

Rícsian The Capital of Human settlements, here the Einvaldr territory rules with an iron fist. The city was built by a band of warriors many years ago. The warriors who had built this city had once been ousted from their people, in turn they built their city in the golden sea, raised an army and turned on their own people. Eventually conquering the old kingdom. Their city of Rícsian became Capital, and remains Capital to this day. The bulk of the Einvaldr army remains here under command of Ástandan.

Man-made channels run around the city, making it self sustaining. Since the canals were created, Rícsian has become known as the City of Hope. Mostly due to it being a beacon of life in a land of sand, sun, and dangerous fauna.

Carwylm A small settlement of the Einvaldr, a town suspicious of outsiders, as they live on the borders of the Einvaldr. Despite their distrust, their location leaves them little choice in their time of need but to trade with outsiders. This is mostly a town of sheep herders and Inn Keeps. Despite their location, they are a well traveled town. Main roads run through its path on their way to larger settlements.

The Races

The Elves
Elves in this world have the customary pointed ears, and skills typically gifted to elves. In this world they have unique eye colors, ranging anywhere from amethyst to ultramarine. The coloring of their eyes is said to be a gift from the spirits who founded the elves. Some elves claim to have the ability to see spirits. Often have tall, but slender forms. Though it is not always true. Features vary greatly.

The Tribes
Most tribes have a Shaman of sorts to guide them. Those in the clan that are magic gifted are held in high esteem, and non-magic users will always differ to the wisdom of the mages. The nomadic people have mixed bloodlines with the elves over time, giving them longer lives than ordinary humans. Their eye colors are similar to the elves, only more diluted with greys or blues. They customarily have strong features, and muscular builds.

The Humans
They are led by Ástandan, a more benevolent ruler than his predecessor, but not by much. More often than not they come from military families, as this is a time of Humans fighting for dominance of their world. Soldiers are in abundance. These people have a great range of appearances. They have changed over the years, adapting to their environment.

Magic of this world; All children no matter what their race is gifted with magic for a time. Children are more sensitive to the veil of the living and spirits, and so will commonly be gifted with harmless magic.
Some cases allow the children to retain their attunement to the spirits, as they age. Though it is rare in Humans it is not unheard of, if the child has grown free from corruption the spirit will bind with the child, granting it increased magical gifts.

Elves, due to their non-violent nature and long life span, are the most attuned to magic. The spirit they bond with as a child has time to mold itself to it’s hosts spirit. As such the Elves are well versed in magic and its limitations.

It is possible to force a spirit to do your bidding, and to use the magic for dark purposes, though it is frowned upon by all races.


This seems cool will there be romance?

@StarWarsMaster Yes! Right now I have several romance options for each main group of people. It is optional to not romance anyone, for those who don’t want to have romance. But for those who do, I am working on getting some well rounded characters who will have unique romance stories.

Somehow I knew you were going to ask that :slight_smile:

@fantom Maybe because he asks it on every single game :stuck_out_tongue: <---- human dog has been found.

What type of enemies would we face in this world? Are they the classical undead, demons, barbarians and dark mages. Or are they unique beings to your world like I dunno a chimera like creature

Seems to be an interesting premise so far, but will there be an explanation as to why we’re there in the first place in due time?

I like the lore so far - however, I would personally prefer to be able to pick MC being one of the races mentioned rather than being magically transported into this world from Earth. Not that your storyline is not interesting as well, it is just a personal pet peeve of mine in which I dislike when the MC is singled out from the world by being from another dimension like that. XD Prefer to be part of the lore, is all. ^^

@Specter A mix of both, I plan to have a bit of everything. And what you come across is based on how you play. I have many ideas for creatures that will give your character a hard time as they travel across Etaria. I am wanting to use some of the mythical creatures not typically used, as well as try to put a twist on some of my favorites.

There will be a variety of animal hybrids, mythological birds, and some fairies that may cause a hindrance to the reader. I’ve got a notebook dedicated to what they look like, how they act, and the dangers of facing them. I want their to be rumors of a creature giving travelers trouble and the reader to choose if they want to help out or be on their way.

If there is anything you would like to see feel free to mention it.

@RagEgnite I have it shown in pieces, through out the game. As that is one of the main focuses. If you played any Elder Scrolls Games that containted Sheogorath, that is essentially my inspiration. This God has a habit of taking people and placing them where they don’t belong just for his own entertainment.

The God has become fascinated with the people of our world, and wishes to see how they adapt to his world. Their is a hint that their may be others from Earth here as well, people go missing and are never found, they may be in Etaria. If you have any ideas you’d like to see happen, nothing is set in stone just yet.

@Rebelmaiden I can understand that. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be too obvious the reader was from another dimension. And have people assume they are just from a remote location or something of the sort. Maybe if enough people want it I can add in more features that allow the reader to be of Etaria. Or, preferably in a future game I can expand on this world and the reader can then be one of the current races. I have always wanted to write something like this, where you don’t know everything automatically and have to learn. Can’t win them all though, so I am sorry you are not getting what you want at this point in time! Like I said though, I may make another one, especially with enough interest. Thank you for letting me know how you feel about it. :slight_smile:

@AshleyC Well, I will still be following the game. :slight_smile: And I love Sheogorath. ^^

Thank you! I hope there is some things you may enjoy about it! And Sheogorath was amazing, who wouldn’t love the Prince of Madness? Haha, always fun to do his quests.

Seems like an interesting idea

So just an update, I have a couple thousand words at the moment. Not including the script, or choices. I have been away from my computer for the past week, but I’m getting back on track with typing everything up.

I’m really excited to get the demo out pretty soon, and see what you all think. It has been really fun learning how to do all the coding here, to make the game work properly. I’ve been busy figuring out how to incorporate stats in a useful way, and making sure the romantic interest choices work properly.

Anyways I wanted to say I was halfway through the intro, which is just starting your adventure in Etaria and meeting the first group of characters. There are four basic starting paths at the moment, but you can get different starts on your story based on your preferred romance gender ( Your choice of love interests gender will not affect stats or anything important to the plot.)

I want each character to be unique, and not just a copy paste of another, so there will be some differences in personalities and how they react to things. And you do have the option of not romancing the one introduced, there will be others.

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