Epiphany [In development]

I would like to introduce my game in development, Epiphany. The game will mainly be about personal struggle and the hostile environment in the modern era, but I won’t be disclosing anything about the plot and the plot branches until later on. I have just began exploring several concepts for this so it is still rather early in development. Don’t expect anything concrete yet. I will be looking forward to introducing public testing in December if my schedule allows it.

Ideas are very much welcome since this is my very first game in development. Do share your tips if you have any to help the writer in developing this story.


  • Set in the United States of America during an unspecified modern date.

  • Featuring moral and ethical choices that affect both your character and the events unfolding in the story.

  • Philosophical concepts that open up the story will be explored.

  • Character development and a wide cast of major and minor plot characters.

  • Possibly a good story and an enjoyable experience?

Please keep it civil in the discussion!


I’ve never seen such a vague description…

How is the environment hostile? Are roiters raiding? Zombies coming? Aliens… probing? Apes revolting? Are clones attacking? Phantoms menacing? Empires striking? Robots singing Disney songs? What is it Man?!
How can the date be modern and unspecified at the same time? If it’s modern, it’s now, right?
What sort of Moral Ethical choices? Leaving your friend for dead or smelling the inside of a frozen animal? Fleeing as your father figure is cut down by your father or staying to gawk? Choosing between A, B, C, or D when to cars are traveling towards each other, one at 12 mph and the other at 98 mph at a current distance of 38,863,908,642,189,529,021 and a half inches and you don’t know when they’ll pass?
Choosing a life you know isn’t real or the grim world beyond where you can learn Ju Jitsu with a couple of pills as underlying choices? (I know I’ve always wanted to dodge bullets and defy gravity, but blue is my favorite color! I’m split between equally challenging choices!)
What sort of concepts? One in the hand equals two in the bush? See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil? There is no spoon?
How wide is the cast? Star trek wide? Lost wide? Full MCU franchise wide?
What does ‘Epiphany’ mean? (nevermind, I saw the Simpson’s movie)
What is it if it’s not concrete? Is it raw computer data?


The description will be expanded as the game moves on in development. I don’t want to spoil the story yet. I can answer some of your questions though.

Hostile environment: Will be specified in the story.
Unspecified date in the modern era: I understand the modern era as a little longer era than just the present moment. The date will not be the present year 2015.
Moral and ethical choices: These are to be discovered in the story
Philosophical concepts: I will talk about these a little later.
Character cast: There will be enough characters to make a good experience. Of course I can expand on this if there are too few.
Epiphany meaning: I would understand epiphany as an insight into the meaning of something. This will be subtly referenced in the story arc.

Thank you for your insight Doctor.

I was actually joking about the Epiphany meaning, but thanks.

Since you loosely mean ‘modern’… please tell me it will be in the 60’s 70’s or 80’s. The decade trinity of good music, movies, and magazines (by which I mean comics).

I won’t be disclosing the actual date, but the setting will be very much like the 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s at least in part. I like some things of that time too.

I think you’re being much to vague to get valuable input. Folks need a solid idea to latch onto. Your work up could be any story that’s ever existed.

So you won’t get much by way of opinions or discussion until the fog clears a bit and your readers can see something unfortunately.

Best of luck to you by the by


I do get a “I’ve got this idea, I’m not going to tell you about it, but I want your feedback” vibe from the original post :smiley:

I just mean with the original post that I am just putting it here and more information will come soon. I am not expecting any feedback yet of course :smile:
Maybe I should emphasise the Don’t expect anything concrete yet part

Since this is such a big game you might want to write it in episodicly that way if you have to take a break you can and if you don’t you can put it in to your game as soon as it’s done with what you are writing.

Soo…this is an introduction for the story before it becomes a demo?

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post must be 20 characters?

Well… it would’nt let me reply without my post being 20 characters. And yes. Post must be 20 characters.

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Correct. I will be updating this though as the development moves on. I will write something here very soon in fact. You will have to wait for a demo or some other development build though.