(WiP) Odyssey [Philosophical Space Game]

So, instead of working on a huge project (Wastelander), I was wondering if anybody would be interested in playing a philosophical space journey game, the likes of movies such as Interstellar and 2001:A Space Odyssey. I have developed a simple outline, but it still requires a lot of editing.


The year is 2043 and the earth has exhausted all of it’s fossil fuels and energy. NASA, the organization people always knew has been dissolved and people have been forced into agriculture. Dust storms have become common and hunger runs rampant. You, a once crop dusting pilot, along with a ragtag group of others are sent into space as one last hope for humanity to save the dying Earth.

Make choices, explore the distant space as you travel and manage time. Cooperate with your team or destroy it with negligence. Learn more about your team or remain anonymous to them. Question morality as you travel through the distant stars. But most of all, work to discover a way to save the Earth or find a new one.

This game is a work in progress and is bound to be completed by next year

NOTE: For those asking me if I have cancelled Wastelander, no I haven’t. It’s just that I’ve been very pre-occupied with things and haven’t gotten enough time to design and code Wastelander. Plus, since I’m only a 15 year old, I’ve got my CIEs and exams coming up so that’s been troubling me too. I promise you that everything is in fine shape and you people will get Wastelander by 2017 and that it will be the greatest COG game you’ll ever play.


Sounds cool. With a solid cast of characters and story, it could be something big.

What do you mean by philosophical? Will the journey be about answering the universe’s questions or something? :smile:


Thanks for the reply.

The game will be philosophical in its entirety, with you being someone sent out to discover a planet sufficient enough to sustain life. And yes, it IS about answering the universe’s questions.


Why bother? The answer is 42. Everyone knows that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding aside, I love this idea, a space journey meshes well with the philosophical aspect. I love games that incorporate philosophy, as long as there isn’t a clear-cut answer to those deep questions, of course.

But there are a lot of philosophical questions, which ones would you concentrate on? The meaning of life? Why is there something rather than nothing? The concept of time and space? Free will? The reality of reality?

What do you mean “The game will be philosophical in its entirety”? Like the overall theme will be philosophical? Or do you mean the “action” will take place mostly in the character’s internal monologue? Will the MC be alone, or with a crew? Will there be aliens? Urh too many questions, sorry for bombarding you, I’m excited. I look forward to reading it.


Thanks for the reply!

Notice how most games that question morality provide you with an obvious answer to those questions? The meaning of life or the concept of time has never been truly picked upon by any game, let alone be explained. What I’m trying to do with my game/novel is to incorporate those questions and let the player decide what he actually feels what is right and wrong, with minimum dialogue.


It maybe a old hat but I will bloody love it!


I’m glad you like the concept. I’ll post the details later today.

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hi this idea sounds great it would be great to read something that makes you think that way but I have a question this story of self-exploration or adventure


Seems like a cool idea, like it.

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I’m glad you like the concept.

As for your question, the game will be both, self-exploration and adventure.

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I’m glad you like the concept. I’ll be updating this post very, very soon.

The concept is pretty awesome. And you’ll need all the luck and wishes to make such a great idea come to life.
Looking forward to it with a lot of anticipation!!!

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Thank you very much for your interest!

I have also updated the post to include the outline I have decided for the game.

Absolutely love the idea dude and would love to play it ^^

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Thank you very much for your support, Kungfuboom!

So I see that it’s sounds quite similar to “Interstellar”.
I have always wanted to read/play something like that.

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That is exactly what I’m going for. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for their interest in the game. I’ll keep all of you updated about the progress and the soon to come beta for the game.

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