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HEY GUYS! :frog: Okay so, I’ve been a member of COG for about a year now, but I’ve been playing for a whiiillle back. Buuut I’ve never really made an actual topic/game/etc besides a few comments here and there! :ghost: Well, all of a sudden I got a chaotic mess of scattered ideas and I’ve decided to finally put one into action!

It’s a project that I’ll be working on for fun, so I can’t promise that it’ll come into fruition, but I’ll definitely put my best work into it. Right now, I’ve got a rough outline going on, and hope to have a demo up by the end of the year. Of course, since I’m a student, this might prove a little difficult…so whatever happens, happens!

Here’s the deets!



Eons Ago is a story of time: an indefinable measure of existence. It is a spectacular symphony composed of the memories, relationships, and struggles that one faces over such a vast expanse.

Your own story is one wrapped up in the mysterious coils of space and time. In fact, you will come to find that what defines your unique existence is not the limits of time itself, but its infinite supply.

Yeah, that’s right. You’re immortal. All you know is that you’ve been here since the beginning - the very beginning. And hell, those billions of years have left you a little bored. After all, the second thing people like complaining most about besides having too little time, is having too much time. Or maybe that’s just a you problem.

Anyways, you’re hungry. Not for food or anything of that sort, of course, because that’s not a problem at all. Cold, sickness, aging, injury…no biggie. You’re pretty much invincible! (unless you just haven’t figured out what can kill you yet) How cool is that? But back on topic – what you are hungry for, is knowledge. Cheesy, I know, but the years have given you time to think, and you’re curious - where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe? Why are you here? What are you? You’re positively dying to know! (not literally though, that’s not much of an issue here hahahahha)

Well, you’re in luck! Because things are about to get exciting, now that the err-- humans are coming into existence. No offense to your good friends, the water buffalo, but the daily grunts and snorts aren’t quite making for good conversation.

So, old one, (better get used to those nicknames - you might not look it, but you’re over several billions of years old! Happy Birthday?) are you ready for adventure, heartache, and well, I don’t know! There will probably be some cool peeps that you can meet, and lovers, and magical beasts, and…chickens? Why don’t you go figure it out yourself?

Go ahead. Take the first steps on your pursuit for the truth - about who you really are, and what your purpose is. It may be more complicated than you think.

Essentially, you’re playing an immortal that is, well, immortal. You will never die, at least to the extents of your knowledge. The story will mostly consist of you and your adventures as the years go by, between different eras, empires, and whatnot.


  1. General Outline of Sections
    A book. A story. A very special life.
Click Here for General Outline

CAPITULUS I: Acatalepsy (n.) - the impossibility of comprehending the Universe.

  • Creation. Formation. Slumber.
    • circa 14 billion years ago, formation of Universe - 4.6 billion years ago, formation of Earth.

CAPITULUS II: Esse mundi vita (p.) - be the life of the world.

  • Awakening.
    • circa 3.8 billion years ago, first signs of primitive life - 635 million years ago, end of Precambrian Eon.
    • circa 545 million years ago - 290 million years ago, first 85% of Paleozoic Eon.

CAPITULUS III: Solivagant (adj.) - wandering alone.

  • Explore.
    • circa 290 million years ago, Permian Period, Pangaea.
    • circa 248 million years ago - 65 million years ago, Mesozoic Era.
    • circa 65 million years ago - 23.7 million years ago, Tertiary-Paleogene Period.

CAPITULUS IV: Opia (n.) - the ambiguous intensity of eye contact, invasive and vulnerable.

  • Encounter.
    • circa 23.7 million years ago - 0.1 million years ago, Miocene Epoch - Pleistocene Epoch. Human lineage splits off from that of the apes. (considering how to integrate evolution here with other beliefs…baghhh)
    • circa 0.1 million years ago until present-time, Holocene Epoch.

CAPITULUS V: Ambedo (n.) - a moment you experience for its own sake.

  • Thrive.
    • ESSENTIALLY where the STORY BEGINS!!! Or where it gets preeeetty interesting now that HUMANS are SOMEWHAT CIVILIZED. The previous chapters are either going to be condensed (they’re not that important to go into excessive detail for, but necessary for background) or at least short chapters. WE SHALL SEE! If you have better ideas, lemme know. Hmu. all that good stuff. I should probably do my other work now — I got too carried away with this!! ahhhh
  1. Possible Stats
Click Here for Stats

Emotional VS. Stoic
Impulsive VS. Cautious
Charming VS. Reserved
Honest VS. Deceitful
Stubborn VS. Open
Artistic/Free spirit VS. Traditional??

Silver-tongue (persuasion, wit, cunning)
People watcher (ability to read people, body language, tone)
Charisma/Grace (attractiveness, elegance)
Wisdom (experience, street-smarts)
Hercules (strength, athleticism)
Scholar (book-smarts, historical knowledge, languages)
Art of War (military skill, knowledge of martial arts, fighting, strategies)

  1. Character Sheet & Info
Click Here for Character Stuff

Nomen: Your name.
Annorum: The time that has passed since you came into existence.
Genus: Your gender.

Conscientia: Your mind. Your willpower, sanity, intellect.
Corpus: Your body. Your strength, health.
Anima: Your soul. Your connection to Nature, other immortal entities, spirit, etc.

Aspectus: Your physical form/appearance.

Potentia: The extent of your powers.
You are immortal. You do not age, and you cannot be harmed. You do not need sustainment or any other mortal wants. Your strength, mentally and physically, is dependent on your connection to the universe, your individual self, etc. Do not let yourself waste away, eternally. (considering regenerative body? Idk yet)

  1. Romance Options:
    TBD based on time periods/eras


More details!

I plan to have various ROs, gender-choice, and lots of character customisation. I will be featuring events like the Roman Empire, all the way to the 1950s even. :film_projector:

I hope to make this very choice-based, so that the choices that you do make really matter and change the story. I’ve also always liked integrated character customisation, so there’ll be a lot of chances to make your MC perfect! And I’m currently in the process of coming up with cool and interesting stats to give the MC as well.

I’m also debating on whether or not to feature magic and mystical stuff beyond the MC’s immortality. I’d really appreciate some thoughts on that!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! I’ll be adding more to this once I get the chance haha. Questions? Leave them below!

Yup. Okay. So, I may be a little apologetic on my…comments and weird sense of humor througout that whole thingiemajig there. BUT! I hope you all like what I have so far, or at least the basics of the story. If you don’t, let me know why! What do you want to see? What do you like? If you have any good ideas, feel free to suggest 'em! (As I mentioned earlier, thoughts on whether or not having this be a magic-integrated world beyond the MC’s immortality would be great) And all the rest of that good stuff.

Whew! That was a whole lotta stuff! I’m super excited for this, and I appreciate all your input!

Thank you to all! :smile:


22 November 2017 - Intro post updated with new information on development of game. Check PROGRESS section.

11 March 2018 - Post #51 with updated info on progress. Demo coming soon? hopefully!!



Chapter Graphics



I like it! I love it! if I were are a movie producer I would have invested in your idea!! such a bad luck that I am not one :worried:. now on the bright side at least my last name doesn’t end on Weiner!


You could start with magic being a secret thing that only magical beings and the MC knows about it and later on, we do some dumb shit and reveal the existence of magic to the mortals.




Sounds very interesting! Can’t wait! :smile:

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This is a fascinating idea I can’t wait to see the demo on. I assumed the MC will appear human, or humanoid at the very least. Magic definitely would be good to include considering the state of immortality the MC is in, and it could mean one of the RO could also be an immortal because of that reasoning of how the world may operate on other supernatural principles.


I love the concept of the wandering knowledge seeker so this is a folk tale come true!

I think that magic should be part of the world but stuff more like secret occult happenings of today or at most the onymoji levels of japan because if magic is so strong that people would still hear today of at least the occasional wizard who raided the town with a skeleton army it wouldn’t be that strange or even exciting to find someone immortal. Plus it would just be better in my opinion

I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that our unnatural wanting of knowledge secretly comes from a unconscious want to die(depressing I know but still some people would rather die then have immortality) and we are looking for a way to die


this is awesome i have some questions will we be able to change history? like prevent the fall of Rome? and stuff like that
are there other supernatural creatures out there? like vampires werewolves witches Etc
if we are immortal does that mean we will have to watch are ROs die?
whats the tone of the game going to be like? is it a serious game or is it more of a tongue in cheek game?


Well, I’m always a big fan of magic, so I’d say you should add it, but perhaps more importantly for the story, magic presents the opportunity for the MC to try and make others like themselves, eternity is a pretty lonely thing when everyone you know dies. I like high fantasy myself, but for the kind of story your looking to tell, if it’s running through real world history, your probably better off with low magic, alchemy, minor curses, things of that nature. As an alternate route, perhaps have some gods from different pantheons be real, but the MC was there before them, and they don’t know what to do about it. Talk about how the MC watches the fall of not only civilizations, but the gods they worship. If your going for a particularly cruel approach as optional, maybe have the gods themselves wither away along with their worship, while they watch the MC outlive even them.


Oh… there’s going to be a lot of angst in this demo…


Thank you so much for your kind comments! Annnnd who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be a movie producer! Keep dreamin’ :blush:

You know what? That’s a pretty good idea! I’ll keep that in mind and maybe I can weave it in somehow in a way that makes it work. Thank you :heart:


AHAHAHA! PATIENCE, YOUNG ONE. thank youu for your support <3

thank you luv!! :yellow_heart:


Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy the idea! Yup, the MC will appear to be human - that’s what I have in mind for now. And also many thanks for your thoughts! The immortal RO is definitely a good idea!

Okay at this point I am wondering — is it necessary for me to tag you guys AND quote?? Like does the quote automatically notify you as well? lol still trying to get a hang of all these functions haha

ANYHOO! THANK YOU! Maybe the MC will grow to be a wandering knowledge seeking troublemaking storyteller? ahaha

Your thoughts are very much appreciated! Will definitely keep the lowkey magic idea in mind, most likely stuff that would easily blend in with modern society and such!

ALSO…how did you guess lol yes that may be a tone/path I take with the story. But in the end, the want to die will probably be up to the player. We’ll see!

thank you! I am actually considering that aspect right now. For the sake of the story, in a simple answer - yes, the MC will probably be able to influence some events in history. Now, to prevent a whole empire from destruction…welll, I don’t know about that yet haha. Not a very satisfactory answer, I know – so my apologies on that! Considering the thoughts of everyone else so far, I will most likely include various supernatural creatures from different cultures! Of course, they will be stuff of legends and things that can be ingrained in society easily :slightly_smiling_face:

evil laughter yes, you will have to watch your loved ones die. your friends. your enemies (hah) I am planning to make it a more serious game, but you can also anticipate some fun moments and my lovely humor! thank you again for your interests!


love love love these ideas! thank you for your help. i c a n 't w a i t t o b e c r u e l


ohhhh. you betcha. more than you can imagine.


yes.if you tag us it will notify us.


The roman empire is in here and were immortal well this should be fun


No, either one notifies us so it is fine

I was thinking eighter that or a mystic(or wise healer if no magic) like ginkgo from mushishi

my mc is just gonna be like “So that’s what can kill me, destroys what kills mc and now I am a GOD”

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Hold on Hold on. 1950s and being Immortal. WHATCHU TALKIN’ BOUT WILLIS?

Note: I’m signing on up for this.


Nat, it’s either. Not eighter :"
Nor nether… either.


I always loved the idea of following someone immortal throughout different times/eras. Personally I think having it as the sole non-realistic element would make for a better story. It’d also be fun to be able to participate in the most important wars of different eras (perhaps being able to choose side as well? Would love to fight for Rome in the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains or for Central Powers in WW1).


Interesting! Where do you get the inspiration? I assume you’ve heard of a certain manga with the title of “Fumetsu no Anata e” or in english its “To You the Immortal” because it’s really similar if you ask me. If you’ve never heard of it, I suggest you read it right away because it could prove to be quite a good source of reference for this kind of story. Looking forward to the demo!

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Invincible and immortal MC who gets to live through ancient Rome !? SIGN ME UP.

Will we get to meet/interact/influence other gods? It would be interesting to watch the fall of Olympus through the ages… Or something like that .

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Oooh, this definitely sounds interesting. I’d love to see a demo of this idea and play through it!

I do like the thought of more magic being included, especially considering the MC is already immortal, and could perhaps provide more lore on the world/supernatural beings in general. Also, from reading through the thread, the time progression as well as aging/dying romance options is definitely different than what I’m used to, so I would love to see how you handle it.


Story sounds super good