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Wow, consider me interested. It reminds me of the TV series Forever. (if you haven’t, watch it!)

I would enjoy playing as a MC who has lost faith in humanity, and watches history be made on the sidelines, never involving themselves.
Or a MC a bit crazy because of the solitude, seeking others who are like them. (Totally not inspired from Adam in the series.)

For me, there is no need to put magic or supernatural elements in there yet, it’s already a good idea. But it depends on where you want to go from there.


Immortality, Roman Empire and ancient Glitterhoof. Reminds me of CK2 already.

That aside, do you have any plans on a time span? I mean, from the birth of humanity to 1950? That’s a pretty big time for a CYOA. If you plan on going with this, tho, i’d recommend you on divide the story on several books…
(Who am i kidding, i just want more games to play…)

About magic, MC is immortal, so i don’t see any problems as long as it makes sense. Like old myths/folklore being mentioned, superstition, etc. No romans flying around casting fireballs, please.


At the very least, I think this MC won’t wake up naked in bodies of water anytime soon.

Unless said MC is particularly adventurous.


YES. YES. A thousand times YES.


In case it wasn’t clear I think this is a great idea. As a huge fan of Planescape Torment immortal protagonists always catch my interest.

I like the fact that you plan to leave the wanting to die matter up to the player. The whole “immortal that secretly/not so secretly wants to die” trope is both a little cliché and frankly, has always struck me as sour grapes on the part of mortal authors/readers.

The only other thing I can suggest is maybe making use of the theme of the consequences of our actions, after all few are in such a good position to see the far reaching effects of our choices as an immortal. You storm out on Hannibal after an argument because he’s dragging his feet on the marching on Rome business and the next thing you know, Rome’s the basis of modern Western Civilisation.


You have my attention!

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Sweet, it’ll be just one night stands… are we gonna have to deal with diseases?

Just quote

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Oh wow the plot just sounds so amazing! I’m looking forward to playing the demo eventually :slight_smile:

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My heart is ready… I hope. ;w;

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Oh God YASSSSS. That’s something I’ve been waiting for.

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You could make magic exceedingly rare but powerful which would explain the MC, truly immortal but unique.

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interesting interesting I’ll keep the mystic idea in mind too. HAHAA im sure it won’t be that easy to achieve godness (is that even a word?)

ahahaha <33 I’ll put your name down on the list :wink:

Same! I was like, how has no one already made something like this? And since I really wanted someone to do so, I guess I just decided to start it up myself and see where it went!

I definitely see what you mean about having the MC be the sole magical player, and if I do include magic, it’ll probably be a very small, lowkey amount. We’ll see. AND YES! you’ll definitely be able to participate in wars and meet important people (Leonardo da Vinci, anyone?)

I actually got the inspiration from this webcomic I’ve been reading for a long time, Gunnerkrigg Court. The story isn’t based around an immortal character, but there’s an individual in the comic that gave me that burst of inspiration to have a story that solely revolves around an immortal person and their experiences! I’ve never heard of that manga before (I’m not really an expert on animes or manga haha) but I will definitely check it out as it seems pretty cool! Thank you so much!

HAHA! Thank you for your enthusiasm. If I decide to include other magical beings, yes, I think it would be particularly interesting for the MC to interact with them.

god gets angry at MC: “DIE!”
MC: “…”
Angry god: “…”

@Snowpanther @UmbraLamia
Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll be sure to check it out when I get the chance! oooh a very angsty character, I see :wink:

AND HEY! You never know! having lots of time can make you do…strange things. Like waking up in large bodies of water, I presume? hahaha

Definitely understand your stance on magic in this world. Thanks for the help! And that’s a great idea – if it simply doesn’t end up fitting into one large CYOA story with the detail I’m hoping for, I think dividing it up into several books would be pretty cool. Like Guenevere or Samurai of Hyuga, maybe?
awww no fireballs?? discreetly crosses off romans and fireballs and flying horses off the list

Hahaha thank you so much! I will keep in mind the consequences of our actions effect, as that can probably play really well into the overall plot. There’s gonna be a HELL of branching at that point though, haha. And I totally agree the want to die can get a little old, which is why the player can get to choose whether or not they want to be angsty or take over the world — or both lol.

On a less dramatic note in regards to the consequence aspect – you become BFFs with LEONARDO da VINCI…and before you know it, YOU are the Mona Lisa hahahaha

you’re immortal! no diseases for you haha :smiley:

@MichaelCrank @QuerulousCat
thank you for your kind compliments! I hope to get the demo out as soon as I can :revolving_hearts:


I like it so far looking forward to playing it

If I lose a limb, does it stay gone? Just covering all my bases, I don’t want to be an immortal skeleton or something.


at the moment, my idea is that the MC cannot be harmed. working with that though, but for now, no permanent limb losses!

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what about like this dude
(please don’t make us a weakling like him…the only good thing is his immortality)


Perhaps a body that reforms after a time, since “technically” we’re not human why should the MCs be bound to how humans heal?

Forever has the MC disappear after death and reappear in the nearest body of water.
Another show has some weird string within the MC latch onto each individual body part and pulls them together until they fuse (together).
I could go on and on, :smiley:


I would find it really interesting if MC could still “die”, but be instantly revived like in Ajin. With them possibly being threatened by situations like, say, being stuck on a bunch of iron spikes or a torture device. The fact that Ajin also can’t lose their head. Apparently, they regenerate as a different person and their head even gets to watch the new one growing if someone takes it. The gore is strong there.

I’d recommend the manga if you’re interested. The anime is way too rushed at the second season, and will probably get worse. The first season got a nice opening and plot tho, CGI is pretty decent but still laggy, but it is a good introduction to the series. And Satou? He’s been my favorite villain for a while.


actually when the old guy gets decapitated the new person old body thing is proven false as he doesn’t wake up until the old head degraded. At least in the show


Indeed, but i wouldn’t consider season two canon if i were you. It was pretty rushed and the end was different than in the original.

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@Varovu for the cover art you should probably use something different. Fossils’ art maybe?

And as for magic, me personally, would like it without it. The idea of MC being as this only unnatural and anomalous thing among, otherwise normal seeming things and mortal beings would be way more interesting and would open for a lot of self struggle maybe?

also when you use magic it may seem like a very cheap and convenient explanation for everything. I don’t like that. Surrounding your story with mystery may be more intriguing and original than using and incorporating magic. Also will you change titles? if you do, here’s a suggestion: Ultima eos. it’s apparently latin for eons ago.