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Any tips on how to write about Pretty Boys? Or their characters…?


Ask him to PM his 11-point thesis on “Tommy” … if I see that again I’ll get sick. :smirk:

Edit: I’m glad I’m :innocent: and all.


Basically, write your story normally, and at one point, include a very minor, throwaway (male) character, possibly killing him in his next scene.

And then, the two of us will complain about him. And that’s how you write pretty boys. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, really, there’s no one-size fits all formula. My biggest piece of advice would just be to have a bit of variety in the characters so there’s a greater chance that people will be able to find someone who appeals to them. Other than that, making characters distinctive and interesting, with a variety of traits, is good advice for any character.

:stuck_out_tongue: Or I could just put in the link: Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed
It’s at the very end of the post, and it’s hidden until you click on the arrow.

You certainly wouldn’t want to copy these points, by any means; you want your characters to be your own. However, it does show you the kind of detail work that a good author can pack into a character in order to make him memorable.

(And hey, I’m going for a degree in Tommy studies, don’t knock it :unamused:)

No, no, that’s just what will inevitably happen if you write something that @ParrotWatcher and I are reading :stuck_out_tongue:
Trust me, as soon as one of us (probably both of us) like a guy character who you write, you’ll know.


Lol I like it. Dont blame me if it actually happens :joy:

On a separate topic, do you know of a way to implement save games in choicescript? (Besides offering the option to go to a scene) As i’m a bit concerned with players, considering the game im trying to make bears fruit, might’ve just half-assed their choices and end up with an ending or result that they did not hope for.

e.g. Tommy dies, instead of getting the result where Tommy lives. (Or not :stuck_out_tongue:)


Well, if you’re using standard DashingDon’s, all you have to do is put this: *sm_init gamenane | 3 near the start. I think you’re using precompiled, though, so it’s a bit more complicated than that. (There’s a thread on it here.)

Well, currently there is no version where Tommy lives. That was the problem. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can see @Tayato joining you two and then Mara and the rest of us are going to be plagued by the three Mouseateers. Should I have @Lizzy order your mouse-ears now, gents?



Why am I in charge of ordering them? Wait…are mouse ears code for a brick? :thinking:


They know better than opening packages from me. No - they are just needed to join the Mickey Mouse Club - no hidden brick meanings. lol. I’m not evil :imp:


That’ll just be your way to know who to develop more :stuck_out_tongue: sometimes the most interesting characters are the ones you least expect.

Yeah, to explain what we’ve been referencing… Tommy in ZE:SH is the character we’re talking about who had a fairly brief introduction, and died shortly thereafter, but captured our hearts nonetheless.

Why are we joining the Mickey Mouse Club exactly? :laughing:


The first rule of the Club is to never ask: why… or is that the second? I can never remember the movie quote correctly.


Sorry, I shouldve elaborated. I was talking if Tommy was a character in my game. And had a version of when he lives.

Thanks for the link! Ill check it out.

P.s. does the dashingdon method only work when the game is hosted on dashingdon? Or does it work for when it is on Android?


A little hint… when @ParrotWatcher uses the “;P” face, it means he’s being at least a little bit silly.

I’m sorry we’ve sucked you into our web of in-jokes :sweat_smile:


Yeah, we all are so accustomed to each of others that we seem to talking in code for new people lol.

I always have problems with new people.Or they think I am a rude troll or a clown lol poor Mara :rolling_eyes:


Also this: :grin:, this: :innocent:, and this: :smirk:. And this: :angry:. And maybe these: :disappointed: :cry: :sob:

If you’re using the standard DashingDon’s hosting, it should, no matter what device is being used. But I think you’re using a precompiled file, so it’s going to be a bit harder.


Sorry I lost you there :joy: :dizzy_face:

When I submit the game will hosted games put in a saving feature to it on their own or do I have to put it in myself? As the link you sent me seems to be saving for developing purposes


The saving feature in a Hosted is only placed if you have already submitted a second part for your game lol.

All the ones you would find in forum are just for testing purposes.

If your game become a hosted the testing save has to disappear . And your game being release with no save option. If only is one game save it has no sense. Some include a in game control point to return if you die but that’s not a real save point.


I just joke a lot.

But yes, Mara’s right. You don’t need to bother about a save feature when you submit the game. It’s just easier for beta testers if there is one.


Parrot don’t scare the newbie lol. But I can’t say anything lol I scared him with my grumpy feedback at first :wink: I always do so… lol.


Gotcha! That’s good

Was hoping hosted games could implement their own save system…