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Enforcers of Magic

EoM is a casual text based rpg that derails from the typical novel-esque choice game and focuses on gameplay as well as replay-ability, with story only served as a sort of purpose for further plays. It has heavy references to Japanese Anime, Games, and School Life.

Blurred text below are old concept descriptions of EoM, they are by now defunct and not entirely true, the new revival of this project will take a few concepts from the original direction but with a clearer path and story


You are at the land of Pluotia, where magical monsters, rogue mages, bandits and even demons roam the land carelessly wreaking havoc and mayhem.

Luckily, the most advanced magic academy in town has formed an organization to stop careless use of magic (or violence) and instill order & peace to the land. These brave heroes wielding powerful magic are called: Enforcers.

You play as a prospective student, sent by the village elder to bring justice to your parent’s murderer(s) and to join the ranks as an accomplished enforcer and vanquish the evil curse that has claimed the lives of your many fellow villagers.


A bit of warning to those seeking an interactive novel filled with long literary texts written by an artful genius. This game isn’t one of them.

This game will be more focused on gameplay and replay-ability, giving players more control and choices in their fingertips to shape and form the story from the actions you do and the choices you make. All the while, being a victim of probability and chance. If you are fan of the persona series or games in general then stick around!

Probability isn’t a big part of the game but it is a key part of it, with many aspects of the game sometimes solely relying on probability and chance. This of course, after factoring in the stats that you as the pc will accumulate over the course of the game.

Game Features:

The game features a few things that some will find to be quite different from typical choice games here.

Combat System - EoM has a full on turn-based combat system that features dozens to perhaps-even-more monster types to fight against, excluding boss battles that will be apart of the story.

Side Quests - In-between story arcs, players can partake in side-quests to gain items, money, or just improve your fighting abilities. Go out on missions on behalf of the Academy and enforce order or wreak chaos yourself.

Day System - EoM will be played from day to day, allowing players the freedom to do whatever they please within the period of a day. A day has 4 phases: Morning> Noon> Afternoon> Night. A player can choose to do things like attend school, practice magic, or skip school and do a part-time job, perhaps partake in an after school activity, or even just brush up on your studying. Or experience a random story event.

Story Arcs - During story arcs players will be put into a situation that will test their skills in combat as well as the choices that they make. At times a choice made in the main story can drastically change the rest of how the game will play. (e.g. players choose to become an evil villain)

Relationships - Though this can be found in other choice games and probably don’t need much explaining, what makes relationships a bit unique in EoM is the possibility of missing a story event with a character or making a string of wrong choices, as well as what you do can impact your relationship with other characters. You can friendzone characters, date them, get friendzoned yourself, or maybe even make them hate you (still not sure).

Evil / Infamy System - (still not sure if it will be in the game) The infamy system will allow players to get slightly different reactions from other people (perhaps even other characters) depending on how infamous/evil you are. It is taken from what you do.

Social Media Mini-Game - (Also not sure if in the game or not) Players can access a social media platform and kinda be Ethernet (Pluotia’s form of internet) famous… not sure how it might work at the moment or how it will affect the main game though…

WIth all that said, please feel free to tryout the game and leave your thoughts about it! :grin:

I have uploaded 2 links. One is the old version start of the game, the other is the new version I’m leaning towards. Please try them!

This is the Old one, with a bit more backstory customization and age choice.

This is the New one, with a more fixed backstory but focused scenario, also a new character introduced!

Game currently under heavy reconstructing.

>>The game is currently far from finished and only the early parts of the game being worked on. So any suggestions during these early phases may help shape the game. :grin:

As of right now, EoM development has grinded to a halt. I apologize to all the testers and people mailing me and asking when this will be re-opened. Though trust me it will happen and i’m working on it! But the very first try of this project is too ambitious and without a clear direction, combine this with an enormous amount of workload balancing college studies, film projects, and work (I gotta eat too!), I was just digging a grave for myself. I thank you to all supporters supporting EoM up till now and I hope you don’t give up on me yet, hehe.

This project will continue, with a clearer storyline, better direction and gameplay! Sometime in the near future I hope I can move this project to a new Thread which I will make, this time I won’t make the thread until at least 40% of the Game is done.
Thank you so much for your understanding and support!

Thank you!

  • A more customisable backstory and player character but with a general/typical story.
  • A more fixed backstory and player character but a more cohesive story.

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Hey I love this so far but when ever I am about to finish the questioner an error message comes up

Yes it’s still a Work In Progress

So far it ends until you are asked with the last question

Oh okay well then great job so far and cant wait for more😀

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This has potential, I’m curious to see where you go with this.

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Are you really fine with a dorky name like “Thomas”?

Oh, sure. Just reopen those wounds, why don’t you? :unamused:

But you do remember a small little girl you used to always play with…

A: you really don’t need “small” and “little”.
B: that sounds really creepy…

Otherwise, it looks like an interesting start, and I’m interested in seeing where it goes.

Good luck. :relaxed:

Sounds good I like it so far

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-What wounds? :joy:
I’m actually a bit worried about that, is that alright? Or is it too offensive?
I have a sort of biased opinion on the name Thomas since it is a reference to my own name. :joy:

-Hadn’t thought of that as creepy but now that you mention it… I cant get it out of my head! :joy:

Thank you,
Need to figure a way to change that

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Ditto. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I just got called Tom-ass quite a lot at school, until I just stated going by “Tom” instead.


I am also a Thomas. Neat.


Huh. I really like what you got so far and the idea does sound great. And ambitious. Really ambitious. Coding is a bitch, so I hope you can pull this off, cause like I said, I really like it.


Promising start. I peeked at the code as well. Just a few things to note…

I did notice in your startup file notes, you had this, explaining “Charisma”…

*comment PC's Charming level, can effect how PC handles opposite sex

…while in your intro text, you say

Build relationships and date anyone you like.

So will this still be including same-gender dating, so charisma would be not just opposite sex, but whatever’s preferred?

You have “ofcourse” as one word a few times, but it is two separate words: “of course.”

Under the “do you have any family?” question, the option “maybe, but just one…” read a little odd, because it sounds like it’s saying “maybe, but just one family,” so maybe it would be clearer if it said “maybe, but just one person…”? Just a thought.

I notice that males and females have different options for response to Potty dying, roughly equivalent, but with different text and different stat effects. Why separate these? The responses all would work equally well whether someone is a boy or a girl.

I did also notice that it’s possible during the interview to end up with none of the elements being high enough to continue. For example, if you choose to help the dog, leave the girl, and be furious about Potty. So there should be some eventuality for that.

Good luck with the rest of the writing! It is an intriguing and promising premise.

Well, Thomas (and variants thereof) was always one of my favorite names… it’s not a coincidence that there was a character named Thomas in basically everything I wrote in high school :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow. Now this I like :joy:

Thankyou for giving your comments on the game it really means a lot.

  1. omg. I really didnt know anyone could have peeked into the code. Thats embarrassing. Hahaha. I wrote most of the code, especially the comments, in a sleep-deprived state. Honestly the comments serve no purpose, yet. As most of the detailed concepts of the game is not fully developed yet. I do like the idea of having the PC date anyone he/she likes. But i’ll be honest, I dont think I will be able to pull off that type of coding yet. Hahaha. So I might consider locking it to only opposite gender dating to make it simple.

  2. Ofcourse… I must be sleep deprived when I spelt that :joy:

  3. Interesting… how about if I changed that to “Maybe, someone comes to mind…” or “Maybe, a person comes to mind…”

  4. The reason why I wanted to separate them is because I wanted the player to notice these small changes when they play the game. I built this with replayability in mind. And when I replay choice games I feel like Im stuck on an endless loop of texts that will say the exact same thing, sometimes even when I had gone with a different path, it made 1 big problem: started skipping on texts and just made choices right away. I wanted to avoid that so I did this. I thought that even if you completed the game as a boy and replay it as a girl. You can at least appreciate the slight differences in gameplay that is offered. Well…thats the concept of it anyways. And same thing with stats. I was trying to make girls easier to get a certain element and guys prone to a certain element. Still trying to figure that out…

4)Yea. Thats the hard bit. Thanks for testing that out. Still trying to get the numbers just right.

It’s much easier to not genderlock romances. You just do:

"I love you," says James.

instead of:

*if (gender = "female")
    "I love you," says James.
*if (gender = "male")
    "Sorry, I'm straight," says James.

That’s four times as much work (although it’ll round down over time).

Also, if you’re basing your game on a core principle of “do pretty much whatever you want”, it seems a bit limiting to then append “unless you want to date another guy, that is”.


This is interesting.

A thumbs up from me.

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Don’t lock it to opposite genders only. Yuri is life.


Ah prof chaos once again speaks my mind.

Join the dark side… we have yuri…


@ParrotWatcher already made the main point I wanted to make (this is a thing that happens). You’d really be saving yourself extra coding. You’ll also find that a lot of people come to these sorts of games because they’re looking for more diverse and inclusive options, which would fit well with the sort of flexibility you’ve been describing. Since it sounds like you’re on the fence, I’d urge you to include both ways. It means a great deal to many people, and it’d expand your potential base of fans.

This is an admirable goal, but I would argue for these changes to result from actions that the player takes rather than their gender. Or, if there are changes based on gender, for these to result more from different reactions from the other characters, rather than presenting different choices to the player. Otherwise, it looks like boys and girls simply are forced to have different reactions to the same things.

I think if leaving the girl behind would add +2 to lightning instead of +1, that would at least prevent the situation I found. I’d have to check if there’d be any others.


I have a suggestion let us choose our power at the beginning that mean than we can be the person (good/bad) than we want with the element we want (bad guy with electricity = the emperor from star wars )
Yeah 'cause i would prefer to have electricity as my favorite element but if can’t then i’ll still play 'cause it seems the game will be good just from reading what you wish to accomplish and i give all my positive regards to this goal good luck and i’ll follow this game very closely . well after that i bid you a good day and good luck with this game

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Looks promising so far, but the early morality choices seem a tad restrictive–specifically, the puppy test. I mean, I’m a dog lover IRL, but I would like the opportunity to play as an animal-torturing psychopath.