Empire and Rebels (WIP)

Today I decided to officialy start work on this idea I had for some time. Story is set in cyberpunk-ish, scifi-ish earth united under one empire. Story would probably consist from two games: first where we would get to know the characters, settings, their motives, we would look closer at the inner workings of empire and rebels. My vision is to have two POVs for Imperial officer and Rebel leader. Both characters will be for story purposes genderlocked as men unless I change my mind.


Will there be romances and it should be able to choose gender just in case girls come on hear well you know what I mean and it sounds good so far

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Down with the Rebel Scum!

#Long Live the Empire!

######…if you can’t tell, i hated the Stormcloaks and wanted Palpatine and Vader to win.


Yes there will be romances. As for the gender it will be either genderlocked or maybe one protagonist will be male and one female.

Same here. Death to the Rebel scum


Didnt palpatine and vador cause genocides? I wouldnt really brag about supporting that bruh.

That said I’m really interested. Cyberpunk settings are great and the cyberpunk reporter game kinda left me wishing for a lot more. Not enough cyberpunk COG.

Can you share aesthetic informations on the empire and rebels? For example the world is cyberpunk but would the monarchy look more medieval or victorian? And what about the rebels?

Also, what are the rebels motivations? Are they in favor of advanced social rights and a new regime or are they just separatists?

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And the Jedi Order didn’t do bad things either?

They gave force users three choices:

  • Join the Jedi, and never, EVER use the powers you were gifted with at birth for your own gain.
  • Never use the force again, which is like telling a wheel not to roll.
  • Die, which i can assure you, is NOT a good choice to choose.

The Jedi took kids from their homes and families when they were babies, and then demanded that (practically) all Jedi be banned from loving or having a family with anyone.

Now, do the jedi sound so good now? Meanwhile, the Empire, though its main leader was kind of bad, was not bad itself. They kept order throughout the galaxy. We only see them as evil because the movies followed the rebels and not the Empire.

Lets not turn this thread into a Star Wars thread, though. There’s probably already threads for that.


Well if I was to describe main style for empire it would be something between victorian empire meets technocracy and empire of man. As for rebels let´s leave that secret for now but I can tell you that rebels are not satisfied with main principles of empire.


I’m liking you more and more, Vlad.

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Is this like Star Wars or no is just made up

Not at all, only thing it has simmilar with SW would be battle between Empire and Rebels and that is only setting. Story itself is of my own creation.

Somehow I find blowing up a planet and not giving any importance to life relatively more evil than ensuring that force sensitive peoples cant just abuse non force sensitive with their powers but you are right, it is not a star wars thread.

Is the story set to be grey or a real battle of good versus evil? Because I would definitely find it cool if both side had the possibility to be good or evil depending on our actions and such.

Giving an example, while monarchy in itself is terribly corrupt and unfair it doesnt stop that certain kings were not as evil as most and sometimes did good stuff. And well, rebels fight for a cause but how they do it and what the cause is depend on their own personal morals.


I’m going to be a rebel empire scum haha

This looks interesting! I hope you considering opening this multiple genders if it fits with what you have planned.


You’ll be so unique in a world dominated by default male leads…


The Star Wars talk is really taking this thread off-topic.

@Vladimir_M - I will keep an eye on your work - the historical aspects excite me more than the steampunk but your overall presentation so far is interesting.

While I would prefer the MC to be either male or female, I’d encourage you to write your story as you envision it and then make changes as you see fit. Eventually I’d like to play a female Imperial Officer.

Will the Imperial Officer be royalty as well, or are you planning on a more commoner-type of background?

Having two different PoV characters in this game type of story is harder then it may seem at first blush. All the statistics and variables will need to be duplicated coded… that is if you plan on making both playable. If you do go this route, I’d recommend lots of care in forming the coding structure.

Good luck in your endeavor.

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To be fair quite a few of CoG in the forum (that I’ve noticed) seem to be female locked.


And in the wider world?

I increasingly see genderlocking (either one) as a cop out, less so for female gender lock though as there are so many male default games out there…


Honestly it goes both way. There is female locked but its not like there isnt any male locked either. In the end it all come down to the author and weither they want a hosted or choice of title.

I’m curious tho author, would there be a reason why you are gender locked? Did you consider, despite cutting some content, making rebels male or female but imperial only male depending on their view on sexism?

The wider world is a completely different issue. One which is getting better - see Force Awakens. Me though I want some Asian race locking. Fuck you Dragon Ball Z and Last Airbender. Now get back on topic people, will there be aliens @Vladimir_M?