Emperor Syndrome: The Beginning (WIP)

regular updates next month! Things are not going to well irl for me rn so I’ve been held up I apologize.


Small notice! I was play testing the game today and there is an error when picking the manji symbol kimono at the Red Lotus Festival! Don’t pick that option until I come back with an update that its been fixed either here, on the discord section, just go to roles and click emperor symdrome access, or on the emperor syndrome tumblr! I am unable to update anything right now! Next month regular updates I promise! For now extra info and gang tidbits will be on the tumblr and the discord!

I will fix the error as soon as I can!

I appreciate all you guys! Everyone who likes what I have so far you are the best! This game is a passion project of mine and I will not rest even when I don’t have access to fix anything sometimes, I will not stop until it reaches completion!

Edit: I’ll be back As soon as I can! Things have been pushed back and I have no longer have a set date!. Financial issues are making things hard right now but I will be back!


YES! Really looking forward to more modern fantasies I am starved of a good one. Looking forward to this development. BTW, is this the only forum you update or do you also post on the subreddit r/indiegamedevforum?

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I didn’t know that existed, I only post here, the tumblr and my company discord, I only really use reddit for the community I created around my yaoi manga project in another account so I had no idea there was an indie game dev forum, I will have to check it out. I’ll be under the name The Yaoi Empire.

I won’t be back in full capacity until February at the latest! To my patron, as there is only one for this project, your lore stories will arrive in bulk ASAP! I’m working on the first few every chance I get which is not that often, but I’ll be here as soon as I can with more updates and bug fixes!


Small update! I’ve played through the red lotus flashback scene with the kimono and the error has been fixed! I did a little editing, but I don’t have internet access much right now so I did what I could! I am unable to see if the stats menu is affected right now, so someone pick the manji kimono and try to go to the personal stats page! Let me know if it works!


I personally still got the error. This is what it said:

chp1nextdaymale line 611: Non-existent variable ‘leadership’


Ok thank you! it’s not showing up for me when I try to get the error again, I’ll be able to work on it tonight.

weird thing is I created the variable for leadership…hm… the rare time I have will be dedicated to fixing this error.

UPDATE: I have updated past the Lovely Dolls intro scene! You now get to sit down and talk to Kaya for a while until The Grendel shows up. No choices in this interaction because I don’t have time to implement any, that and it wouldn’t fit this situation. Most of my updates will be narrative! Choice will play a huge factor soon. I tried to fix the leadership error, let me know if it worked!


This has officially become Modern Fantasy! I’m really feeling supernatural delinquent vibes with my recent update so I think that will be the path I take.

UPDATE: NEW SCENE! New Scene in the prologue! introduced the first of the cops! Totaro Rinaki and Shinjii Kiorisa, last names first. I felt adding them in the prologue would add something, a bit more depth to the story. Even though it’s just a glimpse at them I still thought it would be nice.

I won’t be able to majorly update again for a few months, so please enjoy what little I can provide.


future major/minor updates:

clothing option list
custom clothing
extra school courtyard after fight scene from Lil Whale and Killer Shark perspectives.


I just wanted to let you all know I’m still kicking, a small update in the coming months! the extra courtyard scene and some time with The Grendel!


Hope everyone is doing well, things haven’t gone as smoothly as I’d been hoping but I’m still working on things when I can, can’t update till later,


All updates coming in February, minor updates soon, my computer is broken, but lucky I have all the files saved on dropbox! To get in contact with me faster, please add me on discord! I’ll make a server for Emperor Syndrome to post at least basic text updates off mobile when I can if I get enough! Diego_Dio_Joestar#6842


I’ll be doing minor updates on mobile when I can, gunna be updating the prologue to expand on the cops conversation as I didn’t have time back when I created it.

Chapter 2 will be rolling out soon, not in completion, as it takes time to do things on my phone with a very cracked screen, don’t have access to my iPad rn, but I’ll have things up gradually over the course of the next few months!

I should be at at least chapter 7 or 9 by next year when Tokyo Revengers second season comes out, to celebrate that I’ll be hosting a Emperor Syndrome fanart contest!


I will be redoing a lot in chapter one before I move on to start chapter two! Expanded scenes, more time to get to know each MC personalities home and personal life, some down time before the action starts.

I need to learn more codes and things like that to make the stats screen better and add an inventory and weapons system.

Emperor Syndrome’s cover will be out soon! Art by a good friend of mine, Nyacifer. It will feature the default MC of my own creation, no clear personality path version rn.

There’s been a tiny dialogue update in the end of the demo from Kaya! Updated Cold!MC fight scene reactions against Lil Whale and Killer Shark!

Ferris Wheel beatdown start updated! Crowd reaction edited to be more streamlined!


The cover is out! This is default MC! Smaller updates paused! I am getting error after error that makes no sense when using CSIDE on my phone browser to play test. It’s not letting me edit the code itself correctly, I have to pause for rn till I can get to my other tablet for a limited amount of time. Please report any bugs or errors you get to me here or in messages or in the Emperor Syndrome category on our discord within this week! Anything after that I will get to when I can!


getting this error after the tofuyu confrontation scene thingy, i know you cant do much about it right now but i was wondering if there was a way to avoid it by doing something different or something?

chp1nextdaymale line 20: Invalid indent? Expected an #option here, not *goto

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I have no clue how to avoid the error atm as when I tried to play test on my phone, it gave me a thousand other errors except that one. I will snag my other tablet tonight for the limited amount of time I have access to it and see if I can fix the error on CSIDE. This is the third report of this error and I am going to fix it as soon as I can!



thank you!! :DD

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I’ll be fixing it ASAP, of course!

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