Emperor Syndrome: The Beginning (WIP)

It’s not really a major update, but a mini one. The Grendel has been added to the stats screen relationship tab! I don’t know how to make two words appear on their own as the name of a single variable when it comes to going on the stats screen, so there is a line under his name sadly.

The rest of the gang coming to the stats screen after Meeting Kaya Part One: The Ferris Wheel Beatdown.

Strength and street smarts have been separated. I may just separate all the stats tbh, should I?

Stats will come into play soon.


Meeting Kaya Part one of Part one has been released!

No Ferris Wheel Beatdown flashback just yet.


You get a glimpse into Lovely Dolls hideout!


I just set it so Kaya shows up in the stats screen after meeting him, let me know if there is an error in the stats screen!

Debating on having a set up where you can build up your MC like in a video game, play a certain build or something. I would first need to figure out how to implement such a system.

Question, should I make a tumblr for this?

  • Yes!
  • No, discord is fine!

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Check out the tumblr for character interactions, ask the characters questions, learn certain things that won’t be included in the game!


Thoughts on the latest update?

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I’m surprised about the brother situation for the MC now I want to know what happened to the when we date his sister and what would we have that problem we know that boyfriend got our brother in a situation that got him killed there has to be a reason

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The MC’s issues with the sister will be different, also each MC personality has a different past with both of them! It’s going to be a lot to write, but I believe in unique playthroughs.


If you’re having fun with your doing that’s good enough for me it’s your story your rules


Thanks! I really wanna get more content out but it’s not going to be possible until next week. Chapter one will be finished then on to chapter 2!


There will be a slight delay as I just bought a cheap used computer so I can do more once it gets here, I believe I want to finish chapters 2-4 before updating majorly again. However the Ferris Wheel Beatdown will still be going live next week!


I like what u have so far, but, i have to say i’ll need to wait for the girlfriend route to play properly, however, i personally think separating the stats into too many will be more trouble than its worth…


It’s just a the ones that need to grow alongside each other because personally I am very bad at math and figuring out exact percentages confuse me

Also! The girlfriend route is coming soon! Possibly next month. I wanna get through the first four chapters of the boyfriend route first


The Ferris Wheel Beatdown is LIVE! Bonus points if you get the reference to the very special kimono option that offers more stat boost than the others!


chp1nextdaymale line 603: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block

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thanks! will look into fixing that rn!

update: it should work now!


Trying to view personal stats causes an error

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i’ll have to look at it in the morning, it’ll get fixed no worries! show me the error?

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It doesn’t let me post screenshots on here, but here is the error message
choicescript_stats line 93: invalid indent; expected at least one indented line to indicate opposed pair name. indent 4, expected greater than 4

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that’s weird. I’ll definitely get to fixing it tomorrow, it’s late atm. Thanks for showing me! Just hang on a while longer.

update: @Starchess it’s fixed!


The Ferris Wheel scene is super awesome!! I like it!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

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