Electio Vindices-WIP


Well, I still can’t believe I went and did it. After a long and arduous journey, I believe I am ready to post this hot mess that is my new pet project. Who’s title by the way, is still a work in progress.

Alright, the premise of this game is actually an extension of my own cluttered mind and desire to cross genre borders, as well as my continued addiction to Mass Effect.

You take up the role of a recently awakened sleeper agent who’s home is immediately stormed by a bunch of baddies after something supposedly hidden inside your brain. But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. As your adventure progresses, you realize that your actually caught smack in the middle of a multi-dimensional maniac’s plot to destroy planet Earth and end the human race…again.

Along the way, you’ll build up a team of allies from all corners of the world, from the war hardened cyborg to the time traveling scientist, the blind assassin, and several others, to aid you on a globe (and galaxy) trotting mission to save the world. You’ll face terrorists, mutants, aliens, monsters, myths, phobias and more throughout your mission.

Your choices will determine which of your allies, if any, survive the ordeal, your relationships with those around you, and ultimately, the fate of the humanity.


The ambition of this game, I feel, lies in its Mass Effect inspired squad selection system, where in each chapter you determine which allies you want to accompany you, as well as who gets which jobs, and such.

There three basic kinds of choices in the game: dialogue, combat, and narrative.

Dialogue choices are just that, choices on how you approach conversations. Heroic or ruthless, calm or volatile, you get the gist.

In an effort to keep the power of choice in player hands, combat in the game features a few strategic, split second decisions to make it feel like you’re fighting the way you want to fight. At the same time though, YOU will NEVER be killed by combat. Player health, referred to as Combat Efficiency, determines not your survival, but your ability to perform when the moment counts.

A player with low Combat Efficiency for example, might not be able to reach the trapped civilians in time, and as a result be unable to save them.

Narrative choices, generally speaking, will have broader and less immediate effects, determining instead how the story plays out.

The other big theme of this piece is something I’ve termed “genre hopping”. What I mean by that is the narrative isn’t limiting itself to sci-fi, fantasy, spy drama, or any real set of enemies. This may sound weird, but think DC Comic’s Batman. The guy works in literally ANY kind of story, be it crime noir, mystery, sci-fi, magic, he works in all of them. Hopefully, so will this game. Story. IF. Whatever the heck it is.


So, that’s the premise of it. Thoughts?


Pretty good, Any demo up yet?


That’s actually something I wanted to ask…I’ve done some digging around and determined either dropbox or webs.com is the how most people get their demo’s up.

What I haven’t figured out is which files I have to upload to make it work, and which I can leave out (if any).

Help, someone?



Sign up for dropbox and enable the public folder. Then drag the entire “webs” folder into the public folder. Open “mygame” - Right click “index” and “copy public link”


Wolfiegrey forgot one thing. Right-click the Index file outside of the Scenes folder, inside of the mygame folder. Once you’re done with that, paste your link into your browser’s URL bar.


Okay, assuming this worked…




No I believe I said open "mygame - Right click “index” and “copy public link” which is basically what you said only with less words.


Pretty good, but I thought I was going to question the fallen solider, not just kick his gun, take it, and walk away.


Ah, misread. Thought you’ve said the Web folder. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great job so far


I love that you can’t be killed in combat. It’s my biggest annoyance when a CYOA only gives you the illusion of free-will, but if you pick a “wrong” choice you die immediately. Anyway the story’s really good so far (I love Jenkins;-) ) I hope you finish it


Well, anything that includes multiple dimensions and time travel is going to lead me to groan vigorously enough to exhale my kidneys, but other than that, what we have seen thus far is fairly engaging and well-written.


I like it so far. Honestly, the plot sounds more like it’s from a graphic novel or manga, but I’ll bear with you for now.

**You may want to run it through some spell-checking software. I saw a couple of errors. **


It kinda remind’s me of Doctor who on BBC


I like it so far


I loved it so far! The story is interesting and is well written. Although when I’m in the RV Jenkins calls me a he when I chose Female.


It’s nice to have an action packed game in the works. Not a dull moment so far.

Also, the plot is kind of reminiscent of both iterations of Total Recall, without much of the “is this really true?” plot hook.

I think the squad selection system has a lot of potential, though I can only begin to imagine the amount of coding and writing involved. I bid you goodluck in finishing this game; I look forward to more updates!

The typos are kind of glaring though, but I think it’s a non-issue at this stage. Heh.


i like it!


Is Jenkins going to be romance-able? :wink:


Mmm. Like Philip K. Dick’s stuff with a side’a the Matrix. Ehehe. Apart from the typos, what you got here is… interestin’. Very interestin’.~


Epic! This sounds like a lot of fun.

I did get a bit frustrated that I chose to wait, and wait and wait, and that it then forced me to fight. I wanted the smart, none-fighty option to escape.

Also I chose as my real last name the fake last name. You may want to make sure that that can’t happen.

I like the idea of not being able to be killed in combat. I hate dying in fights or getting false ends and it tends to frustrate me. At the same time games where you can’t lose at all are frustrating too. So I’d say include a failure option even if that failure doesn’t lead to death/game-over.