EGO TRIP (A Psychological Adventure, Demo)

I’ve begun work on my new game, called EGO TRIP. In it, you play a character who is losing his or her sanity and needs a cure before the mental clock ticks off. A strange letter leads you to a new place, filled with people just like you. Though, some more than others, perhaps.

It’s at its earliest stage, and I plan on updating every few days.

To play the (first) demo, go here:

*A male/female sex option.
*4 unique “worlds” to live in, including Ghost Child (depression/dissociation resemblance), Locked Locks (paranoia/anxiety), the King(sadism/narcissism), and the Fool(maladaptive daydreamer/euphoric). They come with special stats and even powers later on.
*4 possible Companions, romance by choice (same-sex romance included).
*“Ego trips”: - the ability to change “worlds” mid-game. Either momentarily to solve quests, or more permanently through other means, including dialogue options, and other choices.
*Choice and gift cards, and a unique currency. (More on that later).
*Puzzles, piecing together your memories (realising why you switched “Worlds” in the first place), and more!

NOTE: The male and female icons in the game are mine. I drew it up, and plan to draw more for the scenes.


~Some spelling errors.
~Error 404 has been fixed**, so you may play on!
~Missing choice.
~Other errors. Demo 0.1 should work fine now. If not, let me know! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback.

*Some scene images…Made by me, more to come, the last one will be changed.


An interesting story. I did notice that at the end of accepting the letter there is a 404 error & refreshing starts the demo at the start again. Otherwise I look forward to more of the story


I got the same error, but don’t think it’s on my end.
It works fine on my browser. Will contact support. Thanks for the feedback.

A slight typo on the page with the letter. Name says ‘Cherry’ instead of ‘Cheery’. I got the same 404 error as well.

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If I remember correctly, the 404 error occurs when there is no ending command to the game (in the code) and the game’s ending just hangs there with no place to go.

It works on my browser, but I’ll re-check. Thanks.

Thanks for pointing it out!
Also, the error will get fixed soon, hopefully.

Good news! The error has been fixed, so you may play on. :slight_smile:

More spelling errors if you are interested in them.

‘Short girl who’ instead of ‘which’.
‘lowly’ instead of ‘lowely’.
‘size’ instead of ‘side’
‘no where’ should be one word.

Missing speech marks at the start.
Should be ‘custom’ instead of ‘custume’

I also noticed that you switch from present tense to past tense several times. Such as when you describe the underground station, and the study.

Besides all of this, it is an okay demo. Not much to go on.

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Like the concept & starting point of game, except kept getting errors no matter the choices on how you view the world. Just played the demo a minute ago too.

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It works now, i was updating fines and adding an image. :slight_smile:

This is pretty good. I actually have dissociative identity disorder.

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Don’t know if this is intentional, but I cannot go back from my choice of path even though the text appears to allow me to do so.

Also, when asking the player to write their name if you add an exclamation mark (meaning !{} instead of just {}) it will automatically capitalize the name.

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Fixed! Thank you.

I finished one of the paths and I must say I found the story very intriguing! I am looking forward to see how it develops.

I did notice a few spelling, Grammer and problems with time and one more bug.

The bug is the king path. It is unaccessible.

“That must be where ‘Cherry’ wishes to meet you. It wasn’t far, maybe an hour worth on foot, less by train.
You ponder if this was a good idea, considering alternatives.”
“wishes”, “ponder” and “considering” seem to show this part is happening in the present while “wasn’t” and “was” seem to show that it has already happened in the past.

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Should work now, thank you for reporting! :slight_smile:

I love the story!
The fool path is still giving me an error though.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Which part gives you an error? If you recall so I can quickly get to fixing it.

By the way, adding some simple images I made. :slight_smile:
Let me know if they’re cool.

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@Zaro1789 Fixed it.

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I really like the concept of the game and I personally like games that deal with mental health, especially when it’s well represented, which judging by the demo, is going well. I love the different answers you have depending on the world you live in and I can’t wait to see more. Also love the format that you’ve created, it’s so fitting of the game.

Some spelling/coding mistakes:

Chest instead of cheast

It’s not in italics like the rest.

You forgot the word ‘on’ in the sentence, ‘joke on you’.

I hope you have success on your game! :heart: