Dragonslayer - Fantasy RPG (Stopping development, see post 288)

Dragonslayer is a huge text-based RPG based around the life of an adventurer. It’s very similar in style to “Life of a Wizard”, and that was my main inspiration to create my own game. Lucid’s game is great, and you should all play it.

Keep in mind, this is not a carbon copy of LoW, and the quests are mainly inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. It’s a huge game and a very large demo, and is only going to grow. I greatly appreciate any ideas you have for the game, so please post them below.

My father is a New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been my main inspiration to love writing. I’ve been making text based games for years, starting as basic “Choose your own adventure” games written in Batch on computers, in 4th grade.

The first 5 chapters of the game can be played below, so please try it. Keep in mind, the parts near the end are unfinished and may crash.

Please tell me what you think, and give me any ideas you may have!

If you’d like to check out a new game I’ve been working on, try the demo here:


That’d be cool!

@Samuel_H_Young Thanks. That method is probably the most effective, even though it looks like it would require a line of code for each skill. It will only be used a few times, so it’s fine.

I was thinking about making a custom mission for the player, depending on their highest skill. So if they are strong, they might get to compete in the arena, or if they are stealthy they might be offered a mission to rob a museum.

It’s good. I didn’t encounter any errors and that is a rarity in an early stage WIP. Good work.

Its pretty good I like it. But is a lot like Life of a Wizard in format

Maybe an innapropriate question for this thread but who is your fathere may i ask?


beware beware the dragonborn comes

Whenever I chose either 1 or 3 days supplies it loops me back

Choose to go on the journey

@Natsu_Dragneel It will continue looping until you click to leave. It’s basically a preparation stage, and you will just continue to buy more and more supplies if you click the same option.

I’m thinking about getting someone to draw a world map for me, and making it so that you can access it in the stats menu, with a “YOU ARE HERE” marker. It’d be kinda neat to see where your character is in the world.

I’m loving this :slight_smile: I got an error, though.
“Bad label: runningformylifeohmygod” xD

Just a friendly tip; it’s a good idea to make sure it passes quicktest before posting :slight_smile:

Quicktests don’t run on my computer, for some reason. None of the autotests do. Even in fresh installs of the choicescript stuff, it just closes immediately after launching. It’s a bit annoying to have to manually test it, but that’s what I’ve been doing.

Hmm…I wish I knew how to fix it :confused: maybe you should make a post about it. Either way, I just finished the demo and I loved it. Dynamic stats, fun gameplay, and good writing make this one of my favorite WIPs :slight_smile:

Really liked this actually, just had a blast running a quick way through it. Keep up the good work.

This was great, hope to see more of it later.

I can make worldmaps but they won’t look very “realistic” like the one in Life of Pie

@Ayzkalyn This is one of the best WIPs.

My item list was always empty. Was that a bug or you didn’t implement the item list yet?

Its great! Keep up the good work and you will definitly become an importent member of choice of games author list.

There’s a glitch that gives me an advantage… So I won’t say it. :3 I love this game so far. :smiley: