Dragon Racer (Discussion)

Ohh .ok …hope they are good people and won’t die in the next book.

They won’t don’t worry.


Umm cant someone post the final help for the dragon 101 please?? i cant find them even though I attended every single class and I just don’t want to have a B after all that and replay the game from the beginning

Dragon 101 final answers

What are the parent dragon colors?

#Blue, red, gold, white, and black.

What habitat would a gold dragon prefer?


What is the ‘Death Position’?

#A position where the dragon’s underbelly is exposed.

Which dragons don’t get along with white ones?


How did markings come to be?

#Genetic disorder.

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How do I become a strategist ? And a Lurker ?

To be able to select the “Lurker” position in Rookie Season, your dragon needs to be either red or black or have a speed of at least 45.

To be able to select “Strategist”, your dragon needs to be either blue or golden.

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Not neccessarily, My gold won.

Jesus, this artstyle though, so frickin good :open_mouth:

Hi ! Am I the only one with this issue ? Is it a known one ? Sorry if it has been asked before.
I went through the first race very smoothly, nothing bad happened, I managed everything, and yet once the race is done I’m told I hit a wall (which I didn’t as I was flying above), and apparently Cassius also hit me or something, which didn’t happen in my race either, so it’s a bit frustrating when the story keeps reminding me of failures I’ve never done :frowning:

I believe it’s the plot.

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Yeah, you’ll always lose the first race no matter what.

Then I’m very confused xD because why it didn’t talk about the failures during the race ? It said I fly above the wall with no issue not crash into it ^^" /unless I’ve misunderstood everything/

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I could be wrong (as in, there may be other scenarios), but, irrespective of how you performed in the race, by the final stretch, you become first, but Saren intentionally knocks your dragon, causing you to be last.

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There’s two rock walls. The one that you make a choice about, and later the one that Saren knocks you into.

For the life of me I can’t win get the flag. Gold dragon, mage, speed and running highest stats, alignment good. Any advice, anyone?

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This should help (Guides)

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Literally missing the one I need. Fuck my life.

Which capture the flag is it?

There is one in Reaching Stardom, after you potentially got the dubious Air Raider offer. To win this one, you need to have Stealth 20 or more and choose to “Go back and find another way.” If you do not have Stealth 20, you’ll take second place.

The other is in the Team Cup. Three ways to win that one.

If your dragon got blinded in the previous race, you can take a rest and Saren will substitute. The Marauders will automatically win.

If you participate yourself, choose either option. If you choose to go and get your flag, you can choose to either trust the Drakes or not. If you trust them, solve the riddle (Ocean), try your dragon if he’s gold or red, else ask the Drake’s for help. If you do not want to trust them, solve the riddle, use your dragon if he’s red or gold. If he is not, the Emeralds will show up. Either accept their help or refuse, but do not let them take the flag if you accepted their help. Then protect your flag in camp.

You can also choose to split up. Send your dragon in. Your dragon will need Speed 50 or more to pass the “Take the flag” check. If your dragon has not been blinded in the previous race, you can now also choose to leave the flag if you would not pass the speed check. You will still end up with one flag and win. However, if he was blinded and you choose this path, you need to pass the speed check to win.


Yep, this one. My Stealth is shit so that must be it. I’ll try it out, thanks!