Dragon Effect (WIP)

Link: https://dashingdon.com/play/bourbonneat/dragon-effect/mygame/index.php?cb=86381

Battle space dragons as a commanding officer of your own space ship, discover the deepest secret of the galaxy and rise to power for your own merits or to protect others.

Stand tall and stand strong amongst galaxy biggest heroes as a human, a sentient species that is still being looked down upon by other races. Show them how intelligent, how powerful or how dangerous a human can be and maybe make human race the dominate species of the galaxy.

Everything is possible in the palm of a stalwart leader like you. So grab your gear, suit up and fly safe. May the Galaxy be kind to you.

Phew Look at me, I’m actually uploading a wip up here. nervous sweating
SO about this wip, I just want to say that this work is heavily inspired by both Dragon Age and Mass Effect thanks to their amazing teams at Bioware. I am not intending to publish this or make any kind of profit from this work. Let just call this a fanwork.

This wip is at its very early state. The reason I’m posting it this early is because I’m forcing myself to actually put more time on it and not slacking off. So please, please demand me for an update soon anytime you want. I can only work under stress.

English is also not my native language, another reason why I’m very nervous, (because I’m a mostly self-taught so grammar is definetly not my strong point), so please, feel free to nuke me with grammar.

Just… I’ll stop rambling now. You guys had suffered enough. Have fun! I hope



How… very Bioware.

Well, it is pretty promising, though I do admit not being the biggest fan of “humanity, fuck yeah!” stories, most of the time. Nonetheless, the prospect of playing the space cadet thrust into a galaxy full of mysteries certainly is appealing enough, and the first glimpses of the characters we were given are pretty good. Keep it up!

(though I would suggest to try to minimize the Mass Effect influence. It’s a good source of inspiration, but it’d be better to try to let this game become its own story. The class system is probably the biggest offender so far)


Thank you for the kind reply!

About the class system, at the moment I’m actually not very sure about why I put it there. I want to put some combat in it, but that will have to wait until I can sort through how to code the game properly.

And I will definitely try to minimize it the more I build the Universe here. This is a very rough work after all.

Thank you again for trying this even though it is not your kind of thing xD


Ah yes, very Mass Effect-y there, got two pages in and figured it was. It is a good source of inspiration, to be sure, but as @Talyrion says, try to minimize it - make it your own! :smiley:

Always looking for more sci-fi, though, so do keep it up, please. :blush:


That’s fair enough, and as far as foundations go to build upon, you certainly could do far worse!

I think that rather than classes, you could use the traditional CoG way of “at the academy, you were particularly good at X, and moderatly good at Y”. Well, okay, this way isn’t the most original way to do things either, so don’t do it exactly like that either, but I think it’s better to reason in terms of “what skills are you good at” rather than “what class are you - which gives you access to those skills”. But yes, there’s no rush to implement that, you certainly must have your hands full with the coding crash course right now. Good luck!

On the other hand, you often specialise at the academy, if it is somewhat military-orientated especially. So perhaps a blend of the two?

No idea, just tossing it out there. Hopefully something inspires you, @Bourbon_neat. :slight_smile:

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You two are just too kind xD That is actually a very good way, more opportunities to dive into more the character’s past (their time on the academy) and deepen the characterization (which is one of the things I would very like to focus on).

Thank you!


I think I would enjoy this game, although I might like to play as a race other than Human or even a Robot/Cyborg if possible. Good luck with the WIP and please keep your fans informed of progress.


I know that would be the desire of everyone but I’m relatively new to this so I try to minimize the weight on my plate.

But don’t worry, once I finished with this one, I’ll make another story in the same universe and give you more choices in your own characterization (races, appearances).

And yes, I will definitely try to give my readers information about the progress. I might be a bit slow however with all the coding :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for trying it out though!


Dam you humans why couldent we become aliens not humans

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xD Next time, next time. I promise a next time. But still, I hope you have a good time?

Personally I would change the name, people are only going to take issue with the idea of a game called ‘Choice of an Alien’ and not actually getting to be one, because lord knows I wanna play a COG game where I get to be one of the Mars Attacks guys and crush those miserable homo sapians for good. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would rather be a Borg type alien personally. I like their concept and lingo. Runner up favorite alien is a Mon Calamari. I like your title though and think it works for the game.

The problem with playing as an Alien species is deciding which one you want to play. So many choices… I agree it’s sometimes good to narrow it down for players now & then. Just don’t forget to give us interesting nonhuman NPCs with whom we can interact, conflict, Romance, etc.

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Don’t worry, romance will definitely be a part of the game. It won’t have impact on the storyline but it won’t be taken lightly

And, I know the title could be a bit confuse, but as I stated above, the reason for the title is that, to other races, you are the alien. Your intention, your culture, and especially your value to the galaxy, is unknown to them.

Also, I’m suck at title…


Just a FYI:

@Bourbon_neat - Use of Choice of in the title is limited to official CoG games. Hosted titles cannot use those words within their titles if you want to be published here.


Thank you! Someone on the Discord server also informed me that. I will try to find someway to work around that.

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UPDATE: So, I changed the name because, quote a lovely DrDolphinrider, why not go all in.

I had also said goodbye to the Class system, and followed Talyrion and Taylor_Enean’s feedback to change it. You will see when you play it. The stats are also more detailed, though not yet to my sastifaction, so expect more changes on the stat pages.

A new scene is also added, to which I will properly extent more so that tomorrow (I hope), you can meet all the crew. You will only get to meet the human crew member at the moment and an alien one. More will be recruit through your choices as you play the game.

Have a lovely day!


I like aliens of the whole little grey men trope like Destroy All Humans more. But a cyoa / cog based on either would be really interesting.

Just ran through it on my lunch break (since you updated it) and found a few things.


Soldier and soldiersoldier/tech mix options provide this error. The 3rd choice works fine.

Contamination should be DEcontamination.

Thank you! I’m at school now but as soon as I get my hand on my lap, I will fix it and maybe update a few more things.

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