Dragon and conquer (WIP)

Fixed this as well

@Blazin hey im not sure if this question has been asked yet but, why doesnt my dragon mc have a gender? do you plan adding it?


It has been asked several times already, but there hasn’t been an answer yet. The impression I get from the story is that dragons don’t have genders, kind of like in The Elder Scrolls. I could be wrong.

It seems I was indeed wrong.


ah i see, makes sense. thanks :grin:

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Actually they do.

The reason I haven’t put gender customization in is part I was planning on leaving this up to the players imagination and part laziness and not wanting to have to do the extra coding.

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Also if you haven’t completed a chap2 feedback survey, could you? It would help me to know what you and other people think about the game and more specific parts of it. It will also help when I do some rewriting for certain scenes in the future. There is reason I have created so many polls on the main topic.

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oh ive completed that already. :grin: :+1:

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So… Telmuvis is kind of a bitch, not gonna lie. Every time I talk to her she’s more or less confused as to why I’m even trying.

Me: “Hey how’s it going?”
Her: “Fuck off I’m busy.”
Me: “Um… can I help?”
Her: “I’d rather you didn’t.”
Me: “Ok. Yup. So I’ll just uh… I’m gonna… ya. Cool. Good talk.”


It would seem I’ve made Telmuvis a bit more unlikeable than I was going for. I suppose another rewrite is in order


An update for progress on the game for anyone whose been keeping on eye on it. I haven’t had the chance to work on it too much and I’ve also had some trouble trying to figure out how to restructure the plot with new scenes as I want to rewrite most of the game. I have also been giving attention to a second game as mentioned in the main post. There’s also the several other wip ideas I haven’t started but have been piling ideas into.

Anyway expect the next version of dragon and conquer if it comes out to be a quite a bit different. I also say if it comes out because part of me wants to scrap the current storyline altogether and redo the game as a new story having the mc be the skytalon waging war on the non humans, managing the dragon forces and trying to maintain cohesion between the most powerful dragon clans, etc. This though would require a lot more writing and planning on my part and I want my first real project to not be much longer than 100,000 words, aka keep it manageable. In summary I may put dragon and conquer on the backburner and completely redo while focusing on the second story.

Also stay tuned as I may ask for some reader input on certain things on the various other stories/ ideas I have.


Speaking of reader input on other stories, could some you answer some what do you think or what you do in this scenario questions.

  1. Related to second story I’m working on. What kind of struggles would you imagine a dragon in exile going through when trying to integrate into a full on human society.(only humans to interact with. No dragons around for multiple days of flight. And no your not their tyrannical ruler.) I’m talking about smaller things like helping out with work, meals with humans, spending time with human friends etc.

  2. Related to one of my story ideas that’s still in the works. Imagine your a dragon of darkness. You have elemental powers based off of darkness and shadow. What kind of powers would you have and what you use them for?

  3. Same as 2 except your a water dragon. Your element is that of water, life and healing. What kind of cool abilities or powers besides healing and water breath would you see your self having?

  4. Related to another story idea. Your a dragon with a rider in the dragon scouts in a ww2 type setting. What kind of situations do you see your self getting into on the front lines, how do you react. Two specific situations

4a. your position is being shelled by enemy artillery and your rider is no where to be seen. Your training dictates that you should to take cover somewhere like a ditch at the very least but as you look around there is no where good for you to do this. What is your reaction and what do you do.

4b. You and your rider are cut off behind enemy lines in a chaotic breakthrough by your enemies. The two of you are alone and you would rather not fly above a tree line lest you attract the attention of enemy fire. You may be a dragon but most weapons short of plain rifles can shoot right through you and even small arms fire can still cause you injury. What course of action would you wish to take and or think about.

5.Related to the current story. Your the overtalon. Rebellion amongst the humans is growing. It’s mainly been sabotage and propaganda pieces so far but who knows when things might get worse. You also know their is a central band of agitators but despite your breezetalons best efforts she has been unable to get any true leads on the the main agitators. How do you deal with this?

That’s it for now.


If there are no caves, or mountains nearby, I’d be worried about personal maintenance issues, like scale and talon health. Tree bark isn’t nearly hard enough to use as a “scale brush” depending the type of dragon we’d be.

As for the more social things related to “jobs a dragon could do”… Even if we were no bigger than a horse, we could still use our superior strength to aid with hauling things like a shipment of crops to the market from a farm if a wheel on the farmer’s wagon broke.

If fire is our breath type, smiths, and other artisans who make use of heat for their craft could rely on our ability to keep their furnaces, and ovens hot.

Rather than being the livestock snatching menace that many myths depict them as, we could use our fearsome appearance to guard against the real thieving pests; bandits! …Or other applicaple creatures.

Another way to be a “town guard” would be to just watch over everything to ensure nothing happens to anyone. No children being kidnapped; no women or elderly being robbed by muggers; no murderers out taking lives. We might even be able to use our dragon senses to tell when a fraud is trying to use things like counterfeit currency in the market to swindle people out of their produce… And let’s not forget the concientiousness of helping tottering drunks successfully find their own front doors once they go home for the evening after visiting their favorite taverns.

Socially, I suspect one of the main struggles with integrating into human society as a functional member is the integration itself. I can’t imagine landing after a long flight near the outskirts, and not being near immediately challenged by the local “tough guy” for being a ‘big scary monster’ that needs to be warned off before their children, and dogs get eaten, and their homes destroyed. If not the local tough guy, then a small mob of scared, but determined folks hoping against the hopeless to survive the terrible encounter with a dangerous beast.

Communication is definitely key when it comes to how willing the town might be to let the “new resident” become a beloved local. The first time we publicly swallow a roasted goat haunch whole at a festival celebrating the harvest or something, I very much expect at least one person of more delicate disposition to faint from the shocking sight.

When not working, or scaring people with a dragon’s “boorish” eating habits, playing the role of a jungle gym for children, or helping town youths with their “courtship troubles” could be an amusing way to spend our off time. Maybe if we’re more artful, we could be the sort of dragon who can sing ancient, forgotten ballads from lost civilizations in a lovely, enchanting voice to help pass the time.

I’m just tossing around ideas at this point, but you did get my interest with your setting ideas that you outlined. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the whole list. It’s given a few new good ideas for the story.

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No.2: Well abilities would include the following; Create shadows- allowing you to generate them and solidify them to attack objects or beings physically, Light Absorbtion- take away all the light within a certain range so in a sense blinding all but you, Night Vision- self-explanatory really, Shadow Regeneration- allowing the shadows to mend and heal wounds for yourself or someone else, Shadow Teleportation- step into one shadow to melt into and pop up in different shadows location, Dark Stealth- literally disappear from the senses of others, Shadow Armor- incase yourself in shadows that act as armor turns soft or hard, Shadow Magic- pretty much says what it is…, Fear arua- manipulate and create fear in weak willed, Shadow Puppet Creation- create minions out of shadows uses alot if power depends on how many and how big.
How’d I use them hmmm… well for one depends if I’m good might help those in my territory, if indifferent well try to stay hidden from society and improve myself, if evil :smiling_imp: :wink: I’m so doing as I please kingdoms will crumble and I would strike fear into all, both with the status I’ll build and my skill muhahaha lol​:laughing:

No.3: powers for water as follows; Ability to control all forms of water mist/steam(gas),water(liquid):droplet:, ice(a solid). Create rain- strong enough to flood and weak enough to give crops life. Water purification- kind of says what it does. Healing water(see what I did there 2 for 1 lol :sweat_smile:)- create water that has healing properties. Holy water- purifies curses and really hearts undead. Tsunami manifestation- yeah I don’t see people or anyone liking you for that lol. Invisibility- though only works when in water, or covered in it. Water Breathing- … And last but not least ‘water absorbtion’ absorb water up from the land= dessert, absorb from living beings let’s just say they’re going to need a ton of moisturizers that’s if they still living which is unlikely.
Healing: Healing Factor so you heal alot faster blood can also heal those who get a drop or two heals everything. Disease detection- yeah… Body restoration- fix a blind or disabled person or even those with weird body diseases from birth. Detoxification- remove toxins, poisons or harmful substances from yourself or others. Healing Light- use alot of magic power to extend a person’s lifespan by weeks,years or even decades depending on amount of power used.

4.a) 1.Dig my own trench. 2.Fly to the sky and hope my flying skills are good enough to dodge. 3.Try to find my rider to team up and attack. 4.Create a distraction enough to draw enemy fire away.
4.b) 1.Start running with rider on me deeper into enemy turf to sabotage any artillery that’s big and dangerous. 2.If in woods? start flamethrower everywhere to start forest fire to create smoke for flight cover.
5.) 1.Find the most popular human use them get the humans to calm down. 2.Get the most rowdy of the rebellious ones and make an example out of them in most scary way possible to put fear in the hearts of the humans rebelling.

PS for your no.1 what type of dragon are we talking about the type that can shapshift to human like form or just big dragon capable of speech need an idea before I can give a good answer. Hopefully the other answers are helpful some way.

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Usual big dragon capable of speaking human language. Stuck with frost breath. I’m trying to get ideas and inspiration as interactions with humans are key for the story.

Also a bit more info about 4a. Your not on the frontline or engaging enemies. Just that where your at is being blasted by enemy artillery. You are waiting for the rider to get back from whatever their doing.


If we have frost instead of fire breath, then of course we have to open an ice cream parlor. :ice_cream:


Update: unfortunately I have decided to shelve the game and will be replacing the current one with a new mc is the skytslon story. Until then is this WIP is dead.

I’m working on other games, keep an eye on my Tumblr more info on them.

Last part: I’ll still make use of this thread for brainstorming. So if anyone would like to help brainstorm go ahead and reply.
Any way most of these games use Dragon MCs, the large, flying, scaly kind.

  1. Since the MCs are dragons some of these games have dragon ROs. What kind of interactions and dates and quality time you like to see a dragon Mc and a dragon RO having?

  2. Some of the games will allow the dragon protagonist to choose a rider from a cast of companions. How would you see the course of a dragon rider relationship progressing over a story? What kind of moments would you like your dragon mc to have with an option for a rider? What would a dragon mc look for in a rider, what kind of interactions would convince them to make someone their rider?

I have my own ideas for these but I wanted to get the input of others for purposes of brainstorming. Feel free to reply to these or the 1-5 scenarios.


For the dragon and conquer fans. I’ve posted several new game concepts on my Tumblr. I haven’t decided which to focus so I’d love to hear from you what you think of them.

Just go to My Tumblr under Skyalry to see them.


That could differ for everyone but personally, my first playthrough which is usually my main, would be courage, honor, willful, intelligent, and pure of heart.

We could use this to take a different approach, instead of focusing on training ourselves as nost games do, for this we can instead have the option to train our rider. In the instance above nowhere was ot mentioned my rider had to be skilled at combat but a dragon could teach them. Perhaps raise your rider to a skill level where they’re named a knight in their home kingdom


I see several of the non dragon friend to rider relationships progressing this way. In plenty of my games the mc is an already experienced dragon while the Potential rider(pr) isnt necessarily experienced like the mc. Either that or in one game the mc is the perspective rider but a newbie which the dragon will have alot to say about.

Regardless it would be a good idea for me to lean into something like that for the dragon-rider relationships in eath story.