Dragon and conquer (WIP)

In this game you’ll play as the head of a dragon in the service of The Skytalon Unterron who is waging war on the humans. Manage your newly conquered kingdom, dragon politics and figure out what to do with the humans under your rule. Help conquer more lands for dragonkind while also plotting to break free from the skytalon and become master of your clans destiny.

Chapter 2 feedback survey
When you comlete chapter 2 complete the corresponding feed back survey to help improve the game
CHAPTER 2 FULL UPDATE. don’t forget to check out the games tumblr


The skytalon(leader) of the dragon forces, stories say he’s a demigod and theyre prbably true considering he has no known ways to kill him and is though to be immortal. Arrogant and dictatorial, easy to anger if you do the wrong thing,brutal especially with punishment

One of your talons(trusted dragons). a staunch loyalist and trusted advisor. Old friend of yours who you trust as well as the added advantage of him being rather wise and thus you keep him close
Loyal to a fault, wise and provides for a reliable companion and advisor

your personal breezetalon(diplomat) responsible for arranging negotiations as well as negotiating on your behalf. She knows alot of dragons from other clans and knows how to gossip thus partly doubles as a spy/can get you information
Keen intellect and keen ears that are put to work for diplomacy, likes luxury by dragon standards. Inquisitive and curious to secrets but not for the right reasons

Your wartalon who takes care of military affairs. Doubles as a strategist. An into the fray type who longs for battle and runs a professional operation. Knowing all this one may be surprised to learn that he is quite lazy and laid- back when it comes to matters outside the military arts

Your staytalon who manages yours lands and resources acting as a dragon version of a steward. Detail oriented she has quite the head for numbers and is always thinking of ways to improve something. Her smart alikey ways can come off as a bit arrogant at times. Regardless you would be hard pressed to find a better staytalon.

content warning: this game has mild descriptions of battle and carnage. As well as some disturbing scenes that come from the aftermath. Mild sexual references.

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Shelved, please refer to posts 57 and 50 for more info.

When you complete chapter 2 at least one time who has struck your fancy the most

Who is your favorite Ro by the end of chapter2?
  • Alkiterion
  • Drazelis
  • Telmuvis
  • Agrilos

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Forgive all the polls, I’m just trying to gauge the intersts of my audience. See what they’re gravitating to.

Most interesting character so far
  • Telmuvis
  • Alkiterion
  • Drazelis
  • Agrilos
  • Unterron
  • Lizelka
  • Teleron
  • None have truly captured my interest

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To help with character development

Are you actually interested in the games romance
  • Yes
  • No
  • I would like to know the ROs better
  • Yes but none of the current RO options interest me

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Gauge story interest

How interested does the current story make you to continue seeing where it goes
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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disclaimer:this is my first choice script game which i am mainly doing to get used to the format and develop my skills as an author for bigger and better projects, Also I’m not that good of a writer as such don’t expect too much
Constructive feedback whether positive or negative is appreciated


Will we be able to romance either of our companions?


Nice demo

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This an interesting Demo…

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First there will be more companions then the ones currently listed

Second romance isn’t my biggest focus but I can think I can try it. I will guarantee any ro’s I do include will be fully fleshed out with complete routes and everything


okay oh if you don’t mind I am going through with a google doc and high lighting things I think should be changed but that is totally up to you.

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Love it so far.
Will there be interactions with other human kingdoms?
Can’t wait for more

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Yes and I will mention that some influential humans may be of use to your dragon.


How about romance humans?
Also, will we build a human army or just have our dragons?

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You had me at “Dragon” … and Conquer. :laughing:


Same :grin:

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Sounds good

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So I’ve chosen hit-and-run option but game rised my ‘reckless’ stat instead. Seems a bug.

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Actual tumblr link

This game has potential… I’m going to keep my eyes on this.

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I live games with conquering kingdoms, so you have my vote. I can’t wait to see what the game holds in the future.


This is no war simulator game although you will get to experience the stories of several battle and campaigns the skytalon calls upon you to participate in

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No human romances, at least not in this game

Humans are often used by dragons as auxiliaries and canonfodder for their forces. some head talons of your clan have some humans with them but you don’t as you had already defeated vraddeni forces in Battle and this didn’t need them to conquer zhevna which was basically just clean up. As you raise an army you can conscript I mean convince some humans to join your forces.

Game has been updated with the rest of chapter 1 along with some fixes and rewrites of certain parts. Would add changelog but for some reason the original post won’t allow me to edit it anymore. Regardless enjoy



You should change the original link to match the new link, otherwise no one will be able to find it once more people comment.

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