Doomsday on Demand 2 Released & Discussion


Why can’t the author of all the hosted games stories just stick to one style OMG!!! :joy:


So there are really weird people who just want to download a game to give negative comment or star…

That guy mention he didn’t play the game , then what was his purpose of leaving a comment when he didn’t even intend to play the game ? Lol :-):sweat_smile:


that people think Hosted is a real person.An author that make All games. Then get mad about why Hosted is making all this games except the sequel i want XD


That seems to be the logical answer :-):grin:

They consider CoG/HG is like those game companies where the CEO will instruct what games to be produce and what is not… they totally don’t understand the different operation here :slight_smile:


Could you please hurry up already and finish Way Walkers: University 3?


Are you working on DOD3 now ?

I would love to have a third installment :-):grin:


Currently I’m preoccupied on a day-to-day basis with real life stuff, but I have 2 ongoing projects. The first one nearing the finish is similar to DoD in its theme and settings, the other one is just a barely started shelved project, set in a completely different universe.

I’d like to get back to massively writing as soon as possible, but I can’t give an estimation when anything will be completed. As for DoD3… it might happen in the future, but as of right now I don’t have a clear idea about the continuation :slight_smile:


Hahaha… take care and all the best to you in your projects and real life stuffs :-):grin:


@Myst loved the story in overall but I can’t get my head around the Oracle.
Is he like a magic genie who just does what ever he wants without limits
And what is his motives if it’s not making the mutants rule over the Earth.
Is he like a animal with instincts and does what he is supposed to ?
Cause he gives us the ability to chose and see memories of people’s past without any obligation and he does have free will and can do whatever he can why does he has to pull such contracts that hurts the one he’s intrested in.
Cause when you chose to become Oracle and Aliana comes to you you simply say the same thing that the previous Oracle said.
Despite that please continue writing I love your work


@myst so what’s the deal with this girl who appears in the end.
When I chose to go to the city and start a new life , when she sees my mark on the belly she doesn’t phase and does seem to know what it is.
And if I chose to live under the city she calls me me Ivan Wich she explains but it’s still wired.
In the other endings she appears she has a wired interaction.
Just who is she