Donor: A Vampire Victim's Tale [GAME RELEASED!]

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Alright, let’s take a look here…

In my mind, once Samantha gets old enough to realize what’s going on, the vamps will do the right thing and let both mother and daughter go. Nothing changes a person’s perspective quite like having kids… :relaxed:

There’s absolutely no way Richard would that happen, even if Paul were so inclined. This doesn’t mean that everything is sunshine and roses for Sam down the line, however, or that she doesn’t eventually learn Paul and Richard’s dark secret - I just can’t imagine them ever pressuring her to hunt for them.

Heh, I can’t remember where that was either, but I think 22 is right on the money. Paul doesn’t want to kill children (for obvious reasons), or orphan or widow anyone for that matter. So he usually looks for young adults who haven’t really settled down yet.

Richard views Charles as a traitor to his own kind, and he’s disgusted by how far Charles is willing to go in order to be turned. He also finds it vaguely insulting that a bunch of “alt kids” have fetishized his very real condition. :roll_eyes: :vampire:

Yes, I would imagine this happens to both Richard and Paul on occasion and that it would make it extremely difficult to view those people as food. The solution, of course, is not to get overly familiar with your prey. :smiling_imp:

The reason that I never mention this in the books is because the backstory in my head is kinda over the top and wouldn’t fit with the overall tone of the narrative. But I picture a scenario in which a group of vampires locked everyone inside Richard’s underground speakeasy one night in a desperate effort to make more of their own kind. After several days, the only two members of that crowd to survive the experiment were Richard and Paul. I know it sounds like a bad slasher film, but I can’t help it - I kinda love bad slasher films.

Yeah, you could kill a vampire by stabbing them with a silver dagger if you hit a major artery - just like any living creature, they still do need blood flow to the brain in order to survive. This is actually one of the ways you can kill Paul in the game. Other than that:

  • Beheading (which you already mentioned)
  • Starvation - this would probably take weeks
  • Drowning/suffocation - this would probably take days
  • Removal of the heart (I guess that isn’t too different from stabbing)
  • Poisoned blood - In the game, you can poison Paul by ingesting silver powder, although this being a work of fiction I’m not entirely sure how much would actually make it into your bloodstream. Something like silver nitrate, on the other hand, would probably be a slam dunk.
  • Fire - most people die in fires due to suffocation, in this instance the fire would have to do enough damage to the vamp’s internal organs to stop all blood flow, etc

Nope, just silver and UV light. I’ve always liked the idea that vamps are mildly also allergic to garlic, but it isn’t something I ever explored in the books.

Hope those answers made sense! :sweat_smile:


Thank you so much for all the answers. :sob: You’re such a nice person, holy crap. And I love your mind! Even the cheesy stuff is fun! You seem to think a lot about the world and the characters you make. I can appreciate that.

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:eyes: so being trapped in the middle of a room on fire won’t actually do anything to them, I see. Explains a lot.


That’s why we just have to set them on fire. :smirk:

I say this after proclaiming my love for Richard.

If I can’t have him no one can. :dagger:


@Elena_H Another question (do you hate me yet?).

What kind of people, personality-wise, might they associate with people from their previous life?

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I finally got around reading the ebooks - they were really good :slight_smile: Makes you think a lot about how different it would be if the protagonist were male - with the Sam situation and all. I have a really hard time imagining Paul, Richard and Charles as women as well (if the game weren’t gender-locked, I mean).

Reading through all the latest posts, I’m still surprised at the amount of love Richard gets lol (especially after reading through Bait where he is pretty awful). I mean, the guy prides himself on being honest - but at the same time he lies to Leonore about her freedom and he apparently lied when wooing his first wife. He is just as capable of lying when it suits him as Paul. Maybe it is the handsome looks and designer clothes :stuck_out_tongue: Reading Bait, I was also surprised at how long Paul managed to keep his sister alive (unless he lied about that).

I also hope that the book gets turned into a film someday, even though the plans fizzled out many years ago. Seriously, I’d get so hyped for it! “A Pyrrhic Victory” was the one that hit me hardest in the feels, but I guess the original ending where Leonore agrees to hunt for Paul would also work, or the one that you originally planned where he drains her at the diner :cry:

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He’s even better in Bait. :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, I imagine it’s because a lot of people love assholes in fiction. There’s just something fun about it!

I do still see Paul as worse in Bait. Reading it again with my mom, it strikes me just how terrifyingly akin he is to an abusive husband or boyfriend, right down to the love-bombing.

I think this is true for the most part, but I didn’t get the impression he directly lied when wooing his wife. Just that he put on a better front.

That said he did lie to Lenore about her freedom. A lot of his honesty is of the ‘brutal’ kind. Which is to say, just another way to be an asshole. But I’m lovin’ it.

Saaaame. They did mention having male donors before, but then we wouldn’t get that tasty sexual tension.


@FoxalypticWorld & @Ellen22

I’ve been out of town and visiting family for the holiday (Thanksgiving in the US), but I’m back tomorrow and will respond!

Not even close :wink: :kissing_heart:

I had to really give this one some thought since it isn’t always easy to put my finger on why some people remind me of others. But speaking in general terms:

Paul, the lone survivor of his close-knit family, is constantly on the lookout for his departed siblings (in one form or another).


Lenore reminds him of Iris, his autistic younger sister who was always blissfully unaware of his condition. Both before and after his transformation, this is the person Paul always felt most comfortable around, and he acted as her caretaker until she finally died of natural causes.

I like to imagine that Charles also reminds Paul of a long lost sibling, a rebellious younger brother who didn’t make it to adulthood.

There’s also another sister that I describe briefly in Bait, a somewhat irresponsible free-spirit whose life came to a tragic end when Paul attempted to turn her.

As for the rest of Paul’s eight siblings, I never fleshed them out in the books, but they were all people he felt protective of in one way or the other. And that’s really the key - Paul is on the lookout for people who remind him of the way his family made him feel.

Richard, the eldest son of a wealthy family obsessed with appearance and status, has a serious aversion to people who strike him as social climbers (he hated that culture, even though he was a part of it for a long, long time).


And this is where there’s a bit of overlap on the Charles front, because although Richard doesn’t consciously realize it, Charles strikes him as a social climber and sycophant - exactly the kind of person he came to resent in his former life. This is how Richard sees all wannabe vampires, btw, and why he was so disgusted with his former donor, Angela.

Then there was Richard’s wife, of course, whose submissive brand of independence allowed him to operate freely while never feeling questioned or smothered. Now, Lenore certainly doesn’t remind Richard of his wife, but she does share an all-important quality with her: she stays out of Richard’s hair. :wink:

As for other personalities from Richard’s past, they would have fallen into three categories:

  1. Women who threw themselves at him (who also remind him of donors & wannabe vampires)
  2. Hard-working employees (probably closer to how he thinks of Lenore)
  3. Business associates/acquaintances (such as his attorney)

Richard has only ever had one true friend, and that would be Paul.

Hope that answers your question!


Lol I had a hard time imagining it too, which is why I didn’t even attempt it.

All great points - Richard is certainly capable of lying when it suits him (after all, every donor prior to Lenore was there under false pretenses), let’s just say it doesn’t come as naturally to him as it does to Paul. And, if I may speak for the character, he really doesn’t enjoy doing it.

Nope, that was Iris, and 100% true.

Aww thank you. Pretty sure that ship has sailed, but I can’t say I’m all that sorry. Working on the script let me explore all the different paths that the story could take, and eventually resulted in the most fun I’ve ever had – writing the IF version. :smiley:

I even love them in real life! :sweat_smile:

That’s exactly what I was going for. Abusive relationships are complicated, with the abuser often unaware of their own behavior – or worse, aware but sadly incapable of fixing it. That can make it really hard for the victim to leave, especially if there’s a lot of love between both parties. Needless to say, I can’t stand stories that trivialize this dynamic.

As I mention earlier, Rich is certainly capable of lying, but in this case I’d say you’re right on the money. :ok_hand:


This is one of those stories that is well-written and I enjoyed (?) but I will never read again. You did a great job of making me uncomfortable. This was the first time I read a horror story that actually terrified me, well done!


What very in-depth answers! Paul’s wasn’t all that surprising to me, but I did enjoy hearing about more of his siblings. I wasn’t expecting Richard’s as much, as he himself reminds me of a social climber! Thank you for taking the time to answer so thoroughly. :stuck_out_tongue: And I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

So… I’ve read each book multiple times and I think the scene where Paul bites into Lenore’s wrist is the only one that really grosses me out. I dreaded having to read that one out loud to my ma. Ugh, it squicks me out just thinking about it now, and I’m normally fine with all types of gore and body horror.

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Never thought I’d read something like that as a compliment (?), but I’ll take it! :joy: Thank you!

I did, thank you!

OMG OMG OMG I’m taking that as a huge compliment as well! The absolute last thing I wanted anyone to take away from my books was that being bitten by a vampire was sexy. :roll_eyes: :vampire:


Haha, one of my friends at the time said they found that scene sexy and I was like “HOW?”

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Guess what my ma gave me for Christmas. :wink:



@FoxalypticWorld DM me your address and I’ll send you a free hard-copy of Bait to match!

Omg thank you so much! Ma suggested I should ask if I can send you this copy for you to sign :3

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Of course! I was gonna save you a trip to the post office and send you a free copy of Donor as well, but they’ve all managed to disappear over the years… :confused:

Hi Elena. I hope that the Christmas holiday is going well for you.

Since I’ve now managed to get enough spare time to myself, I’ve managed to start writing another Donor fanfiction story! Takes place in another universe to ‘Diner’. However, whilst writing it I thought ‘I’m sure there’s somewhere in the game where it’s revealed that Lenore/the MC is BRCA 1 positive’. But I can’t find it yet. Can you please guide me?

Thank you.

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Ditto! Flew to Miami for the holiday and having a wonderful time. :sunglasses:

And I didn’t think my Xmas could get any better… :heart_eyes: I’m ridiculously excited about this.

Of course! It’s in chapter 6 when Lenore is discussing Charles with Paul, I believe. Let me know if you have any trouble tracking it down from there.

And here’s to a safe, happy, and productive 2022!!! :clinking_glasses:

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