Donor: A Vampire Victim's Tale [GAME RELEASED!]

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You guys are the absolute best!!! Thank you so much for your support! :relaxed: :kissing_closed_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heartpulse:


Thanks @Saracenar!

I was able to graft quite a bit from the original book in the beginning, but I found myself less and less able to do so as the story started to diverge. And now that it’s all said and done, I’m not sure that I’d recommend it. Writing IF is very different from writing a novel (in tone, tense, pacing, stats, etc), so I had to throw out or completely rewrite large passages from Donor to make things work. Other than having a solid outline (which I think is a must before any writing project), in many ways I might as well have been starting from scratch.


Hey!! I’ve played your WIP over the years, and I was so glad to be able to buy your completed game! It was intense, scary, and even funny (my friends looked at me weird when I said there were some funny moments after I described the plot lol). Thanks for writing this and sharing your story with us :grin: and congrats!! I’ll definitely buy/follow any future works from you


Thank you for reading it, @alliebee! :heart:

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How do I become a vamp I beg for help


Hi @Misa101.

To Become a Vampire (WARNING: SPOILERS)

You need to either kill or starve Charles in Chapter 9. Then if your humanity is low enough, you may be able to convince the vamps to turn you using the remaining victims.

To poison Charles, take the minimum amount of Xanax every time you have the option, then select “Go Clean” in Chapter 8 when speaking with Richard.

To starve Charles:

  • Do not go clean in Chapter 8, and don’t attempt to sabotage Richard’s plan.
  • In Chapter 8, refuse to remove the silver from Richard’s victim, but sneak off to the furnace later on to retrieve the item instead. On your way back, there will be a man suffocating in the laundry room. Don’t help him.
  • If you completed the above steps correctly, the death of the man in Chapter 8 will result in a shortage of victims. Unfortunately, that means that Paul will attempt to feed you to Charles in Chapter 9. If you successfully manage to talk him out of this idea, Charles will starve to death.

Thanks so much for reading!


Im super in love with this game!!! :eye::lips::eye: its perfect I really like the dark humors inserted in here, But im having a hard time unlocking an achievement do u guys know how to kill charles? And Paul as well?

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Congrats on the release!! I just bought it and can’t wait to try for every ending :sparkles: and I will be first in line to buy Bait as well if you plan on converting it to IF :crossed_fingers:t5: I’ve been a silent lurker over the years, but Donor is genuinely one of the best pieces of writing I’ve read


What you can kill Paul now??? :astonished:

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Congratz on the release. One of my most memorable games because it’s kind of unique for me.

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@Eva & @MasonGc

Thanks so much for your support!!! :kissing_closed_eyes: :heart: :blush:

@SpanishBrEaD & @annd_guevarra2299

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game! And, yes, you can absolutely kill Paul! It’s just tricky…

Take a look at the ‘hints/tips’ section on the stats page under how to get the Certifiable Badass achievement, and post back here if you have any questions.

Happy playing!


There is another way to kill Charles! I feel like I am playing the sims and am trying to find all the ways in which i can kill him.

I just don’t like him which is funny because his ending is very good.

Is there a way to kill Paul and be fine?


Poor Charles :sob:

As mentioned in the hints/tips section, you can either starve or poison him. :smiling_imp:

Absolutely. There are actually three ways to kill Paul in the game (apologies for not going into more detail in my response earlier @SpanishBrEaD & @annd_guevarra2299, I was at work at the time of writing):

  1. Through the “Certifiable Badass” method that I mentioned earlier.
  2. The “Pyrrhic Victory” method, where you drink the remaining silver powder, then escape after killing Richard. You’ll have an option to trick Paul into drinking your blood in the alley where he catches up with you. WARNING: You’ll die as well.
  3. Drink the remaining silver powder, then escape without killing Richard. Paul will take you to the diner after he catches up with you and will die if you fill his glass (assuming you don’t warn him that your blood may be compromised).

Thanks again for playing!


@Elena_H – Congrats!

I have several friends waiting for a Steam release, so they will be there when Doner releases on that platform.


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Thanks so much @Eiwynn!!! You’ve stuck with this thread since Feb 2018 and I honestly don’t feel like I could’ve done it without you.
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Sadly, I don’t think Donor made the cut for a Steam release, but I’ll let you know if anything changes.

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I am soooooo happy about this release! When I finally checked my email and saw this one had been finally published I ran to buy this and obsessively play it for a few days straight.

Like, you are so good at writing dark comedy, I shouldn’t laugh as much as I did considering how fucked our MC is lmfao, but really, impossible not to.

Like many said already, congratulations!!

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Need help with stalling Richard in his laundry room dungeon. My MC keeps getting killed :kissing:

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Thanks so much @Meira_Litch! You have been so supportive throughout this entire project, couldn’t have done it without you!!! :kissing_heart:

Hey @cassandra_ryan, thanks for playing!

You definitely aren’t the first person to get stuck on that game. If you’d like to provide me with your stats going in (which are dynamic depending on your current relationship with Richard), I’d be more than happy to walk you through it. You should also be able to disable games via the stats screen if you find it difficult/repetitive to the point of ruining your immersion.


Hi, a little bit late but
Congratulations on the release!! :tada: :confetti_ball:

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