Can someone help tell me what vampire game I am thinking of?

There was this interactive story I use to play but I can’t remember the name and I haven’t found it in a while. It starts off waking up in this party house where you have to walk past a whole bunch of drunken people and then you come across this beautiful girl sleeping against the wall. Well you can try to wake her up or another option I don’t remember(I think it was kiss her). As you go to leave you feel her bite you(oh yeah it is a vampire interactive story) and then have you drink some her blood(that is how you apparently turn someone)… Sorry rambling anyone know of the name of an interactive story like this?

Was this a game you played on the web, on your tablet, or what?

Did it have pictures or was it just text?

What code did you think it used? Was it in twine, or choicescript, or something else? Was it finished or a WIP?

Might it be: Vampire: The Masquerade

I don’t know many vampire games.


I know what game are you talking about but sadly is forbidden in game store because a weird Mother’s campaign against it considering it erotica… but only the English language version the italian one. Is on sale I just can’t remember the Italian name was something like Passione and sangre or something like that I would search for it. It was really good .

Just in case - a list of all games tagged vampire at IFDB:

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Thanks man and I figured it would be but eh I have an iPod I can set to Italian

If you happen to know the english name I’d be interesting in looking in to it.

I was looking and I even don’t see the Italian version anymore. It was an interesting interactive novel were women were good treatment no rape and all sex or erotica was consent. It was organized in episodes and I think they reached like 8 in the first volume. It was like a diary. With good design.
I would love some day Cog did a erotica romantic content like that were as woman you could read it without violence against you or that stuff. SADLY that’s the content is banned not the others lol. I think is not on salle anymore

hey guys i am also looking for a vampire game you can fly around and solve miny puzzles and a boss fight is where you try to take down the guy in a horse cartridge thingy, anyone know it?

Can u at least tell us it’s name?i got some contacts and they can find evry game i want

According to Mara it was “Passione and sangre” or something like that in Italian. If you do find it let me know, this piqued my interest.

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I have no idea I didn’t found it again either.

Passione and Sangre translated to Passion and blood right?