Vampire the masquerade out for blood

I need to ask a question. As it’s been posted for beta test and no place to ask there. It says play as a human against vampire. I hope you do not mind me asking

The whole plot till now has been you being a vampire.with all the blood lines and this and that type.

Yet it is in same series as the name suggest.
Would that game that we played last time still continue in future? If yes then could this not have a different name if it’s not the same series? As it’s a human not a vampire?

I liked that series so I want to know if that where we left is dead now?

“Vampire: the Masquerade” is the name of the commercial setting that these stories both exist in (one which has been around as a tabletop RPG since the 90s); it doesn’t mean that one game is a continuation of the other, just that they are both placed in the same setting, with everything that implies.



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