Does anyone know when the Upcoming CoG and Upcoming HG list will be back up?

I’m eagerly waiting to see what new books are going to be announced. So I’d like to know when I will be able to see them.


I think we’d all like to know, but I assume they’re still working out the release schedule for this year. They haven’t announced a time when they plan to post it, or anything like that.


Next month more than likely

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Why so long? : o As far as I remember, the list for 2023 appeared in 2022.

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They are having trouble verifying whether or not a game will be ready for release

In case anyone hasn’t seen yet, the Choice of Games one is here and the Hosted Games one is here! As mentioned on the posts, all dates are estimated and provisional, and there will likely be more games added as the year goes on (there always have been before).

Closing the thread now, as the question’s answered!