Does anyone else have trouble replying on mobile occasionally?

When I occasionally try to reply to a post on mobile I’ll click the reply button and my mobile device registers my click as text inside the reply .


Has happened to me on occasion. Seems to be random as to if it’ll do it or be fine though.


it seems more of a browser thing (happens in twitter too)
close/minimize the browser and reopen it, the post will still be there (unless closing clears the cache i think)


It happens a lot, but I just reload the page and it’s okay again.


Yeah, happens to me as well. Usually resolves when i refresh the page.

Sometimes I click reply and nothing happens at all.

Happens to me too. I thought it was a problem with the touchscreen.

Yeah, I have the same issue as others, it okay again when the tab refreshed. The “topic progress” also have the issue too, when touched it disappear, just need to scroll further or refresh to fix it though.

Oh, yes, I get this problem a fair bit too, though sometimes it seems more common than others. Usually refreshing will fix it, but some messages seem to be more troublesome than others and keep bugging out :unamused:

(I guess fortunately I use my laptop for most of my forum-going, but when I’m away, this can certainly be a gross inconvenience :expressionless:)

It seems that, when it happens, it pretty consistently interprets my click as being a little bit higher up than it really is (about two lines worth?), so I might click somewhere on the message, but I end up in an earlier line, or I click on a line near the top and it thinks I clicked “insert emoji” or “upload image” or something. And, since “reply” is at the bottom of the screen… yeah, there ends up not being any way to reach it.

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