Forum Bugs

There’s three bugs on the forum I’ve been noticing and wonder if anyone can sort out what’s wrong :confused:

One, when I have private messages set to “tracking,” I am not getting all the notifications I should. I think I am only getting them if someone directly replies to me, but not when I am quoted or @-ed, though I am not entirely certain of the pattern. I’m not sure how long this has been the case, but it definitely didn’t used to be.

Another is that I’ve noticed that my “beta tester extraordinaire” title seems to periodically be unset :confused: I’ll just notice my title is blank. I can easily go to my preferences and set it again, but it is weird that it keeps getting set to none without my doing anything.

The third bug seems to be very new; I think it only arose this past day. It appears that whenever I’m quoting a paragraph that contains multiple emoji, in the text of the quote, all of the emoji will be transformed into copies of the last one. As :face_with_raised_eyebrow: an :roll_eyes: example :ghost: this :pineapple: sentence :cyclone: would :horse_racing: turn :hugs: into :ophiuchus: something :alembic: like :wolf: this :anguilla:

As :anguilla: an :anguilla: example :anguilla: this :anguilla: sentence :anguilla: would :anguilla: turn :anguilla: into :anguilla: something :anguilla: like :anguilla: this :anguilla:

Edit: Although, on testing it, that sentence does not seem to be bugging out, so I guess I’ll have to experiment more to figure out the problem? :confused: weird :sweat:

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


I can reproduce it if I quote this line:

But only if I quote it in full.

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Wait, it’s not bugging out for you?
Cause all the smileys are the last one for me…

Best as I can tell, some sentences that I quote bug out and some don’t :grimacing: and I have yet to figure out the difference :confused:

We can use this one as a test again :sweat_smile: see if it bugs :worried:

It does :confounded:

Okay, it looks like for my original example, if I quote the whole paragraph, I get

but if I quote the last sentence only I get

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Let’s check what happens if I quote you. And :evergreen_tree: if :star_struck: I :rofl: try :pig: myself…

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Well, it messes up when I quote you :confused:

Is it just afflicting me? :sweat_smile:

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It seems to be fairly random when it messes up…
When you quoted me, had the text changed to : pig : before you posted? or did it happen after?

The highest notification level is “watching,” which is exactly above the “tracking.”

It happens before I post; it appears with full pigs in the text editor.

On further examination, I don’t seem to have this problem on mobile, but only on my laptop.

Yes, but I deliberately set these messages to tracking. When tracking, you are supposed to be notified for @-s and quotes as well as replies. This used to work but isn’t doing so now.

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What browser are you using?
That would be the most obvious culprint I can think of. Or maybe an browser extension.

Chrome, on both. I also have IE on my laptop; I’ll try logging it on that and see what happens.
(I don’t think I’m using any browser extensions.)

Yes, I have the problem both when using Chrome and when using Internet Explorer.

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I think this might be the difference. Quoting just the sentence:

Quoting the sentence and the line break:

Yeah… I don’t think it should be doing that… :confused:

Also, I used to have an emoji selection that would come up if I just typed ‘:’ (common things like :slight_smile: and :blush:), but now I have to type ‘:’ and the first letter of the emoji name, which makes it slightly more difficult to get the emojis. It’s not a major issue, but it’s certainly a slight annoyance.


Okay, yeah, I’m getting the emoji quote bug on mobile too now :confounded:

Also the title bug struck again :expressionless:

Oh, yeah, this has changed for me too :confused:

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Just gonna alert @moderators in case this has slipped by, being posted on Labor Day weekend and all :sweat_smile:

As best as I’m aware these are all still issues, though I think it’s been a couple days since the last time my title was reset.

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