Double and Triple Posting


When I respond with my iPad, it sometimes double or even triple post my replies. I hit Post, and multiple occurs instantly. I suspect that it’s connected to the draft feature, but that’s just a guess. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any idea how to fix it?


What Browser do you use? I used to have a buggy posting glitch in my tablet (Not iPad but Prestigio) And I just downloaded Opera from the App store (Google Play in my case) But try to change your browser worked for me!


I use Diigo. I hate to start another browser just for here, but I guess that makes sense.


it even happens to me while i use a laptop and google chrome but it only happened once


I did have it one time but in that situation I pressed the Post button three times so that was intentional so it doesn’t get included in this.


I had this happen few times(The time when RPGs were allowed)


Haven’t noticed it ever happening to me. Might be tied to browser, but I don’t have an Ipad so I couldn’t really check. I don’t think regular users get the ability to delete their posts, but if you just leave them, no one much should care, and we (the mods) will delete them where it matters (although we don’t always bother with minor things sometimes).

Everyone (that is to say everyone that is competent) understands that stuff doesn’t always work the way it should, and the forum software we’re running isn’t the top, so glitches and weird stuff is kinda expected.