Trouble with website menu on mobile

The menu glitches out for some reason (I’m using Firefox. Closing and reopening doesn’t fix it). Here’s a picture of the problem

I don’t see any error.
If you meant the ellipsis (…), be aware that it’s not a bug. It’s just your screen width can only display that much text.

It wasn’t like that yesterday and I’m using the same phone.

It’s probably because the staff has changed how the categories are arranged.
For now, there’re only 8 categories displayed while the others are hidden under the collapsible link “Categories (20 more)” (which I’ve just noticed, too).

Summoning @RETowers in case there’s something can be done to prevent full ellipsis display.

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Anyway, the full green box is #hosted-games category. Half green-light-green box is the #hosted-games:works-in-progress.

Ok thanks, it seemed to fix itself, have no clue what was going on :confused: