Do you think there would be an audience for a realistic attorney gamebook?


Perhaps the reader could choose to be a prosecutor or criminal defense attorney, or perhaps a young attorney starting his/her own office?

Choices and stats could be intriguing and could affect jury verdicts, fees collected, etc.

Or is this too boring for most readers? I know the biggest hits (and probably 90% of all COG/hosted games) are nonrealistic fiction.


I’d read it. There’s just something appealing to me in solving problems using brain over brawn- I feel that an Attorney Game would be a long series of that. However, I’d wait until I finished Community College Hero, or until your mind is running dry on that and need something to kickstart it.


@hornheadfan that does sound interesting :slight_smile:


Sounds definitively interesting. :slight_smile:
And I’m sure there would be an audience for it… just think how popular the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game series is. :wink:
So I don’t see why such a game would be boring if it’s well written with many choices to actually influence the career of our MC. :wink:
Just wanted to say I’d play it for sure.^^
So Good Luck if you decide to make a game like this. :slight_smile:


@HornHeadFan I actually have your WIP on my to read list. Currently, just trying to make my way through The Orpheus Ruse while waiting on Rockstar and Demon Hunter and working on my projects.

With you mentioning what you did about a less realistic story, you could indeed write a spin-off story from Community College Hero. In fact, depending on how you’ve written your story with not having a look at it yet, you might even be able have both stories occur at the same time/intersect a lot? It might be a lot of work on your part, but I see no reason to do interactive fiction if people aren’t prepared to go all out. :slight_smile:

Anyway, something to consider for you.


@Samuel_H_Young, prosecuting is a grind of epic proportions. At least that was my experience. Writing is certainly less stressful!

@DavidGil, I enjoyed it too, although the “legal” aspects of the story were pretty light. I’ve also thought about writing a less realistic story (as opposed the idea in my first post) about a law firm that specializes in defending supervillains. I touch on the legal process in my Communty College Hero story (still a WIP) but I think there is a ton of material there.


I’d say there’s an audience for everything. Whether it’s a small or large audience though? I don’t think anyone can say.

While it wasn’t realistic, it seems like people enjoyed Choice of the Deathless. I know I did myself, and I’d be willing to give your proposed project a try if it came to fruition. Then again, I’m always happy to learn about whatever I can. I think that’s part of what makes a writer. :slight_smile:


I’d enjoy that :slight_smile: before I became an author, I always wanted to be a judge or a prosecutor.


@Yamamato, I’m definitely finishing CCH before even considering anything else!! I figure CCH will take another 3-6months to finish and release.


@DavidGil, I like the idea of a shared universe. I might have to give a cameo to a sleazy supervillain defense attorney in CCH!


That’s a pretty good time frame for CCH :slight_smile: how long do you think it’ll be?

That would be super cool!


Seriously though, how is it you can pump out that much quality writing?


@Yamamato, thank you for the compliment. And I’m my own worst critic. I keep spotting whole sections of CCH that I want to rewrite/revise.

As far as cranking the content out, I am just focusing on pushing forward and getting an hour or two of work done most nights. I have a day job and two small kiddos (and a wife who gets tired of watching me type away on the computer most nights but she supports my project and gives me honest input) so my schedule is as busy as anyone’s but I’m making CCH a priority for the next few months.


John Grisham’s done pretty well with it – his formula should translate as well as any other genre to CoG.


Oh, yeah, I love John Grisham’s books!


Well i studied laws so you would have my money


@FinalFantasyFreak We had the exact same thought. My friend used to play Phoenix Wright (in Law classes in college, funnily enough), and I loved it. :slight_smile: I would want to play this game as well, if it came to be.


@ErinRosado Good to know that there are other Ace Attorney Fans on here as well. :wink:
Let’s hope @HornHeadFan decides to actually make such an Attorney game now. :slight_smile:


I hope the above answers your question. But yes, I definitely would. I love playing games that require me to think and be sneaky. I would suggest making it a very high profile case and making it rather long, drawn out. It would have a lot of media attention. The defendant should be someone that is pretty powerful, and I also think that it shouldn’t be a black or white case.

Think about the O.J. Simpson trial. The jury rendered the verdict “not guilty” and despite this verdict there are many people that do not agree or accept it. I grew up during that trial and my mother was obsessed with Court TV. I would come home from school and she would be watching it. I would be going to bed and she was watching TV for updates.

I think my suggestion would be that the defendant might have done it, might not have done it. I would think it very interesting if the main character never truly knows the truth. A high profile case obviously means that your protagonist might be doing it for the fame or money, but perhaps your protagonist is doing it because of his or her personal beliefs. But what if you don’t like the defendant? Does bias get in the way? Morality?

Can you romance the defendant? What sort of things happen there?

Honestly? Choice of Law would be an amazing addition to the group. I definitely would pay 5 bucks or whatever for it. But it would definitely need to have the protagonist feel pressures from the case affecting their real life. Does the character have a family? Are there reporters trying to interview them? Are there people in the defendant’s inner circle trying to bribe or influence him/her? So many possibilities. Love just thinking about it.


Okay, the comments from everyone, including but not limited to, @ErinRosado, @FinalFantasyFreak, and @BrianBlack have really stirred my creative juices…or maybe it’s the sketchy breakfast burrito from earlier this morning. Either way, I am really digging this idea more and more.

@BrianBlack, I agree that Choice of Law would be an awesome title because that phrase also has its own legal meaning (although that might make it a non SEO-friendly title because it would be commingled with thousands of choice of law articles).

Sadly I am not a published author and I couldn’t even pitch the idea to the COG crew until after my WIP Communty College Hero is released. Maybe I can pitch it this fall.