Divine Ascension (Out March 7) (High Fantasy)

Thanks again for your creativity, your game is cool. To answer your question, I used the developer mode, turned on the console and added points of divinity, faith, and templars.

Stats.divinity = “10000000” and stats.templars

Oh, OK :smiley: I didn’t even remember that mode existed. It somewhat defeats the point of the game (which is to choose between what stats you prioritize etc.) but I guess it can be useful for testing.

english is not my native language so I am sorry for any grammar mistakes. I really loved your work. I really would like it if we could play as the nether god. Building a domain full of demons that don’t know how to behave or live in society. I would love to tackle the problems and etc.

There is the “Traitor” ending that has you joining the Nether, although that route ends earlier than the other main endings. With that said, I originally had greater plans such as having a new mode (after reaching one of the main endings) where you could choose to play as one of the other Minor Deities, or at least see their backstory more closely etc. Over this (almost) one year of writing/development, several plans were abandoned to ensure that I could actually finish the project, since it kept getting too complicated. I’ve also had plans of creating a new project with an “evil god” as the protagonist. However, the problem with that is that it could limit the player’s sense of freedom to be restricted to mainly evil actions.


This is an amazing game, just amazing.

Thank you! It was by far the most time/effort-consuming of my games, but I hope the result is also the best so far.


From the very dawn of my existence, I grasped the profound truth that mere faith held the weight of destiny, that dominion over the choices of others equated to unparalleled power. With unyielding resolve, I vowed to bow to no master but my own ambitions. As turmoil engulfed these lands, I maneuvered through the tumultuous steps to seize dominion. My aspirations were not confined to amassing wealth for self-indulgence; instead, I dispersed my fortunes across the realm, subtly manipulating fate in my favor. For when one scales the heights of supremacy, the fruits of influence return in due course.


The public beta is now over - thanks to everyone who participated!


This game will be released this Thursday, March 7th—and it’s free to win!


Although it’s short, this is quite a fun little game. I hope a lot of people check it out!


Thank you! Since it’s a free-to-play game, I hope it will reach a considerable audience - it’s a low investment to try, after all. I’m also happy about the enthusiastic reception on the forums so far. Perhaps one day I will succeed in creating an actually “large” Hosted Game, as well - this one ended up much smaller than originally planned, even though one playthrough should still have more story content than my previous games.


I always attrack the the quamom with a invasion like 10 time and still he is strong like no effect what so ever and davalon always increase in attacking my faith from 1-20 so I die because lack of faith.

How the hell do I defeat him

The key to winning against the “final boss” is just having a high amount of faith and Templars, and then you have a limited time window to invade with your Templars before your Domain runs out of faith. You need to grow both your faith (for defense) and Templars (for attacking) enough before starting the last battle.


I invade like 10-12 time but he seem to have no effect what so ever like it keep showing faith strong

Keep in mind that there you must attack with Templars, not with your faith. It’s impossible (I think) to beat Quanom with faith.

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Ya I attack with templars full invasion but dam nothing work

What is your faith value as you enter the fight? Try to get it as high as possible by that time (train priests / erase deities / etc.). It also helps to have the Divine Spear, and as many Templars as possible.