<div id=container1> is missing from index.html

Whenever I try to run a test in the Basic ChoiceScript Editor I get “Script Error” when it starts and then the options and text I placed are there. When I try to select one of the options: "

is missing from index.html"

my script looks like this:

*create Blossom 50
*create Bubbles 50


 #Option 1
  result 1
 #option 2
  result 2
 #option 3
  result 3
  *finish ```

idk what I'm doing
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Are you using Firefox to run the test?
You might also want to take a look at this thread


@Chocottone And welcome to the forums. :tulip:

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Welcome @Chocottone.
Your index.html file is out of date. Best to download a fresh copy of ChoiceScript from GitHub.

EDIT: What is the “Basic ChoiceScript Editor”?

Thanks guys, I resolved it finally but I’m probably moving to CSIDE.

@CJW It was the name of the page that opened on firefox when I opened the index.html file.

Anyway, thx for the reception and the help.

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