Dinosaur Island Escape (WIP) Full game, looking for play testers (Updated Oct 27th)

-Warning: Game contains violence, mild language and brief references to sex and alcohol.

I have completed the first draft of the game and will test it myself, but also require playtesting from others. All those who want to be credited as playtesters will as long as they give usable feedback. Anything else that might cause someone to be reluctant to purchase the game or any small recommendations to improve the game would be great. I’m hoping to submit it to hosted games by the end of November but will delay if there are enough changes that need to be made.

Thanks to anyone who has tested in the past, or will test in the future. If in doubt, please bring it to my attention. Also, remember to have fun.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/agentv/escape-dinosaur-island/mygame/


I have made a few updates, and am now open to any and all feedback.

As I currently do not have any beta testers, this will be considered open beta. Please leave anything you think will help, regardless of if its based on the writing or the game itself.



Seems interesting so far - I couldn’t get very far in yet, just completed the tutorial (dashingdon is lagging like crazy for me, I’ll try again later), but so far it has an interesting old school adventure/survival feel, and I haven’t run into anything that confused or frustrated me so far. The narration was good at giving me an idea of going on, but not getting so detailed that I lost track of what I was doing.

One thing I’ll mention is I noticed you referred to a place for ships as a “doc” multiple times - pretty sure that should be “dock”. I noticed one or two other typos, I’ll try to snag them if I get a chance to run through again later if you want.

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Thanks for checking it out and for the kind words. I’ve been having lag issues with DD as well for the past couple days, so I totally feel you there.

I checked, and yes you are correct it is “dock”, and I made the changes. Guess I learned something today. Thanks.
I’d appreciate any further run throughs when you get the time.

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I escaped after a few tries. You would need to guess correctly the allocation of skill points for which escape route you will attempt and what will be correct is not totally obvious. For example, the first play I did not guess that full 5 tool usage skill will be required to repair the radio. The next time I max tool usage skill but had not guessed that minimum of 2 athletics skill had been required to get the lake key. I found key 2 and key 3 but never found where to use them. I expected maybe the second and third house or second and third room in the castle but none of those were ever locked. I never found the key to the larger shed. I never found key to the fifth castle room.

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Thanks for taking the time to play through multiple times, and congrats on completing the game. Is your feedback saying it seems as if you have to totally reset your character? (Having to restart, etc)?

I currently have a few ways for players to upgrade their stats by performing certain actions. Were you unable to find these, or just not know their existence? Should I have made that more obvious to the player? I could easily do that just by adding a sentence or two near the beginning of the game. Would it help if I made more instances of the player being able to increase their stats mid-game, or even added another stat up at the start? I don’t want players thinking they have to re-start the game in its entirety just to complete it once, because I see how that could be frustrating.

Thanks again for putting in the time, and I understand the problem you’re pointing out. I’m just trying to find out the optimal way of solving it.

That was cool and I got out of the island fairly fast :grin:

Edit: also, while playing I have not encountered any bugs with doors, keys and etc. I only noticed some spelling mistakes. All was good

Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to test it. Also congrats on completing it.

Would you happen to remember any of the spelling mistakes, or at least where they were?

I just sunk waaay too much time into this :joy: This game is extremely fun, I love the old school vibe.

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Thanks for the kind words.

After seeing the preference for longer games, I’m adding in part 2 after escaping the island. The part 2 also includes a romance as well. Part 1 is pretty much untouched, other than a few rewordings.

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Part 2 added. Would appreciate any feedback.

great game! it’s funny how your partner drags you back to the island but you need to help them alot lol

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Updated with part 3. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Hey, nice game you got there!

I spotted a few thing that could be nice to fix in the demo: when you are on the beach, some options are still available after selected them once, opposite to other (eg: pick up stuff and read. Well i guess that you can read all the time you want, but I think it would make more sense to just have the option available once). Also, I don’t really see the point of doing the same action 3 times, for the logs ? I tend to have very careful MC, so once I figured out that I wouldnt be attacked by the dinosaure, I just played the same thing three time :joy:

After that, I managed to escape thanks to the radio parts. So, what a surprise to have your RO making you come back a few years later. Honestly, I was mostly annoyed by their reactions. And somehow, even though I tried to be attentionned toward them n stuff, my relationship stats kept decreasing? So when I had all things needed to wait a few months in the small city, RO said no :joy:

Anyway, I died swallowed by the T-Rex. Not the way I pictured my saturday night :joy:

There is still a few spellings mistakes. The only one i remember is that axe is not always spell the same time (ax/axe). Also, Part II feels really repetitive because you have to redo all the ways once again, so at some point you have this feeling you are going in circle. Especially in the Castel, i didnt find the use for key 2 and 3 ? At some point I was lost in the whole thing. But it’s because I am used to more linear games. So, the way its an open world is really enjoyable. And I saw that you were speaking about Part III. Is it with the Best Friend ? :joy:

The pictures were very nice in part 1, the drawings are kinda cute! Good work :smiley:

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Let my start by saying I really liked the puzzle aspect of the game. You pulled it off with incredible complexity and I was definitely pulled into the action.

I caught a few errors:

“They love you more than anyone else ever has, and practically warship you.” It should be worship, not warship.
“You look to the north and see several extremely danger pieces of terrain.” - should be “dangerous”.
“a large lizard which ones its mouth”- should be “opens”.
And at the end a coding error: “You two laugh as you speed away quickly, the island slowly leaving sight. goto_scene win_2”. It took me back to the south of the island, despite me already leaving it on the boat.
Also I set my partner’s gender to male, and it showed up as female on the stats screen.
The stats screen didn’t tell me how much ammo I had.
When I died in part 2, it took me back to the start of part 2 instead of ending the game.

Overall you have a pretty solid game that just needs a little polish. I really enjoyed playing!

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I suggest adding a small list of choice for names when choosing one for you and the others because it’s a bit tiring having to think of a name haha.

They love you more than anyone else ever has, and practically warship you

Worship* I find that sentence a bit worrying lol.

Seeing the use for both, you decide its best to take them.


You look East and see what appear to be younger, thinner looking trees

East shouldn’t be capitalized.

You’re not quite sure what the animal eating it is, but have determined its clearly a small predator, and also some kind of dinosaur.

“what the animal is eating,” and “it’s”

As you continue to walk along for several uneventful hours, you see that the cave starts to curve up, at about a 15-20 degree angle. is suddenly a little bit brighter, and you realize that this might be the end of the tunnel.

There’s a text missing.

The forth room.


You look back to see that the dinosaur has clearly noticed you, but isn’t giving chase at all. “Wow,” Yu stop after


Its no longer restricted,” you respond.

Its the one they use when they felt like they had you cornered in an argument, but then you make a point that convinces them otherwise.

Its so small, barely the size of the robins that come to our birdhouse.”



I think I know what I feel like is lacking… emotions. (I wrote that sentence back when I was reading part 1, and part 2 is much better than the first in that aspect, for me at least.

I understand that it’s a puzzle game, but the writing is a bit too mechanical. But… it’s a fun light-hearted puzzle game, and not really focused on that so I understand. I enjoyed the bits with the lover because they’re so unbelievably infuriating and still likeable at times, reminding me of usual tropes in the genre. And maybe the when the narrator asks if they feel scared, the mc can answer that they feel scared for the lover as well? I’m more concerned for them than for me anyways.

This is just a small nitpick, but I find a bit weird that the lover is always referred to as they, like ‘They look at you…’ But technically there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m just spouting my thoughts.

And maybe I missed it or something, but how come the mc knows so much stuff? Lol.

I haven’t finished it yet (I think I’m only in part 2?) but I thought this was a very fun puzzle game. Overall, I had fun playing it! I’m a fan of the Jurassic Park films, so those were a plus. Good luck on this WIP!


Thank you to all three of you. I have attempted to fix all the spelling and grammar mistakes pointed out to me, made certain options no longer reusable, fixed it to only needing 1 log (thank you gan-sha), should have fixed the partner gender issue, ammo issue and part 2 winning and losing issue (thank you Luiza). I will think of some names for the character, SO and best friend (who yes is in part 3) (thank you whitebear) but aren’t sure what to do for the non-binary options. Should I just have gender-neutral names or a mix of male and female names? Or something else? Apologies if this sounds ignorant, I’ve never met anyone who identifies as non-binary and don’t want to accidently have something in my game that’s offensive to that community.

Edit: My days off work are Monday and Tuesday, so I should be able to test it more thoroughly myself soon.


I think a mix of all three could work. Alex, Sam, Bailey, Riley, Jordan, and Quinn, are all gender neutral names. Julia, Anne, Emily, Alice, Kate, and Mia, are all traditionally feminine names. Robert, James, William, Joseph, Bruce, and Adam, are all traditionally masculine names.

I’m fond of choosing names in this fashion:

What's your name?
     #Choose from traditionally masculine names.
          *goto masculinenames
     #Choose from traditionally feminine names.
          *goto femininenames
     #Choose from gender neutral names.
          *goto genderneutralnames
     #Input my own.
          *input_text name

But that’s just me. It’s still up to you.


Thanks for the tip.

I’ve updated so that there are names for the player to choose from, as well as some typos that I found in part 3. I’ve played through a couple of times and found a couple of bugs myself. Hopefully, it works flawlessly now although I will go through the game a couple more times today to ensure that all endings to parts 2 and 3 work (I confirmed part 1 a long time ago), I would appreciate more feedback from anyone.

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Enjoying the game very much, though there is a grammatical mistake I found


It should be “They are a…”

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