Diabolical Games. Question regarding first demo


I just recently started with a writing a story and make it into a game. It isnt magical or sci fi. But it is dark, cruel and it messes with the mind of the main character… and on rare occasions there is some dark humor :smile:


You are the main character. You were just an average person with a normal and average life. Nothing exiting happens in your life. You just hang out, chill and play online games. One day you happen to see a certain event and you are at the wrong place and time. Trying to escape you can follow multiple story paths and during the story you have no choice to do things in order to survive. At some point you are forced to battle and fight in some sick entertainment for the rich and powerful. By playing sick mind games, psychological warfare and by cheating your way to the top.

Unravel the masterminds and take over, engage in games where you have to rely on your wit, quick thinking and luck. Sacrifice other persons you meet along the way and step over their fallen bodies in order to win… Will you do whatever is needed to survive and win?

Or do you decide to keep your humanity? Befriend people and together you will rise, together you are stronger. You will fight together and think of all kinds of strategies to win the games and to bring down the masterminds behind the Diabolical Games

Choose what you will become: cheater, strategist, gambler or manipulator and play their different routes and different endings. Each “class” provides different characters you will meet and you will fight. Different choices and different Diabolical Games you will play.

Your stats will decide how effective a certain skill is, and if you can learn certain skills as well.

Depending on the class and route you gain different skills you can use in the up and coming games and different ways to win them.

  1. Multiple story lines
  2. Multiple endings
  3. Different “classes”
  4. Different “skills”
  5. Different “stats”
  6. Save button(save at any moment before any choice)
  7. Normal and Hard mode(in hard mode you can not save before a choice, you can not redo the chapter) I’m not sure about the different modes. Perhaps people can offer their thoughs about it?

I don’t know when this will come out. I am putting alot of time in it. But I’m not very good at developing. So perhaps someone wants to help me with that once the game is good enough to make a demo of it.

Once a demo is ready I will be posting it here. And ofcourse any updates :smile:

Also let me know what you think



I like the concept, but how do the classes fit into the story, how did you become a cheater strategist etc. As for the Hard/Normal mode, Hard mode seems to be what most games for COG are except for the inability to restart the chapter. I for one would love to be able to go through a choice multiple times without having to restart the story and find the result I was looking for. Keep up the good work

This will be cool will it be more gladiator type or more like the hunger games

Thnx man :smile:

As for the classes: Before you enter the “games” you will make several choices on several and certain situations. Each choice adds certain stats or stat (for example, charisma, or int, in this case int is not used for spell damage but for “manipulator”. Before entering the games all of your choices have added different stats. Depending on the stats that are the highest you will become a certain class(cheater, strategist, gambler or manipulator). Also, depening on your “class” you will get a variety of different choices. Let’s say you’re a “cheater” you get the options where you can cheat in order to win. If you were a gambler, you will let Lady Luck decides whether you win or not.

There are several “bad” endings as well. You can lose depending on your choices and stats.

Hope this answer your questions :smile:

Thnx :smile:

Hmm I guess a mix, but it will lean more towards Hunger Games

Here is the cover for it :smile:

So is the PC in this story the typical hero, or will they be driven to dark decisions, as the name suggests?

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The latter :imp:

depends on your choices

Sounds amazing, I like stuff like this, really looking forward

Thnx man. I will really do my best and ge a demo ready as soon as I can :smile:

This game looks interesting! I’ll definitely play through any demos you post. The cover is great, except that the font is a little plain - you might want to play with it a bit.


Hmm I see your point. I will play with it, but Im not very good at designs and art…

Oh well, that will come later. I will continue writing now :smile:

Okay, so I’m a bit stuck. I have almost enough for a first demo. But I can not get it to work properly.

If you make a choice, a certain stat should show up(when you point with your mouse over it, it should say which stat/ description). But it does not.

There is not error, it just won’t show up. Any tips? Thnx

Uhm, is that even possible in ChoiceScript? (I haven’t seen it implemented anywhere else at least (if I interpreted it correctly, which is also the question))

Anyway, for errors of whatever sorts it’s easier for us if you could just post the relevant piece of code opposed to us just blindly flinging possible solutions at you…

Hmm perhaps I didnt state it correctly, thnx for pointing that out :smile:

Here is an example what I mean: Seven Bullets

Some texts are in “blue” like: His gun angles away from you. His eyes tear up. ← this is blue, different that the other texts. When you point your mouse over it, it will say: “infamy + 4”

I mean implementing that. I am really new to choicescript. When I saw this, I though I could implement something like that as well.

So a certain choice and you wil get + 2 charisma or something like that. If that is possible ofcourse.

Sounds interesting :slight_smile:
Just with the cover art, the image suits your story but in my opinion the white blocky text is overwhelming, and the rounded style is pretty friendly, probably not what you were going for. Maybe a font change with thinner and/or sharper lines or a different colour. (You don’t want it to fade into the background, but at the moment its very dominating.) Up to you though, its just my thoughts.

Thnx man

Yeah I agree, the white blocky text is “weird” perhaps people have a suggestion in terms of color and style?

Just 2 really, really quick examples using Trajan (Although there’s quite a few text options that would work). The larger txt is using a partial overlay layer to get some of the colours through from the background, the lower one is just an example of something a bit less traditional if you want to go down a different route

Personally given your subject, I would go for a thinner, “pointer/less curved” font, probably a serif text as it tends to make things seem more official and less friendly/casual as a general rule.

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Oh that looks interesting. It give me some ideas thnx man :smile:

No problems :smile:
(And up to 20 chars so I can post)