Diabolical Games. Question regarding first demo

So here is a question. When it comes to demo’s of a game. Do you prefer from the beginning or from a specific part.

I am thinking of presenting a demo, but then from the part when the diabolical games start.

So you don’t know how the person ends up there, or what happened before the games. Nor do you have any control over the other story lines(there are multiple).

But for the demo, you will play 1 storyline and a few (mind) games. Where you need to think and be smart to win.

Or start from the beginning up to the diabolical games.

Ofcourse the entire book and more demo’s will be on their way, but as for my first demo. What do people want to see/ prefer?

Thnx :smile:

I’d prefer it from the beginning

I kinda prefer it to be at the begining By the way does anyone know how to make a thread on hear

beginning.Atlest thats my opinion

Click on the + New Topic button, give it a title,pick the category you want it to be in and write the text that’ll make up the first post. Then click the ‘create topic’ button.

Alright, it seems most people prefer from the beginning :smile:
So beginning it will be :sunny:

I will be updating it as soon as I can

thanks for the help earlier come check out my new thread hero wars help needed

Dude, I don’t appreciate it, dont use this topic for your own story, just make a new topic about it…

reply sorry about that I just wanted people to know that is my topic nothing more I didn’t say anything about my story just the topic name that’s all

Wow… Its been 3 years I see since I was here on the forums… haha thats a long time.

Never finished the game because… well life happened. But I’m back and working on the game again :slight_smile:

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