Demo for Outbreak Infected

That does clarify what happened to MC! Thank you ^-^
Now I don’t know whether I want to cultivate a high or low willpower stat… hmm, choices, choices… (I want to have human friends so I guess I should try to have a lot of willpower, but also, the potential devastation of trying to bite said friends due to zombie instincts, agdjkagndjakgn)

And here is the order of what I did before getting to the loop; ‘I wanted to know more about the virus’, (character customization), ‘Doctor’, (further stat choices), ‘I wanted to help the patients, and my coworkers needed me’, ‘ask about her symptoms’, ‘look into the hallway’, ‘go back into the room’, ‘barricade the door’, ‘you don’t know what’s going on’, ‘you can stay with me’, ‘take the ambulance’, ‘the hospital won’t be able to use it’, ‘kick the zombie holding down Jane’.

It’s at this point where I’m forced to leave Jane to her fate, as I can get bitten four times before the option to save her is locked.


Thank you for pointing out the loop! I’ll get it fixed as soon as possible