Deleting old saves

I have far too many saves in some games that let you transfer them (For example hero of kendrikstone and guns of infinity, and the Hero’s rise trilogy to name a few. Is there a way to delete saved games?


There isn’t. But if you could elaborate on what “too many saves” means it would be helpful. Like, you’re unlimited in the number of saves you can have, which seems like a benefit. Saves are date-stamped so you can always tell which are new and which are old.

Could you say why deleting saves would be a feature you want?

Because I’m only human, and I forget which save had which variables set where. Thus it becomes frustrating to dig through old saves to find the one I want, especially when I have 17+ saves >.<


Makes sense :slight_smile:


Agreed. There are some titles that i have so many saves that i don’t have a clue of which is which.
The option to delete saves could help with that.



Sometimes I forget if I’ve saved a particular character or not, and just like @Blueness, I think a lot of us forget the different variables over time, so when we go to import, even if the saves are marked by date and time, it can be daunting. And if we realize that we’ll never use a particular save, it would be nice to get rid of it so that we can declutter the save files.


@Lucid’s Lost Heir trilogy has a hell of a lot of replay value and requires saves to progress between chapters. I have over fifty saves for it (some people have 100+), and I’d like a chance to scrub the box.

This is a game that calls for a deletable save system.


Also a good reason to start something like CoG account, especially since we have the omnibus :]


Some kind of easy and user-friendly save management system is indeed a much desired feature, when you take into account games like Lost Heir or Infinity series where amount of save files can easily skyrocket over the years.

However as I see it, it comes with 1 big problem should there be no password protection for each email account - plain vandalism. Where anyone knowing (or picking at random) an address could easily delete progress of other users. So to prevent it you’d need to create an account just to save your game. Although this comes with its own quirks, for example, how many people would want to go through the registration process just to save, especially when on mobile? Things like base reluctance of non-enthusiast user base to go through additional motions, if you will.


Valid points right there.

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OK, so a question I have is…if the trouble is that you don’t know which save is which, how does deleting help with that? It’s just a way of throwing up your hands, right?

Would a playthrough notes field help? (I mean, help more than being able to name your saves?)


Honestly I’d love to be able to delete saves. Sometimes I just don’t want an old save, especially wifh longer series like Samurai of Hyuga or Wayhaven. I’m already going to have 6 to 7 saves for each book, if I got through one book, only go find I want to go back and redo something after playing the next book, it would be nice to delete that old save just to keep things less cluttered


Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. But it’s still problematic imo that we can’t delete saved games. Especially when it comes to series like Zombie Exodus or The Lost Heir etc. I already made a new email account just for the sake of having less saved games. My reason for that is that I’d like to continue a series with the best MC/MCs I can create but only series the next part shows whats the most optimal character creation. So I’d prefer to have only those saves in the reastore games list which I’d actually use for the games and none of the failed attempts, which I won’t even continue so what’s the point.


That would be a dream come true!

The main issue I have with save file names is that I tend to replay the same-ish character many times with only minor changes so I can see how they play out. In ZE:SH (my worst offender), I end up with a lot of 'my character name- romance name- career- number of game (whether it’s the first or second part). It worked out ok at first, but I’m up to about 50 saves and finding the right one is painstaking trial and error. A small summary or even a screenshot of my ending stat screen would be amazingly helpful!


The excess of unused saves just make an unnecessary mess.
Notes on saves could help?
But I just would like the option to keep a better organized save screen.


Hmm, would the ability to display the stats along with the save name be plausible? For example the restore save option, would gather all the data from the stats page and display them alongside the name of the save at the top?

I feel like deleting old saves for characters or builds I never want to play again is useful. But having a clear notable way to distinguish between saves is more of what I think is being called for. Are there any naming formats you guys use, that might be beneficials?

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I have extreme OCD I do stock work and can’t go to a store without rearranging stuff. When it comes to electronics it’s worse. I never have more than one save in Bethesda games per character,my call and text logs get cleared daily, video games A-Z and my CoG/HG (which I own and have installed almost all of them) are organized into pockets by genere on my S8. Now that’s probably just me but, suffice to say my Lost heir saves are irking me a year later with almost every class and achievement in the trilogy.


It can also help for removing duplicate saves. I have plenty of duplicates where the differences are minor things I don’t care too much about, because I replayed the story to enjoy the story, and wanted to read a story I’d read before.

Oh, and it’s also a little weird how saves for the endgame show up in the same list as saves for the start game: When I finish chapter 2 of 3, it adds to the list of possible accidental imports for chapter 2. That’s a bit strange.


I have like 20+ saves for Zombie Exodus Safe Haven. I have no idea who’s who anymore lol


Temporary soln can be saving the file with hints in the filename,like include important choices in the filename when u save