December 2022's Writer's Support Thread

I just spent way too long giving my ROs names :joy:


I’d rather that four people describe the same character as “a soft broken heart who deserves only good things”, “degenerate”, “so much my favourite character that I had to restart and play again with them”, and “no redeeming qualities” (real quotes from separate people about the same person!) than “nice but bland”.

I cannot help but wonder what character this was about!

This is something that gets talked about with any form of creative field though, personally I think that what makes art truly distinctive is it’s capacity not to just ‘tell’ something but rather to make you feel something. Being able to stir a strong emotion in someone is I think a high praise, even if sometimes the feelings are not traditionally positive.


I’ve been staring at the same coding error, for a week and a half, but my brother came to visit for the holiday’s and I wanted to show him my game. He played up to the spot with the error, and asked to see my code, so I said sure, and he found the error in under ten minutes. I’m torn between I’m so excited its working, and I hate him for fixing in ten minutes what took me a week.


This is the first of these threads that I’ve posted in, though I’ve lurked on a decent handful so far.

Having recently decided to add a chunky prologue section to my project that will let the player have some influence over their backstory and initial reputation, I wonder if anyone knows where to draw the line on editing as you go?
Personally I know I didn’t need this prologue, but when reading through my first chapter I found my introductions to be very bland, as without an established backstory nobody could really react to the MC’s history. To me it feels like the right thing to add it immediately, but since a lot of you have more experience in keeping projects going long-term, do you have any advice on keeping that desire to improve in check?

As a software developer I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had this exact same situation - it’s super common for things to sort of… blur together if you’ve written it and spent a bunch of time trying to solve a problem. I can wholeheartedly recommend Rubber duck debugging as a way to handle these little speedbumps.


Nonsense! Spend as much time as you need on this part, because once you start writing, there may be a point where you can’t change it without hours up9n hours of editing.


If you’re struggling with your climax, or you just want to learn more, this is a great video for that!
(She’s super helpful, but she can be a little inappropriate. Watch at your own risk)


I’ve had this problem a few times as well. I ended up coding all of the characters’ names into variables so that I only had to modify one line of code when I changed my mind. And you don’t have to spend any extra time editing since grammar rules aren’t different in English for specific names.


That’s ok :slight_smile:

Just make sure if you’re using baby name sites that no one gets the wrong idea if they see your search history.

Actually that kind of goes for many writing related research googles…


I know I’ve had moments like that. I couldn’t say if your writing is amazing or awful, but either way, it sounds like you’re being too hard on yourself. We are often our own worst critics.

If it helps, I’ve heard that 95% of pretty much everyone’s output - including those renowned as brilliant writers/authors - is utter crap. It’s just that they only publish the 5% that’s good, so no one ever sees the many pages tossed into the trash. Sometimes you have to scrub off a lot of dirt in order to get to the gold lying underneath.


I am still plugging steadily away at the denouement scenes. I have had to put my foot down once or twice – with myself and with others – regarding why I’m blocking out this month to focus on finishing. I am close to the end, dreadfully, terrifyingly close, but I still have to put in the work every single day. Even if some days produce entire scenes, and other days produce only short passages or snippets of code interspersed with despairing comments.

And the testing. I’m trying not to think about that.


Where should I publicly share extract, sneak peak or Wip of what I’m working on (traditional writing)?

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Here you go the workshop is for this stuff.


Hi! Just started working on my first IF game today. And also make a post in Interest Check Thread. After reading some IF games, I still decided to start making my own. Good luck to everyone!


Good luck, and see you in two years when you’re an old grizzled veteran with a released game and a chip on your shoulder!

Here’s my update for the month of December:

I am writing!

I am 25,000 words into a new project.

The project may be familiar to many people!


Does that mean that Ansible Station 24 is being scraped :pensive: or is it being remade into something else

Nooooooooooooooooooo!!! :scream:

September is laughing at me, but we got there in the end.

Goal for the rest of the month: mulled wine, mince pies, family and friends.


Reminder to you all that you are not alone:


Hi everyone!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone :christmas_tree:

Let’s spend quality time with our families, but never stop writing!


Every so often when writing, the littlest thing will throw me off my pace.

Today I reached 10,101 words on the chapter I am working on and for some reason, my mind fixated on that number. Now I have to regroup and regain my pace.


I still have a chance of making my December goals, so I am going to keep pushing this upcoming week.