December 2022's Writer's Support Thread


After about two months of unwanted stops, I finally managed to finish the 11th chapter of my Hindu-Buddhist tribute to FFX: Last Dream - A Hindu - Buddhist mythological fantasy adventure (W.I.P. updated on Christmas DAY!))

I want to thank the dozens of people who helped and still help me during this challenging moment. Many of them are users of this great forum, so THANK YOU, everyone! God bless you all! Santa will have a special gift for all of you.

And this update is my little Christmas present to all of you. :christmas_tree: :gift:

Never stop writing, folks! I love you all! :two_hearts:


I thought I would share a bit since I am in a very good mood!

I was having a lot of trouble with figuring out what exactly the hell I was doing with my own story, but today I just completely focused on fleshing out the geography, some lore, and writing out the social caste system for the setting (based loosely or not so loosely of Tang dynasty China). I am so much happier now than I was before, I feel the story will have a lot to work from, even if the focus is on an immortal and their adoptive brat trying to find a place!

(Turns out spending the afternoon fleshing out the glossary not only made me feel grounded, but a lot more interested in embroiling myself in the period of time I was interested in exploring, even if not purely/directly!)

Learning that foreign individuals were actively encouraged within China during that period of time, causing influences from Persia and Turkey helped inspire some ideas for me! I am hoping to release the first public release by the end of the month though it might be optimistic due to the holidays, wish me luck!


Coming sometime in January, this walking disaster:

Also some other characters, I guess.

I’m almost 30k into this project and want to have the full part 1 finished by the time I put out a WIP thread.

But AS24

It’ll return at some stage!


I wrote 666 words exactly today (lol). As we’re closing in on the end of the month, I’m further away from my goals than I had hoped. But I have a plan for how to deal with that, and I might have some other good news, soon, too.


I have only written about 2k this month. Well not true; I erase more than double that. I keep trying, but I am fighting against my depression, haunting my inner monster word by word.

I wish I could be different, and I am trying to address this with therapy, as my therapist says. Meanwhile, I keep going. It is a small victory.


This is the first month in quite a while (a long, long time) that I’ve been able to get substantial work done, and while it’s not much in the grand scheme of things, I’m feeling really good at being able to say I have actually written (a tiny bit of) interactive fiction that doesn’t suck. Until the point where I release a demo (a long ways away, but ideally within the frame of a year), I can at least say I’ve done something.


Wrote/Updated some character sheets for my Superheroes Project.
Can someone explain me why I had to write four different scales of stats and an five levels per power?

Still waiting some answer from my readers group…

I. Must. Talk. In person. To someone I’m close, about my future plans.


My cat decided she wanted to help me write today. Thankfully she didn’t mess anything up too bad, but she scare me for a minute.


So the headline for that post would be something like “Cat-Toes writing interrupted by cat toes!”


Towards the end of this month I’ve been working on the Royal Affairs beta; mostly a bunch of bugfixes and corrections, and smallish content additions and edits. Because of the holidays I haven’t gotten to major edits, but I have some things to think about that have been mentioned, as well as my own thoughts. I plan to poke at that a little during the last few days of the year while keeping up with bug reports.

Beta testing is always a strange time because of being on tenterhooks waiting for more comments to come in, so it can feel a bit intense - plus the project has been going so long now! But I’m really pleased with the helpful feedback I’ve had so far.

Somewhat more relaxing has been noodling around thinking about future project ideas and figuring out my priorities for whatever happens next. Part of this process involves tuning into and cleaving as close as I can to a game I would most enjoy playing, since if I want a game perfectly tailored to my tastes, the easiest way to get it is making it myself.

(or getting Fay to make it, though that’s a little demanding :laughing:)


My headcanon is that your whole creative process is half noodling and half bellowing, and I refuse to be told otherwise. :laughing:


This is far too accurate, as my colleagues (and Fay) will testify :laughing:

But you’re missing the final third. Keeping the cats off my desk…


Is that even possible? I have just accepted the catloaf over my keyboard as part of my office furnishings at this point :laughing:


You too? I’m glad I’m not the only one. :laughing: My little Ophelia is never on the desk, except when I’m trying to do stuff.


I erase zero words! I never make mistakes, ever, at all. Everything I write flows with masterful eloquence and perfect coherency from my keyboard with no need for any corrections or revisions whatsoever.

-- no writer in history


I’m just sad I had to completely alter an RO introduction because I am an idiot and thought “Oh look at this random path we both happened upon” was a smart introduction idea. It took a good 4k words before I realized maybe I could try to be a little more creative? Maybe? Why you shouldn’t plan things before bed, I suppose, exhaustion is a real brain melter.

I’m sure others have cut way more, but considering I’m working with a demo that is only 24k words long it hurts ;u;

I changed the scene a bit so instead it is in a tavern close to the end of the Yeng Pass. It makes a bit more sense, since the MC would linger there for a night and they could reasonably stumble into one another. Though honestly MC might come across a little more unhinged in the newest variant of the scene because I felt like it would fit. :see_no_evil:


TBH, that isn’t necessarily a bad place to meet them. Bumping into each other would be a cute meet cute, as long as you integrate it properly. If you have the MC going somewhere for the plot (so it’s not a totally random moment) and have the RO not just lurking in a hallway (cause that’d be creepy), it would come off as realistic if you only do it once


I have completed my December goals.

I hope everyone is having a good week, and I’ll be opening the January thread in a couple of days. :revolving_hearts:


Done, done, and done! I’m actually really happy with my Diaspora progress this month. It tapered off a little towards the end, what with holidays and all, but before that I made a bunch of progress, especially compared to most months this year! I’m calling December a good end to 2022, and hoping I can keep that up (and ramp back up on Asphodel), in the new year.


I just have to say, different strokes for different folks, but I just wrote 2000 words in a day that survived editing. For some people that’s a lot and for some that’s nothing, but I’m really pleased with myself because it’s a monumental effort for me.