Death Collector -- Severing tongues just became a career move



Is there any combat related stat just in case?


I do not believe so. Since your only job is to only get people’s tongues, nothing more, don’t think we are meant to physical fight people, lest we expose ourselves to the world in-game. The closest I could say to an MC being physical is the first mission and maybe the one with that assassin scene but I do not know that one for certain.


I have no ending the game yet but I think were the issue is basically game changes are too subtle to a casual notice. I as any forum member could see oh game notice this so there is a boolean there. Soomeone who dont will not catch half o subtle variables Some of stats are too confusing same as several relationship tracks a better easier to follow relationship tag could be easier to follow for a casual.

I as role player appreciate this game subtle nature and deep in how make a role consistent and how that subtle change alliances and rivalry… Very well done. Still I think is too subtle and very hidden to average casual that skips many text . That mixed wwith bad explained stats could make for a casual a bad idea . And in some moments in a mobile text tend to be maybe a bit too long between choices that makes some people just skip


The choices we make in the story do matter in the future outcome, however i think the first choice which we make won’t immediately shows its effect next page, but it will contribute to a different outcome in the following scene later on…

I remember reading the fist demo, regarding the scene of harvesting Marie’s tongue with Roza … where Roza angrily take over the task and later on almost slip on the roof… but my first playthrough with some different choice , shown that Roza is confident in me , so i go on the task on my own and success by myself :slight_smile:

The story did a good job in outlining the emotional perspective of the characters and thus far very engaging for me :slight_smile:


I enjoyed Death Collector for what it is, but I’m afraid I consider it one of the weaker CoG stories released this year. Obviously, this all boils down to personal taste.

I actually liked the idea of playing off the phrase ‘dead men tell no tales’…and here they obviously do. However, it was tough for me to get into the world. I mean, the idea of Death Collectors being a role is fine; I am a big fan of the old show Dead Like Me.

However, when the world in general doesn’t realize the DCs are normal people…yet the government does…it fell apart for me. In some ways, just making it a blatant supernatural entity would have worked better to me.

I admit this was also colored by the fact I have a few pages where game code actually showed up. Others have already mentioned the pronoun mix-ups for some of the NPCs (and yes, I have screenshots for it).

I do agree with @poison_mara’s observation how a casual player will observe this game. There can be a lot going on under the hood, but when text is the medium of communication, often someone won’t notice the subtle or flavor text changes.


It doesnt achieve that to me as I hate absolutely all characters in game. But Thats because I am not the target of game in that regard Game is trying go for goodies role playing goodies and those characters are boring and not attractive for me even if are quite well described and have flaws but they are too mundane for job and the pace is slow. I agree with @Lys valoration and I can add that the dialogue with npc are quite off like if were too general Maybe for a casual that could look like that game doesn’t track choices. I mean I know it does. And responses varied a lot in base that but for a casual that is not perceptible They see same questions and assume the answer will be same.


You miss the interesting part of how the old lady describe the cloak is alive and shy… :slight_smile:


The cloack atmosphere and descriptions are superb same how your choices subtle change the overall text good solid writing and good overall balance of stats. A solid game. But one is not easy to appreciate for casuals It is not flashy in their changes the start is slow stats are not easy to understand and choices changes are present but are subtle maybe to subtle for casuals that skip a lot of text


I have a question about submitting bug reports as I’ve only ever submitted one about an achievement that didn’t go through correctly for a different game.

So, we’re at the part where there are no deaths to collect for the night and you have to choose someone to go along with for the evening. coughsRaskolnikow—my obsession continuescoughs Anyway, we find out that the Ministry of History is basically being funded by a private corporation that also owns a majority of the newspapers that publish the DC stories… however, at the end of the night there’s a recap of “what we learned” and the game acts as though we learned something new about the cloaks instead of the Ministry/corporation connection, as if we didn’t follow Raskolnikow at all.

My question is this: do I report this in a summary format when submitting the email? Or should I wait until I’m playing through it again and try to take screenshots. And which screenshots should I take? Just anything with choices between Point A: who you run around with for the evening and Point Z: the evening’s recap?

Thanks for your help!


I think it would be much more easier for support if you have the screenshot but if you could summarize the main points of the concern, you could sent it in text format.


I think it will take multiple, key screenshots but I will pull them together on my next playthrough :slight_smile:


Wow. I haven’t finished the game yet, I’m a very, very slow reader, but wow. The writing is beautiful, the characters read as if they were alive, and have multiple layers to their personality. Except maybe Travis. I’m romancing him, but damn, sometimes I question there is anything more to him than being a complete a**hole.

Also, I love the fact that you can play as a complete, unrelenting manipulative piece if shite in the game. I mostly like my MCs as slightly more morally questionable characters, so kudos to the author for that.


OK! We finished our playthrough and really enjoyed it.

I’m sure everyone is sick of me saying Raskolnikow, Raskolnikow, Raskolnikow… but the gentle, slow-build romance with him was my favorite part of a multi-layered story that had SO many facets of intrigue. I just loved the moments where he would touch my arm or we would hold hands. And the ENDING. He gave up absolutely everything to run away with me to the mountains?! gdi Ras, MARRY ME. The “Natural Born Killers” achievement popped three times because I just kept romancing every chance I got :slight_smile:

I am curious if there’s a path where you can do something to bring attention to the treatment of the cloaks and the fact that they are sentient. Since this wasn’t the focus of the choices I made, it makes sense that I didn’t find out more, but I still thought it was a really intriguing part of the story. I’ll have to play through again and see!

I did find several continuity errors, some lines of code that showed up, typos, etc. that I’ll take screenshots of when I read through the story again. They seem like they will probably be pretty easy to fix and despite those little bumps and rough areas, I was completely entranced by the story.

Ps. Did I mention Raskolnikow?


Giving my own two cents to the “copy and paste” comment from earlier, because I can see where the comment is coming from. It actually really only happens in later parts of the game and only with the ROs which was kind of disappointing because at that point I was already invested in the Characters :confused: They are all vastly different characters so having them act and say the same thing as each other in more than one situation broke my immersion. It also made the last few chapters feel kind of rushed in my opinion. It’s not as bad as another game that comes to my mind that has done this but it’s still distracting.


It’s awesome, you’re going to like it a lot.


It is a solid game that maybe is not the best option for casuals due that is very subtle in changes slow pace and in dialogues questions and that makes easy to believe that text is same. That and the lack of explanations in stats.

However if you take time to read the game and immerse yourself in it is a great experience Sadly most of people don’t do that and goes skipping text


Same here. I absolutely adored the game, it’s so creative and unique, but I got the same ending as you and it felt very abrupt, kind of out of nowhere.


Yes! There’s a whole storyline where you can champion their rights and try to bring their sentience to the attention of the public. It’s pretty rewarding :grin:


The game could really use an explanation about how our characters stats and personality traits are both used to determine choice outcomes would be helpful.
(Or maybe I’m just blind and keep missing it)
Anyways I’m probably not alone when I say I’m used to most games just sticking to stat/skill based choices. Focusing heavily on getting the right ones for my play through as high as I could. So I was confused when I went to make certain choices and my character bungled it or froze because I was more ‘squeamish’ than ‘blood thirsty’. Really cool idea just some more heads up on how those things might affect us.

Also romancing Raskolnikow but having some trouble getting his ending I keep ending up with the runner girl for some reason.

The ending does feel a bit abrupt but I’m assuming it’s meant to be a lead in for a sequel. The death collection premise is really interesting and I’d hate to see this not evolve into a series where we can explore more.


The game was good, writing is great and world is interesting to figure out. I liked hiw story and relationships slowly progressed, but then it abruptly ended. In my playthrough basicaly nothing got resolved. I’ve learned a bit about cloak’s sentience from Rosa, about ministry’s discrimination of my house and about “dissappearing”. So i got my story published and people are talking about disrimination, then there is this mock trial and i got cleared. So it looks like i’m slowly unraweling mysteries and working to get to the truth and then next day abruptly Pedita comes to my house and tells me i’m on assassination list and we need to run. And i got last page of epilogue.
So… did i loose the game? Was that suppose to happen or i failed with my stats or choices to get to any secrets/issues with ministry presented in the game in time? The ending was sweet, running away with your partner, but it felt so abrupt considering the pace of the game, that i’m wondering if i did something wrong.