Sorry, this project is dead as I lost all of my files due to a recent crash. I had to reinstall windows and my hard drives and backups were wiped. I wont be coming back to it or starting anything else.


What countries are you able to choose from and what are the advantages or disadvantages to choosing one country over another. How far of the PC’s life will you go through?

When you say country of your choosing…how many countries are you thinking of incorporating in?

Also, will we be able to choose our genders?

Considering that different countries have their own wars and revolutions, won’t that be to big of a bite to chew off right off the bat?

Anyway, good luck. :slight_smile:

I feel like being able to live to your 90’s in the 1800s is a bit of a stretch.

Heck, you could die from a common cold back then. Or an infected tooth.

@Chazzerberg What if a woman disguised herself as a man?

It’s an idea, but one that will need to have more work put into it. Not saying that it couldn’t be rewarding though.

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If you’re going to have the player experience the PC in old age, they should be doing something, unless its the epilogue. I’d prefer to not be a 50 year old doing paper work and sending orders down the chain of command.


So romance will be added? Or is it more along the lines of “you need an heir, get married”.
Also what if someone chooses to not get married? Or dies before they get the chance to?

That seems a very unsatisfactory way to end it. Maybe you should plot the story around to where you are either choose to marry or are put into an arranged marriage, you marry, have a kid before any chance of you dying. Should you choose to want to make a sequel with the PC’s child.

Don’t worry, just things to mull over. Good luck btw.

I look forward to seeing your initial entry.

The gender choice should be decided but perhaps not right away - first get your project going.

The age thing - some did survive into the 90’s back then… you should write the story how you feel it should go; if you do go older, perhaps write a branch where the MC is “promoted” upstairs and out of direct ship command…

thanks for beginning your project.

No worries here - there are successful authors here who use gender-option limits in their stories. The Infinity series (Sabres and Guns so far) are the specific examples that work for me.

Good luck.

Sounds pretty cool. I like the idea of changing history.

Becoming a captain is merely a rock in the sea there are higher positions in the hierarchy like commander, fleet admiral, rear admiral, left admiral, right admiral, and high admiral, I hope this story won’t just stop at captain because a man being a captain whilst having no ambition is rarely seen, plus if you want to make a family instead of retiring from the navy you can give the user lands which was popular in that time period, it was rare to hold a official position of court the court without having lands to govern, speaking of governing that can be implemented also in the aging of the character as well. I’ll come back when I have more ideas.

It seems interested. You seem to know about the naval terms.Many writers wrote “room” instead of “deck”.

This sounds really good, almost like a more in depth version of Choice of Broadsides. I know writing from a female perspective would be harder and not historically accurate, but if you feel up to it you could maybe write in an alternate reality with subtle differences. Maybe you could have slightly different names for countries, and women could serve. Just my two cents though.

I hope you will give us a choice to have Russia as our country as well

I loved Choice of Broadsides and this sounds like it could be something like it just more in depth.

Ben franklin was 84, Thomas Jefferson was 83 and John Adams was 91, also the gentleman said 18th century aka 1700s or if you want to look at British military people, Charles Cornwallis lived till 86, Sir Guy Carleton 84, French, comte de Rochambeau lived to 82 the Marquis de Lafayette 77, Francisco Javier Castaños Spanish General lived to 94. Living to your 80’s and 90’s in the 1700s was something that could totally happen.

@War_Doctor These men were the exceptions though. Not that the mc couldn’t be an exception but it would be more realistic and believable if s/he followed a more realistic life of that time. The oldest woman to live to date lived to 122 and there are seven other verified living super-centenarians (over 110 years of age (https://www.google.com/search?client=opera&q=oldest+person+alive&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8)). However, I do not expect to live nearly this long. My expectation is to live to mid-high 80s maybe 90’s at the most, as out of 7 billion only 7 are over 110 (that is literally one in a billion chance). I currently live in the United states so life expectancy is around high seventies to eighty which I think sounds very reasonable. According to the time period the author is basing the story in it would only be unrealistic if the character lived past 50/55 but more believable if the mc lived to 40-45.


@Kelvin Don’t see why a very successful naval captain, or even someone of higher rank can’t live until 70. Aristocrats in England lived much longer than 45 during the bubonic plague, so its just on how wealthy you were really.

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