@NoGo you make a valid point, and may even be correct. However, from a writer’s perspective, you would want to write something interesting. If @Chazzerberg can keep it interesting when you are practically immobilized or very aged then, if s/he is willing, should do so. I’m not very educated on this time period but did people ever step down or were honorably discharged after a certain age? If so it might become very boring narrative after that point.

This sound like an interesting game, I really liked broadside and this sound smiler. By the sounds of it this game won’t be entirely historically accurate so does it really matter if you have women serving? I don’t mind if the game is gender locked to male as I am a man and don’t generally play as women but I feel like it would be harder for a women to feel invested in the character if they are forced to play as a man. Bear in mind that is my opinion, I could be totally wrong about women feeling that way about male characters, hell I’m sure many women play as men, I just think it would be nice to have the choice.

*this sounds similar.

You can edit your comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t know that, thanks :smiley:

Really can’t wait to see how this game goes I was a big fan of broadsides and I’m sure I’ll be a big fan of this game as well