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Is there a way to see what pictures have been uploaded? (I see where it shows the .txt files uploaded, but not the images)

I’m having trouble displaying a couple, even though I’ve uploaded them several times and I see it working when I run it on my computer.

Is there a maximum number of images? I see 20 at a time, but is there a limit beyond that? There are 11 not displaying, but it displays the others just fine.


I found this (in addition to the tutorial here) pretty helpful:


No, there’s not a way to see the images you have uploaded but that’s a good idea. I’ll move that towards the front of the queue for the to-do list.

The most common cause of images not showing up after uploading is that the reference in the ChoiceScript code and the image have different names. For example, one is named Map01.JPG but the code refers to map01.jpg instead. Since server references are case-sensitive, the reference and the file do not match according to the server.


Just to add in case it wasn’t clear: even the .jpg or .JPG suffix has to match your choicescript text. This took me a lot longer than necessary to understand.


I guess this type of issue is why I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping everything lowercase in my naming conventions.

It is a practice I recommend everyone to learn because consistency is bliss to succeed.


I thought I was okay, but I just learned that Windows 10 is evil. It not only fakes the cases, but it won’t let you change the case, since it’s “close enough.” I read an article on how Microsoft likes to “pretty the path.”

So, I finally found a way around it and I’ve managed to see the file extensions in their true case and to change them… for reals.

Wow, that was a stupid amount of finicky work, but I have it working now.



Thank you. Just got a chance to watch it. Really helped me figure things out.


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Hey there, thanks again for hosting such an awesome and useful site! It’s a life saver.

I just got the cover art for my WIP today and I tried inserting it into the demo, but for some reason, only the “broken image” symbol is showing up on the demo. Has anyone else had this problem?


The most common issue for broken images is mismatched file name and in-code references as noted a couple posts above. If that’s not the case here (no pun intended), please let me know and I’ll check it out. Unfortunately, I’m not able to look for a few hours but I’ll get back to you on it as soon as possible.


Hi, I’m running a closed beta test currently, and dashingdon has been a lifesaver!

However, I tried to upload an edit to an existing file (uploading the new text file with the same name), but it does not overwrite the original file. One possible explanation is that I tried to upload more than 20 files, but even after I picked the specific text files, it still doesn’t allow me to do so.

I wonder if there’s something I’m doing wrong? Your help is truly appreciated. Thank you so much!


You probably didn’t save it properly on the actual text editor? Notepad++ especially suffer from this :stuck_out_tongue:


Could be browser page-caching despite my best efforts. Could you try opening the game/file in a private or incognito browser window? Hopefully that clears up the problem


@dashingdon @Szaal
Thanks guys! It seems that opening the page up in an incognito browser worked! Thank you so much and have a good 2018!!!


This still keeps me awake at night - knowing all those ghost files might come to haunt me in my sleep, forever unloved. :fearful::cry::broken_heart:

Past me should have been more prudent with his scene files. I suffer for those sins.

Have you managed to resolve your issue? Could you impart wisdom?


Ask @dashingdon himself?


One idea is to just continue making iterations (title)1, (title)2, (title)3, … then when you wish to publicly release the game “(title) public version” or something like that?

Also, with the new ability to make your own url the above methods could be combined like “(title) public version2” and because of the new url feature you wouldn’t need to change your link on the forum page, just edit the new link to be the same as the old one. I haven’t tested this so maybe the url is saved along with the title and neither are allowed to be repeated so it would be good to test this before doing it.


Wait, you can make custom url of your own at dashingdon.com?


You’re right, it doesn’t exist right now. Dashingdon said it is on his to-do list a while ago and I miss-remembered.


Hi, everyone! I’m quite a newcomer here (to the forum and to DashingDon), and I was about to upload a compiled version of my game, but there doesn’t seem to be any option to do so — uploading it through the plaintext upload form prevents it from being uploaded, so I’m wholly confused and stuck here.

(As a note, I did read that I needed to go to “Edit Details” and enable “Upload Compiled HTML”, yet, in my third time looking at the page, I still can’t find anything resembling said option.)