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I am grandfathered in which is why it showed up for me.


Yes, indeed. I don’t seem to see that on my side of things. I have attached a screenshot down below.


And I do have checked the “Edit Details” page, there is nothing in them that is in relation to HTML upload.


Oh, that explains it all. Never mind my earlier post then, thank you!


If I guessed correctly on your username, you should be able to upload compiled HTML now.

Yep, that’s on the to-do list. I haven’t have a lot of spare time these last few months, though, so the next update is coming along slowly.


Thank you! That is unexpected, and I was about to send you a PM for the request. But either way, still, thank you!

I’ll check my account soon, just to make sure you hadn’t guessed wrong (and for the record, yes, my username in DashingDon is not too far off from the one I’m using here, in the forum).


I just got @dashingdon to delete all my files for me and started fresh.

I didn’t notice what thread this was on at first, and I’ve literally got a file called ghost.txt coming with the next 17S update. How can it be haunting you already!? :scream::fearful::rofl:


Will this make it’s way into the API as well?


Actually that code exists in the API already, it’s just not accessible yet. I’m planning on changing the authentication process and making that process public will have to wait until after that.


I know that the answer is most likely posted in this topic already but i thought it might be ok to ask again as long as im in said topic. Im looking to start a file for a game ill be putting on dashingdon and just wondered the steps to putting the topic on here and linking it to the site. Do i create the topic then copy paste the url when i put it on dashingdon? New to a lot of these concepts but any help would be great! Thank you!


Creating an account on Dashigdon’s will allow you to upload your compiled game or your text files for the game. Once you do that, the hosting site will provide you with a URL which you can copy over to a WiP thread you can start here, regarding your story-game.


Thanks for the quick reply! Don’t have much done yet but I love feed back and want really have a community behind something I do. This will really help thanks again!


I’ve replaced images, but the site seems to keep bringing back an archived/cached version?

I’m looking forward to the delete option. That would let me delete the old image and then upload it anew. But without that, I was hoping to replace old images, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

I could always make a whole new game, but I don’t want to waste space or have to give out fresh links. Not a big deal, since I only have a week of beta testing left, but if there’s a way to replace an image that is known, I’d fix it now.

As always, great site @dashingdon So intuitive and easy to use. It’s a life saver.


Hey @dashingdon thanks again for this awesome site. It was a huge help to me in getting The Magician’s Burden beta tested. After I submitted TMB, though, I deleted the demo off dashingdon but it looks like this link still works. https://dashingdon.com/play/mastersamuel/the-magicians-task/mygame/index.php?cb=231124.4k


Ok I have manually removed that entry. Seems like more people are experiencing this issue so I’ll have to make time to look into it.


Hello, great site : ) thank you!

Just trying to get my demo link working again using it instead of dropbox, though I seem to be having trouble with broken images. The file paths appear correct. I’ve also removed special characters and *text_image, which seems to have gotten one working. But all the others don’t seem to. I don’t suppose you’d be able to take a quick look whenever it’s convenient?


Ok took a quick look. Some images referenced are not on the server, such as imagestitlestheaegissagabookone.png and imagespagetitleyou.png - not sure if there was a problem with uploading or if they were accidentally skipped?

The images currently on the server are imagesAegisSagaBLOODCometCharlesParkeswebsize.png and images that start with imagesbanner*


failed to create folders…

what does it mean and how do I solve it.I cant upload a game because of this.


Please message me your username and game name so I can find the issue. Thanks


Once again i am unsure where to post this, so my apologies.
this morning i wanted to update my wip and when i opened dashingdon i receiced this error:
I already tried to delete cookies and the cache but still nothing


I summon thee, @dashingdon

BTW, @Noah, you can post it on dashingdon’s dashingdon thread.