Dashingdon: Free ChoiceScript Game Hosting


Somebody should praise the new legit page-display system :pray:t4: :eyes:

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for the site to load all of the WIP while you’re actually just wanted to log in.


The tag filter only applies to the 50 entries on that particular page, not all the public games available. The pagination was required to cut down on the excessive load times from loading ~240 entries when anyone visited the index page.

I am considering a global search and/or global tag selection that will provide results from all public games (as it was before, but with less of a server and client load), but that functionality is still in the conception phase.


There is a 404 error whenever i try to set game as updated today.


Oops. Fixed, thanks.


Sorry if this has already been asked/answered - couldn’t see it anywhere in the thread. Is it possible to edit the URL of my game somehow? Basically, I have a private version of my game and wanted to make the link only temporarily available to testers. Is there a way to change the link without changing the title of my game?


I’m afraid that changing the title and/or URL of an existing game isn’t supported currently. I do have that functionality in the queue to get implemented when I have some spare time (along with many others).

For now, I would suggest making a new game with a ‘secret’ title and uploading your private version there so that you can share the secret URL with your testers. When testing is finished, you can simply delete that game to remove access to it.

It’s kind of a roundabout solution, but it’s completely fine for authors to host several versions of their games under different titles/URLs for whatever purposes they require.

Hope that helps!


That’s great, thank you!

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Hi. I deleted my private game from dashingdon.com last Sunday as beta-testing is finished. However I’ve just checked the link and it still works. I don’t have access to my game via dashingdon but all the beta-testers with the old link can still play it. Can you remove the game completely please :slight_smile:

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Hmm strange! I’m not sure where the malfunction happened but I’m going to look into it tonight. As for now, the game has been removed as you’ve requested.


I loaded a .txt file onto my dashingdon. The site even said 1 file loaded, or something like that. But when I go to the link, nothing from the file shows up! Why? :disappointed_relieved: Please help! :pray:


Can you access your scenes folder?

I think to do this, you add /scenes
to the end of your link:



Reload the page. Upload them again and then click the link below ( on upload page ) that says - see the files you have uploaded.


Can this file be reached from the startup.txt?
I mean, is there something like *goto_scene <<mymissing.txt>> or something?


The only file I see in your game directory is “Example text file.txt”

You can see your files here: https://dashingdon.com/play/kristinanre/the-future-of-the-aliciaa/mygame/scenes/

You need a “startup.txt” file to successfully fire up the ChoiceScript engine. Also I noticed that the file that you uploaded is not formatted with line breaks and it requires spaces or tabs for ChoiceScript to process.

Let me know if I can help any further but there are also tons of people on this board (actually all of them) that will be glad to help. Disneyland doesn’t have anything on the Choice of Games forums. This is quite literally the friendliest (digital) place on Earth.



I was wondering if any progress was made on this. As of last week, an old link was still active even though I deleted the game from the host-servers.

I do plan on running multiple betas in the near future and will be updating things sequentially, deleting old betas as I go. It would be very confusing to have multiple versions accessible through old links.


I haven’t been able to determine the cause despite a lot of testing. Every time I delete a game, it is erased without issue (actually put into a queue for deletion but the URL becomes inaccessible).

Would you PM me the name or link of the game you deleted? Maybe I’ll be able to find the source with that as an example.


I checked and delete is working fine for me.

As soon as I clicked delete and then tried to play the game I got a 404 error i.e. file not found.


Do I need to include the startup.txt and choicescript_stats.txt along with my chapter text files?


Most certainly!!!


Thank you. I’ve just started using ChoiceScript, and I’m still learning how everything works.