Dark Side of The Moon (WIP) - CHAPTER 1 RELEASED (UPDATE 7/11/2017)



Hello, everyone! I’m really nervous, because it’s the first time I’m making a game by using ChoiceScript. It’s very easy and useful.

SUMMARY OF THE GAME: You’re the leader of most dangerous criminal gang in New York. Everything goes well until your childhood friend who’s one of the best detectives comes back to New York to arrest you. Will he/she find out who you really are?

This game may contain wild language and violence

Play game : https://dashingdon.com/play/ocerk/dark-side-of-the-moon/mygame






Other than needing a bit more info, like potential RO’s, personal descriptions and more, this seems like a great start. Not that many “gangster” stories on this site, let alone one where your own friend comes to bring you down! Will be waiting on a demo!


I will give you more information about the characters and potential RO’s when I completely finish them. I want to create interesting and different characters. I want people to care about them.

But you can be sure that your friend is potential RO :slight_smile:


Wow, sounds awesome! Also, I liked your profile pic :smiley:


Thank you. I liked yours too. :smiley:



I’m sold. Gonna prepare myself for some drama and action, yeah!


Very interesting plot. Looking forward to demo


Interesting, I have this question:

  • is this gender locked?
  • can we choose other characters gender?
  • at what age mc in the story? And when mc enter criminal life?


I’m sold.


You can choose your character’s and friend’s gender. You will get more information about MC’s family, how he/she entered criminal life, and the other things in Demo.


Well, I hope you the best then, will look forward for the story :slight_smile:


Detective-ish games/books are always nice to play/read ^^ Hope you do well. :slight_smile:


The premise sounds great! Will we be able to explore the moral aspects of it all? That’d be really intriguing, though could turn out being quite the pain to actually code/write out. I’m pretty excited for this, lol.


Coding/writing will be very painful, but I’ll do my best :slight_smile:


I’m so excited! :smiley:


Pointing out; name of a transformers film.

the idea in general is good and I think it could go really far.


I assume any such game has to at least touch upon the morality of it all, you don’t become the leader of the most feared and powerful gang/crime syndicate in the Big Rotten Apple by being an “upstanding citizen who plays by the rules” after all.
I wonder is this game set in a specific era? If it is set in the present or five minutes into the future then the most profitable gang and criminal activities might happen online for a large part, hacking, identity theft and gathering and using that intel for smart-crime to commit highly targeted heists of things like art and jewelry in the real-world. Such a gang might even run their own fake news operation, farmed out to Macedonian kids or not.


Thanks for pointing out.


The game sets after MC has became the leader of the gang. But you will get information about how they became a gang, why MC chose the dark side, etc. If I start writing from the beginning where MC was just an innocent citizen, it would be boring and too long. I think people wouldn’t like that.


This sounds good since we are the leader are we a serial killer