Dark Shogun Online/Yami no Shogun - Work In Progress

It’s the year 2060. A new virtual reality game has been released simply named “Yami no Shogun”. You buy the game, expecting it to be amazing. And it is, it’s everything you wanted it to be.
But then something goes wrong.

I’ve just started working on this game, there’s not much to it as of yet, but I would be interested in knowing if you would enjoy a game with this kind of theme. (Unfortunately, Dropbox will not download on to my computer, so I have to upload all the files via the website, annoying, that.)

As said above, I would appreciate any feedback on the game so far. You probably won’t be able to tell much from the story so far, but I plan for it to be interesting.

Here’s the link, I plan to update fairly frequently. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/219996837/Yami%20no%20Shogun/Game%20Folder/web/index.html


Its an interesting idea.

will all the game be “in the game” or will we play our character in real life too?

I love shows that are about games and games within games, so why not a game in a game that has to be read.

Upon completion:
VERY short demo. VERY VERY short demo. But I can say one thing that’s definite - I dislike the classes already. These are overused in MMORPGs enough already, that I hope you decide to at least give these cooler names, possibly ones that seem more Japanese, if not revamping that entirely. That’s one of the redeeming qualities that the animes/games of SAO and .hack had for me.

I’m just contemplating how much I would need to do if I this were my game, and can already see the effort that something like will probably need, so stay strong! This one sounds interesting enough to me!

Chose female for whimsy - drops error for line 159. “Expected option starting with #”

How about these for classes.

Wandering Musician(?)

Seconding @Caddmuss, very, very, very short demo. The classes seem too mainstream, but that’s expected in such a new CoG. Maybe try tweaking with them, making them more unique? I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to add a few different ones too, like a healer or something of the sort.

EDIT: @Nocturnal_Stillness has some good ideas, too.

I don’t really see the point in naming generic western European fantasy trope classes to make them “seem more Japanese” maybe if they actually were at all Japanese, but they are pretty clearly what their names say they are…

Seems interesting I loved Sao so Im excited to how this will turn out

I suppose it’ll at some point come down to how much of the game inside is to the overall content. Is the Japanese-y theme about the VR (only), or is the whole choice game set in a futuristic Japan (the player has life outside playing this vr game)?
In the case it’s the former, then going with the above suggestion like Cadmus and NS mentioned seems unavoidable. You could even throw in something more specific to allow the classes carry more personality, like kabuki instead of bard, or shinsoku replacing priest / magic user.

Or in the case the division’s mechanic also feels too cliche (tank - melee support - ranged fighter - healer / buff / magic user), you may want to come up with different class division altogether. I withhold discussing mmorpg design until the project makes it clear what it wants to be.

This looks kind of impressive, good luck

I feel like I’ve seen this some where but I can’t remember I’ll find out though

@Shoelip, it was just the next best suggestion I had.

I would prefer an entirely revamped system as to make it Mystogan’s own, but if that seemed out of the way, renaming the classes to seem more Japanese seemed a logical step to me. Having occidental-style names in a world christened after oriental warlords does not mesh well in my head.

Wow love the idea mate you could also put in a stealth class, like an Assains

Errr, when trying to make a female character you get this error:

The page at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com says:
line 159: Expected option starting with #

I don’t like the classes I probably don’t buy a game with them. The game starts suddenly why you don’t present the contaminated japan how much our character wants the game . The game will be only pure shooting ? Because all options talk about fighting no charisma not intelligence.

I’m very interested in this game, I’ll be one of those who’ll be waiting for updates, that’s for sure. This game made me think of Sword Art online.

Question. Will the Acolyte be like, a healer and a Mage at the same time?

Heh, didn’t think this game would get this much attention so fast ^_^"
To answer some of your comments, I was debating whether to make the game take place in Japan. I considered putting in a choice to choose which country your from.
As for the comments about the classes being too mainstream, I realize this. When I designed the Knight, Berserker, and Thief classes, my creativity mode wasn’t really turned on, I just kind of say, “Hey, I need a name for a class that uses a sword and shield, a class that uses a two-handed weapon, and a sneaky shady class that uses a dagger or knife, what are the three most obvious classes that could fit those categories?”
I thought about changing Thief to Ninja, but I needed the class to be sneaky and suspicious. A Ninja is a rather famed character, not one people would generally look down on or stay away from.
As for what @Marajade said, yes, I do plan to start the story off with some back story on your character, but I haven’t really gotten around to that point yet.
And like @Nocturnal_Stillness said, I do plan to have some of the story take place in real life. Not just in the game.
I also am aware of the error you get when you make a female character, that was a mistake on my part, but by the time I realized it I didn’t have much time to fix it, after I upload the new startup.txt file, it should start working.

EDIT: @Sandstorm, I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping the Acolyte class, a class focused around magic may be kind of difficult, but yes, if I don’t scrap it, it will be both a mage and a healer. Problem being that classes will already have spells and swords will have certain effects (so far I have planned out 3, Ethereal Burn, Ethereal Strike, and Ethereal Shift) that will be available in the battle menu, so there’s no need for a class plainly about spells.

You know real ninja have nothing whatsoever to do with Naruto right? Ninja are specifically known for being sneaky and suspicious. Well, real ninja usually wore civilian clothes, not block suits, but I mean, this is fantasy so whatever. Still being sneaky is pretty much THE iconic ninja trait.

@Shoelip totally agree ninja are stealth and big assassins in japan.Not the good magic user manga portrait today there were The ASSASSINS in real story. So call a stealth class of rogue ninja is accurate.A rpg need a charisma stat to convince other players npc to help you.

I’m getting a bit of SAO, but I’m also getting something else as well…not sure what but it’s a good hunch. I like this so far, just maybe stray away from the Mainstream classes?

@trollhunterthethird I was also getting a SAO feel, which isn’t bad I just got that feel from it.

I don’t mind mainstream but I didn’t get that feeling from the game title, would’ve thought it would be something else. But I’m not put off by it that much.

Will look at this game as it develops.