DARK PRESTIGE - Dark Honour- (WIP)

Well nothing as bad as a lemon but they let you get away with a lot in Choice of Romance.

If you want to have an edgy feel to your game read anything by endmaster. His stuff is really freakin rough. <):slight_smile:

Okay cheers

Hey guys update will be around in 2 weeks I would think just a heads up

Hello guys

I am halfway through an update would you like to check it out or wait till its finished?

I’ll check it out as long as it doesn’t put you to behind.

You can wait till it finished then beez

Hello guys

About the update

The reason it’s taking so long I that I am writing a whole scene it has a ton of choices finding and a giant fight scene at the end, the reason it’s taken so long is because at the moment I have wrote about 5000 more words its a total of nearly 10000 words so getting all the choice linking in is hard, fitting it with school work, revising for GCSE’S next year because am in year 9,

So please bear with me

You get your first glimpse of what the actual story will be like

Thanks for your patience

Hope to be with you in a bout 2 weeks

Hey guys update will be up tomorrow

6000 extra words and hundreds of new choices

And a fight scene

Hey finished writing the update just preparing to be coded

I can’t wait to find out how the story continues. :smiley:

It’ll be up later today

6000 words been written fingers are sour





Updates yey :smiley:

I still find it weird that in the scene where you see the nurse and you have two options to respond to ask for a doctor, one you demand or two you ask. Whatever you choose the nurse will always respond “with a practiced smile and nods in agreement.” Would it be better to make the nurse be fazed a bit if you choose to demand option?

About the update wow it goes more intriguing so who is assassin or would be assassin a friend or foe? :smiley:

You ill see

Oh no…… im at a dilemma to feel guilty if the assassin is a friend and I broke his wrist :-(( or feel ecstatic if the assassin is a foe and I broke his wrist hahaha :smiley: if he is foe serves him right to suffer a bit for attacking me >:)

Haha lets just say its just a big misunderstanding

So what does everyone think ?

Is there anyone who would like to be a tester for my game

Please message me if you would like to