Dark Lord (wip) play as overlord (On hold)

This is my first game, ever. As I waiting to get the license permission to make another game, I will make this one in due time. Please give me your opinion on the story and choice available

"Welcome to the world of Malsarus, population 1.2 billion, all race combine. Here we have it all, elf, dwarf, lizardman, undead, orc, fairy, mermaid, troll…not that kind of troll, beastman, dragon, halfing/hobbit, and anything else that is fantasy. Did we mention we have the kings, the emperor, the archmages, and the overlord? Wait, sorry about that the overlord is dead, but I am sure we will have a new one in due time. After all, his son or daughter, couldn’t remember, wasn’t around when the heroes kills him.

Anyways I think that the kid was probably plotting for revenge some where in the world, but I doubt she/he is alone. There were so many evil in the world she/he could almost recruit her/his army and agent from any corner of Malsarus. Well, we will just need to see what kind of overlord/darklord the kid would become.

Wait, you want to know who am I? Oh, I am nobody, just a Great Guardian of the God’s Gate of the Beyond or G4B for short, a dimensional portal which lead to the realm of gods…on this world anyways. Hmm speaking of gods, some was rooting for the kid and give him/her some blessing. Well…I will be here while you…do something

What’s that? You want to know what being an overlord is like? Well you can command your minion, obviously, then you can do magic like blood magic, necromancy, darkness magic, cosmic magic, or eldritch magic. You don’t do magic? Oh, that fine we have alchemist, combat enchanting, and strange science for you too.

And what about your ambitions? You want land? We have several kingdoms and 3 empires for you to conquer. Want revenge? We know where heroes who kill your father live. Wait, you like them!? Well, in that case you could try corrupt them I guess. Want love? You can have a mistress. Not satisfy? Built a harem! Yup, it good being overlord…or dark lord…it depend"

Well that was a quick sum, in real story there will be less comedy, but it will still exist. You get to choose minions, parent, weapon, tower, agent, and even religious! No offense to atheist or Christian. There will also be more choices than I mention.

If you’re here because you notice ‘on hold’ in title, it is as I said. No, I did not abandon the project, but after doing some thinking, I don’t think my first project should not be so big and ambitious. I should probably working on something else, to become more skillful, then I will come back to this one. So sorry about everything, but this is now officially on hold, until, at least, next year.

I look forward to share my new project with you all. Thank you and sorry you have to wait for nothing.


looking forward to the demo :smile: also im guessing you have played the overlord franchise.

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Interesting,I like fantasy games.

So the story of the game will be how we pass our life as an Overlord or does it also have something else?

Like the idea, I also like your sence humor and that would probably make up for the fact that you won’t use as much comedy in the game itself.

I am new, how to make demo rather than full game? The publishing I mean, I know how to write demo.

People used to use Dropbox but that doesn’t work anymore because they now want money so you have to find another way to post everything.

You begin as overlord son/daughter. You were sent away to train, and for your dad to safe guard his position. While you at it, your dad got killed by hero, surprise, surprise without him kingdoms and empires rise; some new, some old. So now it your turn to become Overlord…or Darklord cause I don’t want copyright problem.
You can choose minion, allies, agent, slave, tower, weapon etc etc etc. You can be dominate type or destruction type darklord, not to mention have a dark god supporting you.

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and how do I post it? and did you mean demo or something else? also I might do this for free, at least this one.

I also forget to mention you can create a harem

Playing as a new Overlord seeking revenge sounds fun.

Yes you can, but you had to have [ADULT ONLY] somewhere in your title, and if it is “heavy” it may not be allowed to be a cog, only HG game

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and cookies, darkside always have cookies for everyone.

what does HG stand for?

Hosted Games is what it stands for.

Will I be able to play as an Overlord that agrees with the actions taken against my parent?

Of course! You a bloody overlord, you will kill your old man one day, so it nothing to cry about. But since he was kill by heroes, you need to kill heroes that kill him to prove that you are better than him. You can corrupt hero as well, not all but many. Also, no you can’t turn good.

I love this idea, i’m going to keep an eye on this one for sure!

My WiP is better than yours :slight_smile: (Probably not) :smile:

I can see the copyright problem since it sounds a lot like Overlord 2… maybe another in the series also?
So do we have magic?
What are stats you have planned?
Will we choose our race, if so can we be hybrids?
Looking forward to a demo.

This sounds like a lot of fun and as long as you don’t completely copy overlord 2 it is a pretty open concept also I hope we get to chose where the old overlord sent us to pick our followers/powers

Wow that sounds like something I would def play!